Sunday, September 11, 2011

That's all, Your Honour! : Sept. 4-10

The above picture is a snapshot of the headline by Mid-Day after the Delhi bomb blasts last week. This was perhaps the only newspaper which reflected the sense of disgust amongst the citizens. In another gruesome incident, a powerful bomb went off outside gate no:5 of Delhi High Court, killing a total of 13 citizens and injuring about 100. And the drill was then followed, without any hiccups. First the government condemned it. Then the Home Minister said intelligence was given to Delhi police in July, but there was no specific intelligence. Later in the evening, our Prime Minister says these "cowardly" incidents will not make us succumb to the pressure of terrorism. Not make us succumb, Mr. Prime Minister? Under your watch, we have had about 18 terror attacks - and you had the courage to say we will not succumb?? Well, what is the point blaming you? There is a compliant media that will make sure your reputation is not hurt. There is a sleeping vote block will not come out to vote. As long as they wouldn't care, why would it matter?

And then our Home Minister addresses a press conference. Says there was a delay in procruring CCTVs. Then says, there have been just three incidents on terror under his watch. When the Pune blast happened, it was said that it was first blast after so many months post 26/11. Then when the varanasi blasts happened, they were termed minor incidents. Then when the Mumbai blasts happened, it was "just" the second incident. And now the Delhi blasts happened, it is "just" the third incident. Home Minister also said there is no intelligence failure. Home Minister also said that BJP does not know how to behave in bipartisan manner. I don't get it - what just is the BJP expected to do here? Nod it's head while the arrogant Home Minister reels out crap like this?

It feels so sad to see those dead bodies. Even more sad is the fact that many innocent families are suffering. It is mind-numbing to think that pretty much any place is cities is unsafe, and any disaster can strike you. And in return, we might get a "this is just the fourth incident" statement. That's all, your honour!


Anonymous said...

Aptly written. I think whole nations thought process has to change. Then surely and slowly the expected change will occur.

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