Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We used to run a fun magazine (quarterly) in our office titled "Quack"! A regular feature used to be a welcome poem :) ... The best idea we ever got was to write a poem on a tree and name it Poe"Tree" !!! Once we got the idea, sat to work on it, over lunch table :D.... the result is below :P...Yenjoyy !

We named the magazine Quack... and replaced all "c" and "k" with Q, because our company name starts with Q !! We had Qartoons, Qhabar, Quisine, Qaleidoscope, Children Qorner, Qlick Qontest, Qomplaint Box etc etc... those were the days...u know :) !

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"The forgotten Prime Minister"

If it were just another common man like me who was ranting away that P.V.Narasimha Rao is India's forgotten Prime Minister, then this post would have added no value to the already existing volume of literature available on the Internet, which speak about how he has been sidelined. The point is, it's not a rant by a common man. Editor-in-Chief of CNN-IBN, Rajdeep Sardesai said it. In reply to a question wherein I asked whether CNN-IBN is providing any special coverage on the 90th birth anniversary of the former Prime Minister of India, he had this to say -

"@ssudhirkumar am afraid narasimha rao is the forgotten prime minister. worse off than lal bahadur. pity"

Which begs the question - forgotten by who? The media?

It is understandable (though ridiculous to the core) that Sonia Gandhi wants it this way, for purely political reasons. With loyal troopers in tow, she has made every attempt to erase the memory of 1991-1996. Infact, she even went ahead and credited Rajiv Gandhi with the economic reforms. For those who don't know, Economic reforms were initiated in 1991-1992, after Rajiv Gandhi's demise and PV becoming the Prime Minister. Common sense suggests Rajiv can no way be involved! Yet, in the 125th year celebration of the Congress party, the President of the Congress made every possible attempt to scuttle the memory of the man under whose helm the country did see some radical changes, just because he didn't belong to the family.

Ok, but what about the media? Rajdeep Sardesai is the Editor-in-Chief of a national news channel. He pleads helplessness in reviving the memories of a former Prime Minister of this country? I mean, why? What is stopping him from having a show to remind us of a tenure that saw so many changes in the Indian society?

1991-1996 saw tectonic shifts in both Indian polity and the economy. We deserve to know all good and bad that happened under the helmsmanship of P.V.Narasimha Rao. It is not our intention to ask only for eulogies. Give us a complete picture. If you (as in not Rajdeep, the media as a whole) find it so important to keep us reminding about Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Nehru, and hell - if you find it important to remind us of Rahul Gandhi's birthday too- what pray is stopping you from doing a special on this Prime Minister?

Economic reforms (which by the way, are the reason the middle class is so vibrant today), ending of terrorism in Punjab, friendship with Israel, Look East policy, Babri Masjid Demolition (which paved way for the creation of bi-polarity in Indian politics), Bribery scams, his famed friendship with opposition parties when national issues were involved are all enduring legacies of his tenure. The current Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh has been initiated into politics by PV. Not just as PM, but he has played a major role in the state (AP) and national level politics for a longg time. Yet, the national media has chosen to forget this man and toe the line of Sonia led Congress party in ensuring that he is "forgotten".

Like Rajdeep said, it's not just about PV, but about Lal Bahadur Shastri too. How many of us even know of Gulzari Lal Nanda? Wouldn't it be fascinating to know about the man who took over immediately after Nehru's and Shastri's death? What a shame, that we are to remember Prime Ministers only from the family and "forget" about the others.

The forgotten Prime Minister. That's how P.V.Narasimha Rao will be remembered. What an irony!

