Friday, September 2, 2011

The Great Loot of Andhra Pradesh...

  • The above banner headline reads: Rs. 45Cr + 3 1/2 years = Rs. 3,053.90 crores!
  • The caricature is Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy, s/o late CM of Andhra Pradesh from Congress, Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy.
  • This headline was in the telugu newspaper, eenadu.
  • This headline is not a recent one.
  • And most importantly, this loot of Rs.3,000 crores is not the only loot that has been perpetuated on the people of Andhra Pradesh in the past 7 years. This is just a sample.
Let's briefly look into the math of the above headline before proceeding further to explain the growth of the YS empire. Raghuram Cements was bought over by a new company called Bharathi Cements. Bharathi is the name of Jagan Mohan Reddy's wife. The YS family gets about 4.5 crore shares alloted to them at Rs.10/- per share. Companies like India Cements, Dalmiya Cements suddenly bought premium shares for much higher amounts and invest about Rs.250 crores for a 31% share! The YS family owns 69% of the company with an investment of Rs. 45 crores. Others invested about Rs.250 crores with 31% share, into a company that hasn't even begun manufacturing! The article later goes on to explain how this 69% share holding rose in its value to about Rs. 3000/- crores in just 3 1/2 years.

The detailed math and financial transactions are way too complicated for my understanding. The route used by the companies of YS family is so circutous, it makes your mind go into a tizzy. Simple example. The company that invested 69% into Bharati Cements is Jagati Publications. Jagati Publications (named by combining Jagan's name and his wife Bharati's name) owns Sakshi newspaper. Shares were alloted to YS family in this company too, for Rs. 10/- !! Deloitte values this company for Rs.3,500 crore, and therefore the value of YS family shares jumps to thousands of crores!

Let's leave all the math jargon aside. Let's assume that all this is a propaganda by the opposition and a media that is against the Congress. Let's just go by facts present in the public domain (the charts presented below have been picked up from TDP's website, who in turn have picked it up from documents available in public domain).

Y.S Family in 2004.

YS Family ownership in 2005 (1 year after YSR became CM of AP)

YS Family ownership in 2006

YS Family ownership in 2007 (when Bharati cements also got added!)

Let's also for a moment assume that the above material presented at TDP's website is also bogus. Jagan, in his 2011 election affidavit said he has ownership in the following 11 companies!
  • Sandur Power
  • Saraswati Power
  • Carmel Asia Holdings
  • Bharathi Cement Corp
  • Kealawn Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Marvel Infrastructure
  • Classic Realty
  • Silicon Builders
  • Swasti Power Engineering Ltd
First post also mentions that Sandur power has 4 subsidiaries atleast:
  • Classic Realty
  • Harish Infrastructure
  • Capstone Infra
  • Silicon Builders
Is your mind in a tizzy now? Has it been blown away by the complications of companies, percentages, ownership, subsidiaries and the wealth discussed above? Here's more official information:

Jagan declared the value of his assets as Rs.365 crore in 2011. Another ~Rs47 crore in the name of his wife. He is the richest MP in the annals of Indian history, with no close competition in sight in the near future! Guess how much his declared earnings were in 2003? ~Rs.9 lakh!! In 2009 - it was Rs.77.40 crores. From a mere 10 lakhs in 2003 to tens of crores in 2009 to hundreds of crores in 2011 - this is one musical journey for Jagan Mohan Reddy and YSR's family!

Almost every company mentioned above received some largesse or the other from the government (both the centre and the state were ruled by the Congress during this time). Each of these investors have recieved some largesse (in terms of land, investments, loans, rules etc). Now, are you wondering how come no media highlighted this? Take a look at the snapshot below.

