Sunday, June 6, 2010

That's all, Your Honour!: May 31- June 5

1. First the Home Minister guaranteed to us that access to Headley will be given, there is nothing to worry. Then nothing happened. Then our Prime Minister also had to bring this up with the US President (that's right, at a time when co-operation regarding terrorists needs to be seemless, the head of our country had to request the head of US t grant access to a terrorist who is charged with planning the gruesome 26/11 attack in Mumbai). Now, when such an assurance happens at the highest level, you would except the process to happen soon without hiccups. Nah - that's not how it works! About 50 days after that assurance was given, a team had to leave to the US, had to face multiple problems for about a week; then the External Affairs Minister Mr. S.M.Krishna had to remind Hillary Clinton. And the worst part is that he said this “… access for our authorities to persons who have been apprehended by your government in connection with the Mumbai terror attack is the logical next step.” And then finally we were given access to David Coleman Headly. And the vagueness in that announcement is there for all of us to see here. Now, if you think that Headley is talking and all is well - read this. He is taking the fifth amendment! So much for co-operation huh?Rediff has the entire Headley saga documented in this link here, just go through the headlines to see how we have been played for about 8 months!

2. More than Mamta Banerjee, it was our national English media channels that were more happy that her party, Trinamool Congress, won majority seats in the civic body polls in West Bengal. They prepared so much footage on Mamta that they would have been disappointed had TC lost in these elections! They went gaga over her; infact if you didn't switch on TV all day on June 2, and then saw the news on that evening, you would think Mamta Banerjee became the Chief Minister of West Bengal (True, what else can you interpret from this headline "Mamta wins Bengal" ?). The details of the results are
here. Quite clear that Congress has been reduced to a hopeless minority in this state. Also, if you are wondering about what happened to the investigations in last week's train blast by Naxals in West Bengal - CBI has been asked to investigate and some Naxal leader said "sorry" for the disaster. Apparently their target was the Goods train. Haa! What a shame these people are really.

3. It is common knowledge that our country has a super PM. Now, isn't it unfair that the Super PM doesn't get to have a "cabinet" of her own? :D.. Presenting to you, ladies and gentlemen, the
National Advisory Council (NAC) - the super cabinet of India ! Infact this NAC was very much present during UPA 1.0 version too. Remember, Sonia Gandhi had to resign as its chairperson because of the Office of Profit controversy? Later, this office was bought in the ambit of those offices that are exempted from the definition of Office of Profit! And then NAC is credited with NREGA, RTI and now the proposed Right to Food Act. So basically then few achievements of UPA are credited to the NAC headed by _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. That's all, your honour!


Manasa said...

Love your blog! I'm not too much into politics but it was great to find your blog talk about it in a simple and lucid form. RSSing your blog. Keep writing.

Sudhir said...

Hey Manasa,

Thanks for those kind words :) Will strive to live upto the expectations :)

- Sudhir

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