PS: A day after Rajdeep said that, a 30 min discussion was aired on IBN, hosted by Sagarika Ghose. Watch it to see how the Congress has decided to obfuscate his memory

Sunday, June 27, 2010

That's all, Your Honour! : June 20-26

1. "The world over governments through their price support programmes, consisting of assured minimum prices and subsidies, encourage the cultivation of specific crops that are in short supply or are environment friendly." So basically any government is expected to announce it's minimum support prices before the crop season begins so that farmers can decide, right? Now, take a guess as to when our agricultural ministry, headed by Shri Sharad Pawar, announced the fresh set of MSP's? One week after the monsoon's arrived! This is just one of his many many screw-ups at the Agricultural ministry, yet he stays! This editorial in The Hindu is a must read to understand the whole pricing stuff better.

2. The government has
increased the prices of Petrol and Diesel this week. It has also decided to deregulate the prices of petrol, which means government will no more decide on the prices unless the international market is very volatile. As far as I understand, the oil companies will decide on pricing every 15 days based on the international situation. By the way, the current increase in prices will ensure that the government's coffers will fill with money needed for it's social welfare schemes. It will also ensure that the inflation will go up much further. Don't you guys see a pattern? The "social welfare" schemes of the government are actually burdening the tax payer more and more every year? Revenue through taxes and price increases is how the government is running it's schemes, burdening the working middle class.... good economics? That too, with a economist PM at the helm?

3. Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan met in Islamabad this week. Yawwnn. 2 days later Home Minister P. Chidambaram met his counterpart Rehman Mallik. yawwwnnn. PC asked for the same things (voice samples, stronger action on 26/11 suspects etc). Rehman Mallik answered the same things (we will "consider", "look into"). yaawnnnn. Next week, Shri S.M.Krishna, the Foriegn Minister, is going to Islamabad. YAWWWNN.

4. Like
the editorial truly states, this is the most bizzarre indictment for a "crime", EVER. 6 Italian Scientists and one government official could face charges of manslaughter for failing to predict..... a earthquake! That's right - for failing to predict an earthquake!!! That's all, your honour!

అదన్నమాట! : జూన్ 20-26

ఈ వారం పెద్దగా చర్చించే విషయాలు ఏమి జరగలేదు. ఉప ఎన్నికల వేడి ఇప్పుడు ఇప్పుడే పుంజుకుంటుంది. ప్రజా రాజ్యం మరియు లోక్ సత్తా పార్టీలు ఈ ఉప ఎన్నికలలో పోటి చెయ్యటం లేదు అని చెప్పారు.

బీసీ విద్యార్ధులకి ఫీజు చెల్లింపులు జరగటం లేదు అని ఎవరో బీసీ నాయకుడు నిరాహార దీక్ష చేస్తున్నారు. రోశయ్య గారు కుండ బద్దల కొట్టి మరి సవాల్ విసిరారు... ఒక్క అర్హుడైన విద్యార్ధి కూడా ఇప్పటి వరకు ఫిర్యాదు ఏమి చెయ్యలేదు... ఇది కేవలం యాజమాన్యాల కుట్ర అని. దాదాపు ఆరు లక్షల మంది కి సహాయం అందలేదు అని మంత్రులు వివరించారు. కారణం - సరిగ్గా బ్యాంక్ ఖాతాలు తెరవకపోవడమే !

కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వం ఈ వారం లో పెట్రోల్, డీసిల్, గ్యాస్ సిలండర్ల ధరలు పెంచింది. ఈ భారం వాళ్ళ మిగతా నిత్యావసర ధరలు కూడా మరింత పెరిగే అవకాశం ఉంది. అవకాశం ఉండడం ఏంటి, మరింత పెరుగుతాయి కూడా ఖచ్చితం గా !

Friday, June 25, 2010

Our World Champions...

Koneru Humpy - World No. 2 in Chess
Saina Nehwal - World No. 3 in Badminton
Viswanathan Anand - World Champion in all forms of Chess
Pankaj Advani - World Champion in Billiards
Leander Paes and Mahes Bhupathi are world leaders in doubles Tennis

The intention here is not to belittle the achievements of our cricketers, but just look at the kind of sports the above mentioned folks are champions in. Those sports are the true world wide ones. And all these players are still playing and peaking well. And thankfully too, there is not too much media glare on all these achievers too :). We get to know their achievements, and that's where media is thankfully putting a full stop! In a way it is good - let them peak and achievre glory. Media and its blitzkrieg can wait for another day and time.