The above snapshot is a small collection of headlines from the popular telugu daily, eenadu. Eenadu, along with another newspaper Andhra Jyothy, has revealed many such corruption sagas by the YS family and the other members of the Congress government. Slowly, a momentum was built saying both these newspapers were partisan; never exposed corruption in TDP regime etc

When TDP and other opposition parties discussed the share holding details in animated debates in the Assembly - guess what YSR and his stooges replied? They asked Chandrababu Naidu why he was jealous if other companies were making money! The ruling party rubbished pretty much every allegation. YSR even appointed some judicial commissions with retired Judges heading them - ofcourse we know the result (almost none of them submitted any report)! Not satisfied with that, they went on to open a newspaper and a TV channel to counter the "opposition" propaganda!

Sakshi newspaper and TV had two goals in mind - glorify YSR and demonise Chandrababu/Eenadu. If eenadu stories had details about corruption by YS and family, Sakshi would immediately resort to stories of "corruption" by eenadu etc. As if corruption by one group justified corruption by the other! And now suddenly the debate in the state turned to the "media war". The debate was never about corruption anymore - just about how cunning these media people are blah blah.

Even by now, if you are not convinced that public money and power were not misused, here's a minor fact revealed by CAG. Governments are not supposed to place ads in new newspapers, unless they publish continously for six months. Guess for which newspaper this rule was broken?? Full page ads in Sakshi newspaper right from day one! That's your money down the drain there! Sakshi paper was established for government propaganda and on top of that - full page ads!

The above mentioned details are just of THE empire. We have not even discussed the mammoth corruption in various government schemes and programs, that went on unhindered. Jalayagnam, the pet project of YSR involves construction of "30 major and 18 medium irrigation projects at a cost of Rs. 46,000 crores to provides irrigation to an extent of 73 lakh acres ". From the official website (which incidentally still has a picture of YSR and not the current CM!), "Eight of these projects were to be completed before the kharif season of 2006". Till now, only 12 projects have been completed. Project costs were escalated, tender process was rigged - what not! Even Sonia Gandhi was forced to order an internal probe into this! It was even labelled as "Dhanayagnam" by the opposition! No news about that. Scams unearthed ranged from industries (which involved the current PCC Chief)to education department, and yet not a squeal from the "national" media.

I am sure you people must have heard about "Reddy Brothers" from Karnataka. I am sure you would have assumed by now, given the awesome coverage that they are the epitome of corruption in this country. You must have also heard that through their Obulapuram mining company, the Reddy brothers have manufactured an unprecedent loot of natural resources of this country. Quiz Question - in which state in Obulapuram located? Andhra Pradesh!

This same Obulapuram Mining company also owns "Brahmani Steels" which - hold your breath - reportedly made profits even before it started manufacturing any steel! 10,000 acres of land was alloted to it in Kadapa (Andhra Pradesh) after a cabinet decision by the Congress government in AP in 2007. We were also told that the plant will start manufacturing within 18 months (without any bank loan!) and will beat Vizag Steel Plant in no time (according to latest TOI report, the plant is nowhere close to manufacturing!). Amidst lot of criticism, a successful foundation laying ceremony was also held. I very vividly remember, YSR playing a Quiz master here and asking the Reddy brothers all the questions that the opposition was asking, and the Reddy brothers "refuted" them point by point. And therefore, amidst public, it was decided that this steel project is the awesomest idea ever.

The USP is always the same. Allot shares for yourself at the cheapest price possible. Lure investors to buy shares at a more higher price. Give these investors largesse in terms of land, concessions etc etc. And get away with all the loot.

What has been mentioned in this blog so far is not comprehensive - only because the loot is so large, it is impossible to cover everything in one go! A mining lease was issued to YSR's son-in-law Brother Anil Kumar, which was later cancelled by the centre, very conveniently in 2010. I am sure if we start digging into Brother Anil Kumar's business details.

Please remember, all this loot happened when Jagan was a member of Congress party and his father YSR was heading the Congress government in Andhra Pradesh. Please also remember that YSR was one of the favorite Chief Ministers of the high command led by Sonia Gandhi.

