Monday, September 19, 2011

That's all, Your Honour! : Sep.11-17

1. In Andhra Pradesh, this week there has again been widespread agitation in the Telangana region. This time a call to strike was given to all people in the Telangana region. Essentially, any working member of the government has to strike work in order to protest and demand for a separate Telangana state. For the last 7 days, coal production came down drastically in the Singareni Colleries, thereby resulting in hours of power cut in villages and towns. Coal India has come forward to help out the state, but that help cannot still compensate for the loss from the stalled production in Singareni. The teachers have decided to join the strike too. Not just the government teachers, but also ALL private educational institutions have decided to close them for two days starting today. When the strike began, cinema theaters were closed for two days. And starting today, the employees of state Road Transport Corporation have decided to go on a strike! So no transport facilities in Telangana now. Bolstered by this, Telangana supporters have decided to block national highways - which means trade will also stop! Lawyers in High Court have decided to strike work - so those seeking legal help all have to wait now! So for the last seven days, following are the sectors that have either reduced their effort or have completely stopped work
  • Coal Production
  • Power Sector
  • Education Sector
  • General government employees
  • Road Transport
  • Lawyers at High Court
In the pipeline is an autorickshaw strike too. And earlier post on this blog talked about the halt in governance because about 14 ministers resigned from the cabinet and refused to go to the Secretariat. After dragging this drama for a while, they again started attending office but this government again has begun dragging it's feet on this general strike that has been affecting the above crucial sectors. The government is behaving as if nothing happened, when the people are affected by these unending strikes.

If you are staying outside of AP, chances are you have never heard of this crisis of governance, given the "national" media's tendency not to look towards the south. Last week, there were massive floods in Odisha too - many of us did not know because the rains in Delhi recieved more coverage on TV than the floods in Odisha! That's all, your honour!


Vishal said...

Poor reporting by the news channels and papers. The entire state is in strike and there are floods in Orisa, is not worth reporting? Poor reporting by the news channels and papers. The entire state is in strike and there are floods in Orisa, is not worth reporting?

debha1 said...

Funny the alleged Prof Kodandaram threatens schools to close, and says else he's not responsible for any consequences. But liquor shops are doing roaring business. No indefinite closure there?

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