Really proud of our true world champions :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Hundred Day Questions...

Question 1:

On the evening of March 4, NDTV website had this headline "Modi Godman Sex Scandal" and presented to us a slideshow of Swami Nithyananda. Now, if you are wondering what the headline and the slide show have anything to do with each other - here's the link. The Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi once launched a book by Nithyananda and apparently said he is a follower. Nithyananda was embroiled in a "sex scandal" and since Modi is a follower, it became "Modi Godman Sex Scandal" !!!

Mails and messages on twitter that day made sure that the page was removed. However, I was more keen in knowing why such a headline crept up in the first place. What kind of journalistic practice allows a national channel to have such a headline on its site? Barkha Dutt, Group Editor,said she will look into it, but hasn't really done it I guess. For the past 110 days, I have been asking her "Any update on followup of "Modi Godman Sex Scandal" headline on NDTV site on the evening of March 4.Thank you".

The initial idea was to not give up till an answer came. However, well meaning folks on Twitter have advised that concentrating only on a couple of questions makes it difficult to bring up other such headlines of sections of the media. Following up on any question for 100 days is good enough way of trying to expose their lack of interaction when it comes to correcting their mistakes, at times.

This particular blog post will continue to add all such "hundred day questions", and try to keep a record of their lack of response over a period of time. Also, this means the followers on twitter don't get bored with the same questions after 100 days ;-) ! More to follow soon :D!

Question 2 (Day 100 today, June 30th):

This was the question: "Day100 Hi @BDUTT @vikramchandra @prannoyroyndtv Is NDTV planning to clarify on the "summoned on March 21"fiasco raised by d CM of Gujarat?".

A childish response and the whole background of this question has been documented here.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

That's all, your honour! :June 13-19

1. When inflation reached double digits in 2008, we were told that it was the effect of global problems and it will come down soon. It did. Infact it went into negative percentages in 2009, and that's when most of us were confused (read here for the doubts then!). Despite it going down to that levels, prices were never really in control. And then the inflation started increasing again, and it has again reached double digits, and now the Finance Minister says it is a "matter of concern" and the predicted good monsoon should stabilise the inflation. You see, this is all very confusing! If it is all about global factors, then why is the inflation swinging like a pendulum, instead of maintaining consistency (high or low)? How come food inflation is consistently at 17-19% over the last 2 years, and yet the overall inflation is swinging so much? If there is something we can do to control it rather than saying that it is a "matter of concern", then what exactly are we doing? Or like this editorial says, monsoons won't matter? All questions, answers very difficult to find! Sigh.

2. After more than 2 months, the
Manipur Blockade has been partially lifted! One of the groups that have caused this blockade, the Naga Students Federation, has agreed to lift the seige following the Central Government's intervention. Another group, All Naga Students Association Manipur, is however still adamant on continuing it's blockade. The Central government has decided to send in trucks with essential items, and these trucks will be escorted by paramilitary forces. The problem though is not fully solved, because of the adamant stands taken by the warring groups. As always, who suffer? The common man/woman.

3. The Bhopal story is still dominating the headlines. The planning commission released Rs.982 crores to the Madhya Pradesh governement. It was first played out as if the Planning Commission went out of it's way to give this amount. It was then revealed that the state government asked for this amount in 2008 itself. Next is some
revelations by the then Foriegn Secretary. The blame was tried to put on P.V.Narasimha Rao, the then Home Minister. In the meanwhile, the Group of Ministers headed by PC, have met multiple times this week, and are trying to increase the compensation to the victims. Plus also they wish to re-open the extradition case apparently. Let's wait for their finally recommendations, and then discuss more next week. And finally the national english Media has started talking about the climbdown on the compensation amount by the Rajiv Gandhi government in 1989!