The reason I am mentioning the Congress party so many times is because there has been a concentrated campaign to try to convince people that this loot by the Congress party led by the father-son duo had nothing to do with the Congress party itself! And now, after Jagan Mohan Reddy has resigned from Congress, many leaders from Congress are openly accusing him of misusing power. Many are openly calling him as very corrupt. And when pointed out that all this corruption took place under the guidance of YSR, they went on to say, Jagan misused his father's powers!!

The Andhra Pradesh High Court directed the CBI to investigate these cases. Minor fact that media won't tell you - this case was filed by a Congress minister, Sankar Rao! (a second case was filed by TDP leader, Yerran Naidu). So now, the corruption accusations are no more a opposition and media conspiracy. Have you ever seen a near unanimity amongst all major political parties on such a contentious issue? Leaders of the same Congress party who enjoyed the spoils of power under YSR are saying there was massive corruption; PRP, the party whose main plank was to take on this corruption merged with the Congress because YS family is not in power anymore; TDP, Left, and BJP (the state unit) have been crying hoarse from a long time too!

The regional media, has been shouting from the rooftop of the loot being done in the name of business acumen. From about 6-7 years, they have been very vociferous of the corruption and robbery the YS family has been resorting. This "national" media was no where to be seen or heard. There was one obscure "Devil's advocate" interview by Karan Thapar in which YSR had only one answer - Go the court if you think it is wrong! Other than that, no "exclusives". No stories of the phenomenal growth of THE empire. Atleast, if they thought this was a media war - no story about that either!

The closest any newspaper came was this article in livemint. Just that article is enough to confuse us with the machinations used.

Anyways, Jagan owns two palaces. One in Hyderabad. It is a 74 room palace! The second is in Bangalore. Take a look below

Bangalore palace:

Hyderabad palace:

And what did B.S.Yedyyurappa do? Alloted some government land under CM's discretionary quota to his family members. Remember the outrage by the "national" media? I rest my case.

PS: I would welcome any fact based rebuttal. Please resist from labelling this article as Anti-jagan, anti-congress blah blah. We have crossed that line long back!

Part-2 of this series is here.
Part-3 detailing how YSR won despite this loot is here


Anonymous said...

But for this last line, this is a good post. By saying "And what did B.S.Yedyyurappa do? Alloted some government land under CM's discretionary quota to his family members. Remember the outrage? I rest my case" you have reduced the entire argument to that of a BJP supporter. You are saying it much like the Telugu media. To quote your own words "As if corruption by one group justified corruption by the other!"

Prashanth Vaidyaraj said...

Very well articulated with hard facts Sudhir.

We also very well know why the media that went ga-ga over Yeddyurappa is silent on the YSR-Jagan criminal activities. Guess its to do with the Church and Sonia patronage. The OB van totting media houses are only interested in Jagan because of his opposition to Congress leadership in AP, but are not interested in investigating his wealth and the Church links for obvious reasons.

Great job yet again. Keep them coming!

Pardha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mahesh CR said...

Amazing work. Almost reads like a lesson in corporate structuring. I heard these guys were corrupt but had no idea about the extent or the modus operandi..thanks for enlightening us, appreciate you taking time to do this service.

Anonymous said...

Would like to see scams of N.Chandrababu Naidu too. Without any partiality.

Though, YSR and YS Jagan earned a lot of money during their tenure, they are still trying to do something for the people of AP unlike N.Chandrababu Naidu. So I think YS Jagan is the only favored politician at this moment in AP politics. And now as congress is ruling, they just want to crush YS Jagan down and put up a bad name for his father, late YSR. So that they can loot throughout AP till it becomes a waste land.

Pardha said...

This is only 1 of the loots YSR did. YSR was the guy who made the Welfare Programs a new way to Loot the public money?

Unknown said...

I see that the anonymous is still a staunch supporter of the YSR family, even after reading what they have done to AP! Dear friend, it's not a comparison of who looted the most! We are being looted, and I am sure Chandrababu Naidu is a gem of a person. Let's see if any corruption case is found true against him. :)

Abhilash.M said...

