Monday, November 5, 2018

A Fantastic panel of three Chief Ministers and an ode to Cooperative Federalism

The following article was written for MyInd Makers. Pasting it here for reference:

About three week ago, Hindustan Times conducted their annual Leadership Summit. This easy interview of Rahul Gandhi hogged all the limelight. However, just a couple of days back, thanks to YouTube’s recommendation, I viewed this awesome session with the Chief Ministers of three states – Punjab, Maharashtra and Karnataka. The session was very enlightening, and I would like to share with you some of the very salient points shared especially by the Punjab Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh.
The anchor’s first question to this esteemed panel (starting with Capt. Amarinder Singh) is – “Is it easy working with the center?”. Pat comes the reply from Captain Amarinder Singh – “I have no problems. I am getting full co-operation”.  The shocked anchor continues to prod – “But there are issues”. Captain Amarinder Singh responds saying, “Well, which state doesn’t have issues.” He then goes on to cite financial issues that will arise after 2022 because of GST and how because of a Supreme Court ruling, the states have lost the power to appoint a DGP of their choice. Infact, he had to clarify that the DGP problem is because of the SC ruling and not because of the central government.
Later, during the interaction, Devendra Fadnavis had also endorsed Captain’s view that the states must have the power to choose their own DGP. This is a very good point that both the Chief Ministers (belonging to different parties) have bought out. However, since this is not a news worthy debate, we will never hear about a solution for this problem!
A question from the audience to Capt. Amarinder Singh was regarding the crop burning by the farmers of Punjab. Captain’s answer in its entirety is a treat to listen to. He explains how nearly 10 lakh of the 17 lakh farmers have less than 5 acres of land holdings, and how they cannot be asked to do a 3rdoperation in one season (because each operation costs 2000 rupees). Capt. Amarinder Singh has asked the PM to give an additional 100 rupees per quintal so that the farmers can use that money to dig up, and not burn. The Prime Minister had sanctioned this amount, but for a different purpose – and that is to buy machines that dig better and therefore help enable one of the solution for this problem. I am fascinated by the kind of conversations that would have happened between the CM and PM on this topic – the nitty gritty of the policy to solve a long pending problem. However, our media can never be bothered to headline such important decisions and discussions! It is a real pity that these policy interventions by various government are never highlighted.
Since GST on petroleum is the flavor of the month, the eminent panel was asked this question. Capt. Amarinder Singh was very straight forward in saying that putting fuel under GST will further burden states because a very important source of revenue for the state is gone. H.D.Kumaraswamy agreed with him. So, a Congress Chief Minister and a Congress ally have both publicly disagreed with the continuous rant of Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Yet, the English media didn’t find this tidbit newsworthy. By the way, even Devendra Fadnavis has partially agreed that source of revenue for states will be dried up, but with appropriate safeguards, it can be bought under GST.
While watching this interview, I was reminded of this interview of Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan. Despite all that clamor of social media during the Kerala floods, he has publicly said “it shows how supportive the Centre has been towards Kerala”. In this session, H.D.Kumaraswamy had also claimed that he had no problems working with the center. I had mentioned earlier too that co-operative federalism is one of the biggest achievements of the Modi government. Equal credit must also go the Chief Ministers of states ruled by the opposition parties, who have acknowledged this relationship. Perennial rabble rousers like Arvind Kejriwal and Chandrababu Naidu can be ignored. Infact, for the first 4 years in this term, CBN was gung ho about the center too.
This session in the leadership summit must rank as one of the best sessions ever. Three Chief Ministers belonging to three different political dispensations discussed state specific issues on a wide range of topics and giving credit where it is due, is a rarity in today’s noisy newsroom. This session should have made headlines and should have been the talking point across newsrooms. Instead, what we got was, yet another hyped up interview which Rahul Gandhi himself found so easy!

After 36 years of anti-Congress legacy of NTR’s TDP, Chandrababu Naidu joins hands with Congress

The following article was published in MyInd Makers. Pasting it here for reference:

NTR is equivalent to an icon for me, and CBN is someone I very deeply admire and like” – this is something I wrote in the year 2012. But of course the admiration was much older than 2012. Chandrababu Naidu was one of my childhood heroes. It was devastating to watch him lose the 2004 elections. I have had many debates on twitter with many folks who had tried to devalue the role Chandrababu Naidu has played in the growth of AP.
In my 2012 blog, I had identified 3 watershed moments in TDP’s history – the 1984 Lok Sabha elections; the 1995 coup when CBN took over NTR; the tectonic policy shift in 2008-09. The 4th watershed moment was today, November 1st, 2018, when Chandrababu Naidu joined hands with the Congress party. The very birth of TDP was against the Congress party. Every single moment of TDP’s 36 year old existence has been spent fighting the ideology of the Congress party, tooth and nail. The TDP cadre was built on an anti-Congress platform. TDP cadre have given up their life fighting this Congress party. For many, the iconic image of NTR leading a procession of a slain legislator to the Raj Bhavan remains etched in memory. Chandrababu Naidu himself got emotional many times, speaking about how his cadre are being killed by this Congress party. The Congress party has also accused the TDP of killing their cadre too!
This Congress party has no vision for the country. No vision for the state. No vision even for even a gram panchayat. This Congress party epitomizes corruption. Epitomizes nepotism. Epitomizes laziness. Epitomizes arrogance. Epitomizes ignorance. A part of all this opinion was formed because I saw my childhood hero in action, trying to show us a vision. Trying to lead us through extreme hard work. Trying to be amidst people, shedding arrogance.
And it is with this very Congress party that my childhood hero has today joined hands. TDP folks have tried to invent a new theory – the TDP’s fight has always been with a high-handed Delhi party and today it is the BJP that is being high-handed. I wonder how they want us to forget all those acrimonious assembly debates between CBN and YSR. I wonder how they want us to forget all those acrimonious exchanges of TDP and Congress MLAs over the years. I wonder how they want us to forget the fat booklets TDP has printed telling us how the corrupt Congress party has looted the entire state of Andhra Pradesh.
For folks outside of the telugu states, this might look like another day in politics. This might look like yet another political party doing what they do best – change their stance. However, please allow me to clarify that this is not a mere change in stance. This is a blow to the very foundation of TDP. This is a blow to the very strength of the TDP. For the entire 36 years of TDP’s existence, the only thing consistent about them has been the anti-Congress stand. Am sure there are a lot of folks who are angry and shocked with Chandrababu Naidu joining hands with Rahul Gandhi.
Let’s for a moment keep all this emotion aside, and look at this electorally. The Congress is a spent force in Andhra Pradesh. They have performed disastrously even in local body elections. The TDP has no say on any political formation outside of the telugu states – they don’t bring any electoral advantage outside of just one state.
Rahul Gandhi and Chandrababu Naidu have claimed that they have joined hands to “save democracy”. The continuous rants of CBN in recent times against the BJP have reached nauseating levels. A series of articles on this issue have been published in MyInd Makers too. Chandrababu Naidu needed a big villain to make him look like a hero. He chose Modi to be that villain. However, in making that choice, he chose to ally with a poison called Congress. Looking at what TDP was going through in 2012, I had then wondered if TDP was being Nai”doom”ed. Today, for me, it has become devastatingly Nai”doom”ed.