4. And here's the yawwnn moment of the week. India submitted another dossier to Pakistan. This dossier contains replies to the six dossiers submitted by Pakistan to us. This has been submitted on the eve of the Foriegn Secretaries meet. Yep, that's right, they are going to meet. What they are going to talk is still suspense! That's all, your honour!

అదన్నమాట! : జూన్ 13-19

1 . చాల ఆశ్చర్య పోవాల్సిన విషయం ఏమిటంటే ఈ వారం ఎంసెట్ ఫలితాలు విడుదల అయ్యినా పత్రికల్లో ఫుల్ పేజి ప్రకటనలు రాలేదు. ఎందుకా అని ఆరా తీస్తే, ఎంసెట్ మార్కులకి ఇంటర్ మార్కులు కూడా జోడించి, అప్పుడు ర్యాంకులు వెల్లడిస్తారు అంట! అంత వరకు, వేచి చూడాల్సిందే! అందుకే శ్రీ చైతన్య మరియు నారాయణ వాళ్ళు రెచ్చిపోకుండా, కొంచం సమంవయం పాటిన్చినట్టు ఉన్నారు!

2 . పొన్నాల గారి మీద ఈ వారం సొంత పార్టి వాళ్ళే విరుచుకుపడ్డారు. అవినీతి కి పాలుపడుతున్నారు అని చెప్పారు. ఎప్పటి లాగే విషయం ఢిల్లీ కి వెళ్ళింది. అక్కడ నుంచి ఈ విషయాలు ఏమి మాట్లోడ్డు అని చెప్పారు. ఇక్కడ వీళ్ళు కూడా ఇంకా మేము ఏమి మాట్లాడం అని చెప్పేశారు. ఇంతకి అవినీతి ఆరోపణలు నిజామా కాదా అని మాత్రం ఎవ్వడు పట్టించుకోవడం లేదు !

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Circus of Ranks...

Just when we are getting ready to welcome a pleasant rainy season, we, in Andhra Pradesh, have been reminded today this season is also the season of results in the state! Every year, it is the same story. No sooner are the results released, we have "estemeed" institutions releasing massive ads in newspapers and TV's. We have Directors waxing eloquent on how their "programs" ensure such results. They use slogans, which they assume are very catchy, but don't realise that they are instead funny!

Now wait a minute - has anyone bothered to ask them what percentage of students from their institutes got "benefitted" from those programs? So, we see a handful of rank holders and then gloat over their achievement? For every handful of rankers these institutes churn out, there are many many more student's lives that these same institutes destroy through their "programs"...Have we ever bothered to interview the students who have been made to go through hell and are now left to their fate? Did we ever bother to question the institutes as to why they charge so hefty fees, and yet cannot guarantee that the kid goes out happily from the institute?

We will never know. The worst thing to have happened to Higher Education in Andhra Pradesh is the farcial "programs" these institutes churn out; the devastating effect these "programs" have on the psyche of students is worth investigating, but we will never know. The circus of ranks will go on, while thousands stand disadvantaged.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

That's all, Your honour!:June 6-12

1. Zee Telugu runs a dance reality show "Aata". Last two seasons of this show had kids as participants in this. This year, winners of last year have been included as "mentors" of teams, and one should watch an episode of this show to realise how disgusting it is to see children fight like that, talk like that of fellow kids and more importantly the quality of dances is definetely not of those that "promote talent". The State Human Rights Commission has decided to ban the show for the debilitating effect it has on children's health and also because of the obscenity involved in it.