I think this is biggest loot in annals of Indian History.Devil's incarnation;Ys Jagan and YSR. And in today's world,where the lines between morality and 'practicality' are blurring specially in politics,Jagan is epitome.

If he becomes CM he will sell AP for sure.

Sudhir said...

@Anonymous 1 - My last line was to compare the outrage of the "national" media on the scale of the issue, not to endorse big and small corruption or big corruption :) I realised that there is scope for mi-understanding that last line after you commented, and hence added the national media section now. Thanks :)

@Prashanth @Mahesh - thanks for the compliments :) will start working on part 2 soon :)

@Anonymous 2 - My last line was meant for exactly people like you!! I have no further comments to offer. That you think Chandrababu Naidu did nothing for the state is such a pity.

@Raga - just look at the scale of this loot. I wonder what satisfaction people like Anon2 will get from bringing in Chandrababu Naidu into the mud!

@Abhilash - you are right - this loot has to be the biggest! I will work on part-2 also soon :)


Chandu said...

Instead of saying Chandrababu Naidu did some scams, can anybody prove it? Why YSR withdrew his case against Chandrababu in 2003? Why he didn't book any case against Chandrababu from 2004 to 2009. Why " EMAAR properties" is revised and sanctioned in 2004 ?

Anonymous said...

wld be happy read same sort of articles abt chandra babu,ramoji nd radha krishna.....there are some news papers in andhra only to write blah blah abt jagan,they maynot need our help

CodeNameV said...

Reposting from CRI:


"Rendrellu entha raa ani subba rao vallabaini adigithe aaru annadanta badudhai. Adentra tappu kada ani subba rao malli adigite, ledu nuvvu rendu mullentha ani adigundalsindi ani samadhanam cheppadnata valla abbai" ... Ala undi mana Media valla vyavaharam.

They say "Janardhan Reddy absolutely wrong. So Yeddyurappa wrong. Yeddyurappa wrong, so BJP wrong."
Then we ask "Janardhan Reddy connected to YSR family. So is YSR wrong and therefore congress wrong?"
They say "No Congress not wrong"
So we ask "how come? isnt your logic flawed?"
They say "No, your question was wrong. My answer is always right. Ask the question to suit my answer!"
And so we are left with .... "Now that YSR and Jagan are out of Congress, Congress is not wrong, YSR might have been wrong. We cant say! But Congress is, was and never will be wrong"

Well, the narrative has never reached a higher ground of logic and reasoning.
You with congress? All your corruption is forgiven and forgotten.
You not with Congress? your corruption is the only form of corruption and biggest hurdle in Country's progress.

What a piece of research Sudhir! Collating such humongous amount of data in one piece is in itself something that requires lot of time and effort. Absolutely amazing work. Wonder what more worms are to be unearthed in Brother Anil Kumar's story. Dispute between K A Paul and Brother Anil Kumar to be the monopoly on evangelism market in AP is something that needs to be put under the Microscope to really see how we are being fooled.

Chilakamarthy once said "bharata desambu padi aavu.....tellavaranu gadusari gollavaru pithukuchunnaru muthulu bigiyagatti" .... yes ... we are still like innocent domestic cows but instead of Britishers, only our own people are cheating us to make money for themselves. What a pity!

Jaideepb said...

Dear Sudhir

my first initial reaction is a huge VOW. could we ever get the energy, motivation to cull put so many facts and put this whole thing up. it also saddens me that the so called journalists (assuming that you are not one), media which is supposed to be our vanguard should be doing this job but don't. but why shud we worry when we have people like you.
the best thing about this blog is that you have placed your entire thesis(if i can call it so) basis PROPER well researched INDUSPATBALE facts and not merely on hearsay.
correct me sudhir if im wrong in saying that britishers just started the drain of wealth(&they gave us quite a lot in return) but what has these blood sucking politicos done, they glorified the drain of wealth, they took it to a new level, a new unparalled heights.
Sudhir, i feel that these blogs shud be read and responded to. it should be spread to people. believe me,, its not an easy job to put up such a write up and only proves your conviction, sincerity and objective in working consistenyl towards building a nation on the foundation of ethics, honest & hard work. my support & complete admiration to you.
it has been a pleasure following you on twitter but reading this blog has taken my respects to a new height.
if you ever want to reply or send a mail- you can please send it to
my twitter handle is jaidepb

there is no need to wish you the best coz your work proves that you have already reached to the levels of being the best. take care


jaideep bhattacharjee

Ashok Malik said...

