Saturday, June 12, 2010

Follow-up of the previous post

A couple of follow-up links to the earlier blog on the Bhopal Tragedy.

1. The media (most of them, not NDTV) has been asking similar questions all this week. The Congress party has gone into a tizzy, tried to attack the opposition instead, and when they realised that the strategy is not working, came up with this gem - "It's for the Government, not for the party, to explain". This front page report in The Hindu gives us all details on how the party is very keen to prevent Rajiv Gandhi's name from getting tarnished. Plus it is also worried that Arjun Singh might speak out, if he is further isolated from the party. The Congress party's official response is that they want "all facts to emerge" and also that Rajiv Gandhi did no wrong. Guess we all know how the facts will look like now, huh? And finally the ball has now been very convieniently put in the Prime Minister's court.

2. The Congress however has support from NDTV. In this programme, Group Editor Barkha Dutt tells us that Rajiv Gandhi was a political novice at that time, and then by digging into the archives, they found a video where "Rajiv Gandhi took on Warren Anderson". Look at the video folks, from 28:27, for about a minute. Rajiv Gandhi's video is from 29:01. Please listen to it. Decide for yourself if "Rajiv Gandh took on Anderson". And assuming that the argument is bought, how does that explain his climbdown on the settlement amount?

3. Please read the second letter in today's "Letters to the Editor" column. It is the account of a survivor. Must read. Also, please read the last letter in this link - asks more pertinent questions. Another Must read.

PS: Breaking News: Shekhar Gupta says the NSG (National Security Guards) was the idea of Rajiv Gandhi!


Jiggs said...

Bandhu....I could not but help watching TV yesterday when a friend alerted me on the line Congress was taking to protect the dynasty and to my pleasant surprise Jayanthi Natarajan was answering questions with a STRAIGHT FACE :)

I just love this lady, man the confidence she oozes when she is speaking a white lie, hats off to her :)

OMG, the Government of India had no role in Anderson's GREAT ESCAPE :)

I dont think I will ever forget this :)

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