2. The most abused term in the government seems to be GoM - Group of Ministers. At times, these Group of Minister are also "empowered" to take decisions, thereby making it a eGoM. Any issue that comes to the notice of the government, a GoM is formed. There are about 40 of them now. Most of them are headed by Pranab Mukherjee. Right from the Telangana issue to the latest caste census, these GoM's take care of everything. They are also formed when incompetent ministers are allowed to head departments. For example, A.Raja was responsible for the 2G spectrum scam. The solution this government came up with - have a eGoM to decide on 3G. A. Raja can still stay as the minister though. Sharad Pawar is busy with cricket and has no time for agriculture - what do we do - have a GoM to handle the price rise issue. And the latest GoM to be formed (technically reconstituted) is the Bhopal GoM. It was headed previously by Arjun Singh (yes, the same guy who was CM when the tragedy happened), and is now headed by Chidambaram! By the way, do you want to take a guess as to how many times the Telangana GoM headed by Pranab met? Zero! Without a single meeting, the government decided to grant Telangana. Wonder what purpose these groups serve at all !

3. There were some major anchors who were trying to tell us we were not powerful enough in 1984 to stand upto the American pressure. Fine, for a moment we will buy that argument. What about now then?? We still cannot stand upto the American pressure, does that make us as "powerless" as before? The government diluted the
Nuclear Liablity bill even further. This came into light last week, when The Hindu broke this news story. Not one explanation (leave a satisfying one) has come forth from the government on any issue related to this Nuclear Liability Bill. Powerful, anyone?

4. Ladies and Gentlemen - Presenting
to you "Kerala State Development Corporation For Christian Converts from Scheduled Castes and the Recommended Communities Ltd.". What does it do? The Kerala government waives loans upto Rs.25,000 taken from the government!!! That's all, your honour!

అదన్నమాట!: జూన్ 6-12

1 . జీ టీవీ లో "ఆట" అని ఒక ప్రోగ్రాం వస్తుంది. పిల్లల డాన్సు షో అదీ. డాన్స్ వరకు చేస్తే బానే ఉంటది. కాని ఆ షో కేవలం డాన్స్ కి పరిమితం కాదు. "మార్గాదర్సకులు" అని చెప్పుకునే ముగ్గురు , వాళ్ళ మధ్య కొట్టుకోవడం తో పాటు, అప్పుడు అప్పుడు పిల్లల్ని కూడా లాగుతారు. అదీ కిందటి ఏడాది. ఈ ఏడాది ఇంకో మెట్టు ఎక్కారు. ఈ ముగ్గురు "మార్గాదర్సాకులకి" ఇంకోడు చేరాడు. వీళ్ళ పక్కకి ఇద్దరు పిల్లలు ఉంటారు. వాలు కూడా మార్గాదర్సాకులే అంట ! అంటే, చిన్న పిల్లలే చిన్న పిల్లలకి మార్గాదర్సకులు. వాళ్ళని హేళన చేస్తారు, పొగడ్తలతో ముంచేతుతారు. ఇంకా డాన్స్ సంగతి సరే సరి. అసభ్యత ని పక్కన పెట్టండి, ఆ శరీరాల మీద పడే స్ట్రెస్ అంటా ఇంతా కాదు. కాంపటిషన్ పేరు తో "ఆట" చేస్తున్న వ్యాపారం మీద, ఎట్టకేలకు రాష్ట్ర మనవ హక్కుల సంఘం నిషేధం విధించింది .

2 . రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వం ఈ వారం మద్యం దుకాణాల కి వేలం పాటు వేసింది. ఏడు వేల కోట్ల రూపాయలు. ఈ వేలం పాటు నుంచి ప్రభుత్వ ఖజానా లోకి వచ్చి పడ్డాయి. తెదేపా నాయకుడు రేవంత్ రెడ్డి చెప్పినట్టు, "తాగండి, ఊగండి " అనేది ఈ ప్రభుత్వ లక్ష్యం గా ఉన్నట్టు ఉండి ! ఈ వేల పాటు లో అనేక మంది రాజకీయ నాయకులు బాగా డబ్బులు పెట్టినట్టు కూడా మీడియా లో అంటున్నారు.

