Friday, September 16, 2011

Art masterpiece

After a series of serious posts, it is now time for a very very very serious post. Below are two paintings I drew in the last month. I usually don't like to boast off too much, but you have got to look at the nuances in these paintings. I know you would like to stare at these paintings and feel/enjoy them, so without much further ado - presenting to you the world class master pieces!

Have a happy friday folks!


ramya said...

Hi Sudhir,

I am a great admirer of your blog and follow it regularly. But never knew that there is an 'aparichitudu' in you too :)

Btw, your masterpieces will be considered 'incomplete' if you don't display them in one of those auction-exhibitions :P


Sangeetha Kodithala said...

The world finally gets to see your creativity *tears in eyes*

Kittu said...

Bhaiyya, What u wrote in the blog beats the art pieces HAHA

infallibleinfectiousidiots said...

wah wah.. keep dem 4 auction.. U ll earn a lot.. Reminds me of majnu's(anil kapoor) paintings in #WELCOME

Sudhir said...

Folks, sorry for the late reply. I was drowned in so much appreciation that it took this long to come out of it :P

Hi Ramya - I am glad to know that you follow my blog regularly and even more proud that my art masterpieces have made you comment on the blog too :D That's the greatness of my art ;) . And about auctioning, yeah am thinking abt it.. a couple more masterpieces in the pipeline :D

Hi Sangeetha - This is the just the beginning of my creativity. In front there is ....

Hi Kittu - :D

Hi infallibleinfectiousidiots - hahahaha... Anil Kapoor's paintings... :) ... well, these beat them. And surely there are more to some...stay tuned!


Vishal said...

Beautiful paintings ~ !!! :-)Beautiful paintings ~ !!! :-)

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