This loot is a part of India loot, the facts deserve study and nation must find a remedy soon. Good work must continue.

prashhanthkpp said...

Sudhirji, this gives me the 'kicks' that none of my collection of intoxicants, which I relish every evening, can remotely be compared to. While one can accept that itching hands at the helm of power do tend to scratch. But the extent to which the Reddys have scratched is beyond comprehension. That they have looted a huge percentage of State wealth over a very short period is needless to emphasize. What is most astonishing is that none, be it the Opposition or the Media, dared question or rake up noise with substantive decibel of their otherwise wasted sound wave at this broad daylight robbery. The media, it would appear were substantially fed by the Reddys much more than what would have otherwise gained through their TRPs.

It is nothing but humongous shame and a deserving slap at the electorate that chose to bring the Congress Party back to power both at the Center and in the State and thereby facilitated the Congress Party to LOOT their very own house voluntarily. The meteoric rise of the Reddys wealth within such a short period is beyond arithmetic and logical comprehension. The simultaneous loot spearheaded by 10JP at a National level and by Reddys at a State Level can only match a crime worse than daylight murder. Yet none of those establishments that was responsible to apprehend this never bothered to instigate any sort of action against them - till recently when people realized that they were left with only their 'langootis'! The mass movement helped the citizens of this country retain their underwear barely.

Unless the electorate put aside their infatuation and political preferences and comprehensively unite to bring to book all those who have Looted the Nation, nothing positive will happen. YSR is dead, but that does not make him innocent. He is equally complicit and guilty in the unscrupulous loot he unleashed when alive and continued by his progeny, when dead. And this is akin to the Center where it began with Rajiv Gandhi and is now carried forward by his wife and children.

All should be brought to book and proferred the highest punishment that governs such crime. It should be handed out without any considerations of face, health, age, stature or position. Wish it does!

Kudos to your effort, Sudhirji, to bring out this enlightening information for the benefit of the commoner who mostly sit helpless under such maladroit circumstances!

srinivas said...

Beauty, let the people of AP Realize their Mistakes for voting Congress in State & Central. Good Luck & Let God Gives you More & More Energy

Ravi said...

Superb Article Sudhir. The USP line is prefect representation of the situation. All this info has been in public domain and news papers have been screaming with headlines, but nothing has happened till few weeks ago. Just imagine if YSR was alive and completed the second term!!

Certain sections of AP have been brainwashed by the Sakshi TV/Paper, that they fail to respond to the facts. Someone in their family will be getting ready for Odarpu Yatra-2 when this guy goes to Jail.

Ketan said...


Not that I've something particularly bright to say, but following things struck me and I wondered about while reading your article:

1. Most of the major industries that YSR family 'diversified' into were all related to the construction business. This is in line with the popular belief that construction business is for the corrupt and the goons.

2. Why did YSR's helicopter have to crash?

3. If this minor minion could mint so much money, how much The Queen herself must have?

Your research was painstaking and very commendable! And as usual, your style (the sequence in which you brought out the data) was convincing. :)

sanjay said...

What is really worrisome is not that a CM built a corporate empire misusing his position but that the system failed at preventing this abuse of power, the reason why that CM's son is being prosecuted is just to force him to toe the line, ones he does that he will receive the customary clean chit. All checks and balances have proved to be futile, and national media has once again proved itself to be sold out to those who wield power and their cronies.

Ravindranath said...