3 . చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు గారు ప్రజా రాజ్యం పార్టి ని దుమ్మెతి పోశారు. కొన్నాలు ఆగితే, ప్రరప కాంగ్రెస్స్ లో విలీనం అవుతుంది అని తేల్చి చెప్పారు. దీనికి చిరంజీవి గారు బాగా ఫీల్ అయ్యి ఒక లేఖ రాసారు. చంద్రబాబు గారు సమాధానం ఇవ్వలేదు కాని, హరికృష్ణ గారు రాసారు. వీరిద్దరూ ఏమి రాసుకున్నారో, చర్చించాల్సిన అవసరం అస్సలు లేదు.. కాని ఈ లేఖల యుద్ధం వాళ్ళ రాష్ట్ర ప్రజలకు కొంచం ఊరట వస్తుంది !

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Follow-up of the previous post

A couple of follow-up links to the earlier blog on the Bhopal Tragedy.

1. The media (most of them, not NDTV) has been asking similar questions all this week. The Congress party has gone into a tizzy, tried to attack the opposition instead, and when they realised that the strategy is not working, came up with this gem - "It's for the Government, not for the party, to explain". This front page report in The Hindu gives us all details on how the party is very keen to prevent Rajiv Gandhi's name from getting tarnished. Plus it is also worried that Arjun Singh might speak out, if he is further isolated from the party. The Congress party's official response is that they want "all facts to emerge" and also that Rajiv Gandhi did no wrong. Guess we all know how the facts will look like now, huh? And finally the ball has now been very convieniently put in the Prime Minister's court.

2. The Congress however has support from NDTV. In this programme, Group Editor Barkha Dutt tells us that Rajiv Gandhi was a political novice at that time, and then by digging into the archives, they found a video where "Rajiv Gandhi took on Warren Anderson". Look at the video folks, from 28:27, for about a minute. Rajiv Gandhi's video is from 29:01. Please listen to it. Decide for yourself if "Rajiv Gandh took on Anderson". And assuming that the argument is bought, how does that explain his climbdown on the settlement amount?

3. Please read the second letter in today's "Letters to the Editor" column. It is the account of a survivor. Must read. Also, please read the last letter in this link - asks more pertinent questions. Another Must read.

PS: Breaking News: Shekhar Gupta says the NSG (National Security Guards) was the idea of Rajiv Gandhi!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bhopal Case: Some ignored facts

You know, so much has been written about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy; so many news channels and websites have given us the chronology of all these events, that most of them will have them on our finger tips by now. And then the inevitable discussions on TV followed - has the "system" failed us? Have we become less "angry"? Do we care no more? etc etc blah blah.

Now, this set me thinking. We conviniently talk about the "system" without actually discussing how exactly it "failed" us. It failed us because the persons entrusted with the responsibility of making sure it doesn't fail us, failed us! Look at the chronology again:

1. The Indian government filed a law suit in an US court and claimed damages worth $3.3 billion, in 1985. In February 1989, the Indian Government reached an out of court settlement with Union Carbide for $470 million. That's right - about 14% of what they originally claimed. That's what the Indian Government, led by Rajiv Gandhi settled for. Union Carbide's share price went up after this settlement. So the Rajiv Gandhi government's decision not only put a cheap value to citizen's lives lost, but also ensured that the stakeholders in the tragedy become richer. No rationale was given for this utterly shameful climbdown by the Rajiv Gandhi government.

2. Arjun Singh was the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh when the disaster happened. He made sure that the Chief of Union Carbide was treated as a state guest when he was "released" on bail, was put on a state government flight and was flown to New Delhi. Apparently he got a call from someone, and he just obeyed the orders. As expected he will not talk about it. He left the country soon thereafter, never to return back. Ever again. He went on to become the Union Cabinet Minister for Human Resource Development in the early 90's and in the 2004-2009 UPA government. Just in case we forget, it was Arjun Singh who introduced the OBC reservations into IIT's and IIM's, and raised a furore in the country.

