Sunday, April 8, 2012

That's all, Your Honour!: April 1-7

1. The picture above is another testimony of the depths some sections of the media can plunge, in their quest for sensationalism. Indian Express editor Shekhar Gupta along with a couple of his journalists wrote a front page story on how the army moved two units towards New Delhi, a day before the army chief's petition in SC was coming up for hearing, without informing the defense ministry. And this apparently "spooked" the government. 

First, this "troop movement" story was reported by rediff much earlier than IE. In their story, rediff clearly tells the readers that this movement was an exercise conducted by two units to test for readiness while moving in emergencies. They encountered fog and adverse traffic conditions during this activity. 

Indian Express reports this same activity and tells us that this was done without authorization. Many retired army folks and also the present army chief have clarified multiple times that there is no need to take permission for such routine practices. Yet, Indian Express believed there is a story in this troop movement somewhere! Infact, Shekhar Gupta said in an interview to CNN-IBN that the retired officers wouldn't fully know how these things work! 

If the government was actually spooked, then it speaks volumes about the inefficiency of the government. Then why headline with such alarming words and then tell the readers, that "we are merely placing facts"? This whole attempt to tar the image of the army is the proof of the depths to which sections of the media can plunge. Rajdeep Sardesai, editor-in-chief of CNN-IBN had a blistering interview with Shekhar Gupta. He clearly called the bluff of IE. The Hindu also wrote an editorial deriding the front page story of IE. NDTV, as always, did a mild interview of Shekhar Gupta (which IE published!). 

2. In Odisha, the Maoists are still holding an Italian citizen and also an MLA as hostages. Despite the state government releasing the names of 27 people they are willing to let go, the Maoists are not happy with the offer. They want the release of 7 more people, halting the police operations against them, withdrawal of central forces in tribal areas etc. This is yet another disgraceful act by the murderous Maoists, but then after this kidnap saga ends, we will again see articles asking us to understand why Maoists are doing what they are doing. Shame. 

3. The liquor scam saga in Andhra Pradesh seems to be never ending. The ACB was raiding the liquor shop owners (who are benamis of politicians - detailed blog here) who hold white ration cards! This irked APCC chief, Botsa Satyanarayana because he thinks the CM is doing this on purpose to defame him. The Congress  central leadership stepped in. Maybe based on their awesome advise, the Chief Minister transferred (technicaly promoted) the investigating IPS officer. The head of ACB protested this transfer and wrote to the Chief Secretary asking him to stop the transfer. However, the CM ensured that the officer was transferred. If you are wondering what this scam is all about, read this excellent article on The South Reports. I assure you, mind will be blown by the magnitude of the scam! That's all, your honour! 


prashhanthkpp said...

Sudhirji, in chronological order:-

1) That IE, Shekar Gupta and some faceless individuals in the Government was behind this *spook* goes beyond saying. IE sold well. Almost all the TV Channels milked their TRP ratings. The prestigious Army ridiculed. Its Chief, 5th or 6th amongst the most powerful in hierarchy as per the constitution of India, snubbed, censured and humiliated. This is not just gross misgovernance, this is but damning. But then what more to expect from a CON led government who cater to brownosing white asses?

2) Maoist was not diplomatically dealt with at its inception, was manipulated for political gains in its pregnancy, and has now become a dire menace with no recourse other than brutal force. Kidnappings will continue. Killings will continue. The loud Human Rights Groups and other hollow NGO's will look for alternative interests to scream other than this. Eventually, hardcore terrorists will be released to obtain the release of 1 ITALIAN (this is significant) and the local MLA kidnapped and all ends well. No hue and cry from #PaidMedia or the insipid Opposition. Just compare this with the brouhaha the Kandhahar episode defecated then and still does loudly now!! I don't have to elaborate further.

3) This is a tale told over so many times in India. An honest officer rubs the groin of a political benami, the scratch hurts the original crotch and when that belongs to the ruling class, a mere transfer is a delightful merit. CON again, isn't it, their hide and pelt is remarkably thick!

God save India! Thanks Sudhirji.

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