Hi Sudhir,
Your blog is like summary of 100s of articles we read in Telugu media since 2004. Good job. Please dont miss Bayyaram story, Aarogyasri(Sharmila's link to STAR insurance), Lanco hills (Wakf board lands) etc etc in your next part(s).
Its high time that the rest of the country too should know how criminal YSR and his family is.

Note : Make sure you blog while at home. Corporate life is not safe these days, you know :-)

3 Cheers,
Twitter : @ravindranath_a

Satya said...

Sudhir, well written piece. I will bookmark this on twitter and facebook. You should do more of these.

@Anonymous @Pardha - You guys either work in the damage control team of the corrupt congress or are direct benefactors of the YSR loot. I am neither a Telgu, nor a supporter of any political group. But as a citizen of India I can see the state has been literally raped by the father and son duo.
And to refresh everyone's memory, Naidu was the one who put AP on the Global maps. Before him AP was known to be the one of the most backward and poor states of India. He brought growth to Hyd which YSR and his family exploited to make money.

Anonymous said...

YSR and family were also known to be close to many Evangelists who would convert poor and needy in AP.
Glad these evil people are being held accountable. Hope the congress follows through this investigation and recovers the lost wealth.

Anonymous said...

The content given in the article known to everyone in the state, neverthless well put together..YS Jagan is corrupted. Not sure why Author was not able to write a similar article about Chandrababu Naidu ? Can you dig a little deeper into his history as well ? he came from an average household background and own so much stuff now ?

Anonymous said...

God, and to think I went and voted for YSR! I was out of India for three years and when I returned was thrilled to see that the "Aroygashri" and such other programs were helping out people like my maid. I had no clue that such a massive looting was going on! Thanks for opening up my eyes

Is this me????? said...

Thanks for all the information you have posted. Keep it going!

Sudhir said...

My sincere apologies for responding so late. I was stuck up with work and writing part-2 and part-3 about this loot :). I am sure you all must have realised by now, it is difficul to choose from the multiple loots and present them here!

@Chandu - I have touched upon the Naidu topic in part-3

@CodeNameV - hahahaha....soooper telugu comparison! English TV media valla logic vallake ardham kavali - worse than out politicians I say!

@jaideepb - thanks for the kind words of encouragement sir. I am just trying to do my bit in spreading information. Information is power :) and with readers like you responding well, I am just thrilled that my work is making some impact :)

@AshokMallik - I feel honoured that you could read and comment on my blog too :) You are right sir - this information must be spread to as far as possible.

@prashanthkpp - sir, you said it perfectly right - this is a "simultaneous loot by 10 JP and Reddy's". And that is precisely why I think the english TV media left them out in their coverage. We in AP were disgusted beyond belief listening to stories of corruption on a daily basis, but then he won in 2009 again! I am touching upon that topic in part-3. Also sir, your detailed comments on blogs are such a pleasure to read. They are the fuel to bloggers like us - keep them coming :)

@srinivas - thanks :)

@Ravi thanks :) yes, the only reason why english TV media is taking this up is because YSR is no more and his son is out of Congress.

@Ketan thank you :) - yeah, where there was land, there was a scam! and once land is bought, more scams in construction business! man, this loot was never ending! And yeah, till date, no one touched the queen !

@Sanjay - your observation about the system is very pertinent. The opposition was screaming at the top of its voice, but never filed anything in court though - I don't know why too :(

@ravindranath - thanks :)

@Satya - I am talking about Naidu in part-3 :)

@Anonymous (last) - It feels good that you have changed your opinion :) Actually I was talking about many people who though benefited from IT, voted for YSR because of his welfare schemes. More about it in part-3 :)

@Isthisme thanks :)

And lastly, those two anonymous people who wanted to talk about Naidu's corruption - please feel free to do so! Why bank on me to research on that?


Anonymous said...

hi Sudhir, I really do get "kicks" from your articles. Thats said here are my thoughts.