3. There is justifiable outrage at the quantum of sentence given to the accused. 2 years imprisonment, and released on bail by evening. Has anyone ever wondered why their sentence was so low? That's because the charges filed were of such nature. Now, who files the charges? The government (in this case the CBI). When were the charges filed? Take a look at the chronology again.

4. Now, when there are court cases, obviously you should have a lawyer. Do you know who the lawyer for Dow Chemicals, which took over Union Carbide in 2000, is? Abhishek Manu Singhvi. Do you want to know what his official position now is? He is the official spokesperson of the Congress party at the national level.

It is nobody's contention that Rajiv Gandhi and Arjun Singh were responsible for the tragedy. Their utter disregard to the memories of those dead and living is what is shocking beyond comparison. And then this complicity by the media hurts so much. The "system" didn't fail us. The then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi did. The then Chief Minister Arjun Singh did. Why mask their failures as the failure of a "system"? Why make it sound like the "system" has a mysterious head whom we don't know, and therefore are not taking any names?

The media will make sure we will never know it was Arjun Singh at the helm; that it was the Rajiv Gandhi who was the Prime Minister when the out of court settlement was reached. It might even brand you as some right-wing negative thinker whose only fantasy is to ask moronic questions. Facts are facts, and it is important that we know them at face value - hence this attempt to bring them to your notice.

Lest we forget people, the after-effects of the that disastrous leak are still being felt by people of that area. Children are still born with disabilities. About 6 lakh people were meagerly compensated in 2004.That disaster just didn't kill thousands of people then; 26 years on it is still killing people. Generations have been affected. And should such a disaster happen again, the Dr. Manmohan Singh led UPA government (and not the "system") is making sure the guilty will get away, just in a similar fashion, by seeking to introduce the Nuclear Liability bill.

Apologize for repeating this time and again - The "system" didn't fail us people, those at the helm of affairs did.

PS: Today's Indian Express had this filthy editorial on the tragedy - "The accident, after all, could have happened anywhere in this country." it seems. What next? "Terror attacks can happen anywhere"? "Riots can happen anywhere"?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

That's all, Your Honour!: May 31- June 5

1. First the Home Minister guaranteed to us that access to Headley will be given, there is nothing to worry. Then nothing happened. Then our Prime Minister also had to bring this up with the US President (that's right, at a time when co-operation regarding terrorists needs to be seemless, the head of our country had to request the head of US t grant access to a terrorist who is charged with planning the gruesome 26/11 attack in Mumbai). Now, when such an assurance happens at the highest level, you would except the process to happen soon without hiccups. Nah - that's not how it works! About 50 days after that assurance was given, a team had to leave to the US, had to face multiple problems for about a week; then the External Affairs Minister Mr. S.M.Krishna had to remind Hillary Clinton. And the worst part is that he said this “… access for our authorities to persons who have been apprehended by your government in connection with the Mumbai terror attack is the logical next step.” And then finally we were given access to David Coleman Headly. And the vagueness in that announcement is there for all of us to see here. Now, if you think that Headley is talking and all is well - read this. He is taking the fifth amendment! So much for co-operation huh?Rediff has the entire Headley saga documented in this link here, just go through the headlines to see how we have been played for about 8 months!

2. More than Mamta Banerjee, it was our national English media channels that were more happy that her party, Trinamool Congress, won majority seats in the civic body polls in West Bengal. They prepared so much footage on Mamta that they would have been disappointed had TC lost in these elections! They went gaga over her; infact if you didn't switch on TV all day on June 2, and then saw the news on that evening, you would think Mamta Banerjee became the Chief Minister of West Bengal (True, what else can you interpret from this headline "Mamta wins Bengal" ?). The details of the results are
here. Quite clear that Congress has been reduced to a hopeless minority in this state. Also, if you are wondering about what happened to the investigations in last week's train blast by Naxals in West Bengal - CBI has been asked to investigate and some Naxal leader said "sorry" for the disaster. Apparently their target was the Goods train. Haa! What a shame these people are really.