Before I read your articles, here is what I used to think.
There are "big time" culprits in AP. I get it!
Congress sucks, big time ! State and Center alike!

After I read your article, I think "Thanks Sudhir for the summation of lot of facts and news!"

But here is one question for you?

Do you think "the people" deserve your time and energy? Unfortunately, sometimes I end up hating co-citizens for not making the right decisions during elections and when given other choices. After that everything what we see today is merely a consequence. don't even talk about ethics.people and politicians behave alike ! politicians are small in numbers ! blah.. blah..! I guess you get my point !

thanks again for your time and energy. good luck !

Sudhir said...

@Anonymous - your kind words are very encouraging :) Coming to your question - I believe we should make our efforts to spread the right information as much as we can. Our gullible co-citizens might have been victims of mis-information, and our efforts should continue to kill this mis-information. Even if one person is enlightened, it is a job well done.


Anonymous said...

allalooya, great work by YSR and family.Soon their efforts to convert whoLE AP will bear fruit and by gods grace we will set up a big church on 7 hills

Anonymous said...

This is another cheap trick of yellow media. All the pictures and proofs shown in the blog are from media channels in yellow syndicate. I think author also joined this yellow syndicate and writing these king of blogs. Baseless criticisms can't become true by creating charts and putting it in a beautiful way. I request the author to day same kind of analysis on Chandra Babu Naidu, Ramoji Rao, Suzana Chowdary, Murali Mohan, C M Ramesh and create charts.

Giri said...


Nice analysis...on YSR & his companies, really appreciate your efforts & time to write this article...

one question what made you to write this article???

1) I guess your default answer would be corruption by YSR

if that is is the answer there are lot of corrupted people in AP/India/World...if you start writing like this you need to end writing on your you are also part of this corruption...

now stop writing such articles if you really have guts go and join politics and change the system

Otherwise if you have really some evidences launch an legal battle on YSR & his family...

Now stop all this CBI articles(Chandra Babu Invetigation)...

Sudhir said...

Hello Giri,

You have raised many points and just when I was about to like your comment, you call this a "CBI" article. Nevertheless, let me attempt to reply:

1. I have seen many comments on this blog and elsewhere, where people ask "Why don't you write about Naidu's corruption?". I have searched the net extensively - not a single detailed blog/article on this "corruption". Since 2004, we have a congress govt at state and national levels - why is it that not a single case has been foisted against Naidu? Is it my fault? Why do people expect me to do "research" on data not available?

2. The corruption by YSR has exceeded all levels of decency. Me being corrupt will involve bribing an official to get an official document - this corruption by YSR involved the LOOT of public money - that includes your money too.

3. YSR was incharge of this "system". I cannot possible imagine myself to lead the "system" in the near future. So does that mean I keep quiet? What according to you entails "joining politics"?

The purpose of this article was to bring to notice the massive corruption to people outside the state and the silence of the national media.

That all this loot happened is validated by the arrest of officers too.

I wonder, what your reaction would have been if I wrote an article on "CBI"?

dheeru said...

oka vedavagurinchi chepte inko vedavagurinchi enduku neeku sudhir neelantivallavalle india ila indi kalchi padeyali

Anonymous said...

Not really. He said that because compared to ysr loot bsy couldve stolen a pen. Thats all

Anonymous said...

Awesome post man. Sharing on twitter.

Unknown said...

Look at the christ symbol on the second palace :)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Unknown said...

Excellent..!! well articulated hard facts, loots, misuse of power, property and public money....!!

One bad part especially for our AP, although they know the facts people are still supporting this culprit because of the caste feeling.... so sick of these people, exclusively educated dumb a*** supports this rougue!!

in our daily life we are very much concerned about only a single rupee from our pocket... but never worried abt this family who has looted so much of public funds,property and misused the power...

Hope these kind of hard work on writing article, and further updates sharing person to person may bring change at least one in hundred blind educated people around us for a better tomorrow!!

Once again Thank you so much for the info!!

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