3. It is common knowledge that our country has a super PM. Now, isn't it unfair that the Super PM doesn't get to have a "cabinet" of her own? :D.. Presenting to you, ladies and gentlemen, the
National Advisory Council (NAC) - the super cabinet of India ! Infact this NAC was very much present during UPA 1.0 version too. Remember, Sonia Gandhi had to resign as its chairperson because of the Office of Profit controversy? Later, this office was bought in the ambit of those offices that are exempted from the definition of Office of Profit! And then NAC is credited with NREGA, RTI and now the proposed Right to Food Act. So basically then few achievements of UPA are credited to the NAC headed by _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. That's all, your honour!

అదన్నమాట!: మే 31 - జూన్ 5

ఈ వారం రాజ్య సభ కి రాష్ట్రం నుంచి పోటి లేకుండా ఆరుగురు ఎన్నికయ్యారు. కాంగ్రెస్స్ నుంచి నలుగురు, తెదేపా నుంచి ఇద్దరు. తెదేపా నుంచి సుజన ఇండస్ట్రీస్ అధినేత సుజన చౌదరి కి టికెట్ ఇవ్వడం పార్టి లో పెద్ద దుమారమే రేపింది. చివరికి చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు తన మాట నెగ్గించుకున్నారు. కాగ, ఆంద్ర జ్యోతి పత్రిక ఈ నిర్ణయాన్ని చాల తప్పు బట్టింది. వాళ్ళ ఛానల్ లో కూడా అర గంట సేపు చంద్రబాబు ని తూర్పారబట్టింది ! పార్టి కోసం ఏమి పని చెయ్యని చౌదరి కి టికెట్ ఎలా ఇస్తారు అని ప్రశ్నించింది. కేవలం పార్టి కోసం డబ్బులు ఇచ్చినంతమాత్రాన టికెట్ ఇచేస్తార అని కూడా అడిగింది . ఒక విధంగా ఆలోచిస్తే అరసుగా రెండు ఎన్నికల్లో ఓడిపోయినా పార్టి కి డబ్బులు ఇస్తున్న వారి గురుంచి కూడా ఆలోచించాలి కదండీ !

జగనన్న ఈ వారం లో డిల్లి వెళ్ళారు. వీరప్ప మోఇలీ గారిని కలిసి బయటికి వచ్చి , తెలంగాణేతర ప్రాంతాలల్లో ఓదార్పు యాత్ర జరపడానికి ఆయన ఒప్పుకునట్టు తెలిపారు. సాయంత్రం అయ్యేసరికి, మోఇలీ గారు పత్రిక మరియు టీవీ విలేకర్ల్ని పిలిచి, నేను అలాంటిది ఏమి చెప్పలేదు అని వివరించారు. దీనితో పార్టి లో జగన్ ఏకాకి అయిపోయారు. వైఎసార్ సతీమణి విజయమ్మ, సోనియా కి ఉత్తరం కూడా రాసారు ... కనీసం ఓదార్పు ద నోచుకోవ ఆ కుటుంబాలు అని ! లేదు విజయమ్మ, అక్కడ మ్యాడం గారు ఏది చెప్తే అదే జరగాలి ఇక్కడ, మీరు ఆ విషయం ఎంత తొందరగా గ్రహిస్తే అంత మంచిది మరి !

Thursday, June 3, 2010

No cricket team for Asian Games

Actually, Gaurav Kalra writes about it beautifully here. Summarizes everything so many of us would want to say to the BCCI. As always, BCCI doesn't give a damn about all these medals and stuff - you see, they don't bring in money value my friend.