Monday, August 5, 2013

Shun the violence

The following article was written for Niti Central. Pasting it below for reference:
Over the weekend, there was no respite from the continuous protests against Sonia Gandhi's decision to bifurcate the state. We are into Day 6 and there really does not seem to be any end in sight.
Buses are not being allowed to leave from a majority of depots, in 13 districts of the state. RTC buses plying within city/town limits are being routinely stoned - thereby causing severe inconvenience to passengers.
Many a time, highways are being blocked thereby causing massive traffic jams on the highways. At times, government office buildings are being stoned too, thereby causing loss of property.
It is our honest appeal that these kind of violent forms of struggle are shunned, so as to not inconvenience those people who have genuine needs to travel and trade. Ordinarily the CM of the state needs to ensure that essential services like buses, trains etc are not disrupted beyond a reasonable amount of time. Since 6 days, we are witness to this spectacle of near absent governance, and hence are forced to make this appeal to the protesters - please at least allow the buses to ply.
Last evening, the AP Non-Gazetted Officers association has given a strike call from the midnight of 12th August (of all elected representatives don't resign) - we are now in the danger of seeing a replica of the 46 day strike that Telangana govt employees resorted to, in 2011 - the state was put through severe hardships because of this. Hopefully the AP CM will step in to avoid another such severe inconvenience to the people. Or are we hoping against hope?

The chicanery of Congress..

The following article was written for Niti Central. Pasting it here for reference:
Back in 2011, when the census was being planned, there was a demand by some political parties like RJD, SP, JD(U) that a caste census should be done. At that point of time, the Congress and the BJP had not taken any call. The Prime Minister as usual appointed a Group of Ministers (GoM), which was not able to take a decision given the deep divide within the Congress and therefore, wanted a written assurance from all the political parties (putting the onus on the BJP and others) about caste census.
It waited till all the Parties (including BJP) gave an assurance and then announced that a caste census will be carried out. At a time when the Congress was not able to take a decision, it majorly pinned hopes on others not being able to decide. However, a decision was taken just because the ruling party (UPA) had no view, but all other parties had a view on this! The Congress expected that the BJP (or any other significant Opposition party) will say no and then it (Congress) will pass the blame on other parties perhaps!
This exact same chicanery is now being exhibited by the Congress at a time when Andhra Pradesh is burning. In the past six days, in a manner that only Congress can resort to, the Congress workers have blamed both Chandrababu Naidu and YSR for the current predicament. ‘Mother Sonia’ of course! has nothing to do with this.
Why are they blaming TDP and Chandrababu Naidu?

TDP took a decision in 2008 to support the formation of Telangana. They submitted a letter to the Pranab Mukherjee led GoM (yep, another one of those GoMs!) It reiterated it’s support in 2012. Ministers from the Congress are saying that because TDP and Chandrababu Naidu supported the split of the State, this situation has cropped up! It is because of him that ‘madam’ came under pressure to take a decision it seems, and therefore, she ended up taking this decision. If ‘madam’ merely follows TDP in taking important decisions, then she might as well give up power and let TDP rule. Right?
Why are they blaming YS Rajashekhar Reddy?

While announcing the Congress Working Committee (CWC) resolution, Digvijay Singh has tactically mentioned that as the Leader of Opposition in 1999, YSR led a contingent of 40 MLAs to Sonia and demanded that a separate State of Telangana be formed. Congress then submitted a memo to the NDA Government in 2002, asking for a second SRC (which the Congress never formed during its 9 years reign).
State Congress leaders, including Ministers and PCC chief have started throwing the gauntlet on the YSRCP, blaming YSR for stoking the Telangana fire in the first place. Ever since Jagan quit the Congress, the party has made a desperate attempt to separate itself from YSR. YSR was a lifelong Congressman, and a known staunch loyalist of the Gandhi family. Does Congress really want to believe that Sonia Gandhi had no role in writing the letter to the NDA Government? Does Congress want the people to believe that whatever YSR did, was not approved by the Congress high command?

The latest resolution signed by none other than the Chief Minister!
On Saturday, the Chief Minister and PCC chief met nearly 80 elected representatives of the Congress from the Rayalaseema and Andhra region at the Chief Minister’s residence. Amongst the many resolutions they passed – the key one was urging Sonia Gandhi to withdraw this decision. The Chief Minister and the PCC chief have both signed this document and has been sent to Sonia Gandhi.
How do these people expect others to not to look their chicanery? If the AP CM and PCC chief are so disheartened and are so disapproving of this decision, why don’t they just resign and make a stronger statement. What value does this resolution even have? This particular meeting went on for four hours. A couple of days earlier, Ministers met the Chief Minister for nearly four-and-a-half hours. The AP CM and PCC chief would have been privy to the plans of the high command – if so, are they sharing them with one section of their party so as to plan more effectively? What is it that they know, that we don’t?
The deafening silence of the AP CM
It has been nearly 135 hours since the CWC resolution was announced. Since then, the State has been burning. In the typical Congress way of working, the AP CM has not yet found the need to communicate with the people of the State. Not a single word about the current crisis. Who is stopping him from communicating? What is with the Congress and their hatred towards effective
Finally, here’s a poster put up by the Ministers belonging to the Congress. This is in Telugu – translation of the first line reads thus: “This (Telangana) is a blessing given to us by Mother Sonia.” Truly, this chicanery knows no bounds.
Telangana effect: Protests enter day 6, CM still silent   

Missing Person ad for AP CM !!

The following article was written for Niti Central. Pasting it here for reference:
As we enter day-4 of the unrest in AP (and other parts of the country too), the situation does not show any sign of improvement. Buses are off-streets, shops are closed, colleges remain shut- in essence, people are suffering. Unfortunately, violent incidents are also on the rise. If anything, there are only signs of deterioration because of confusion being compounded by what some leaders are speaking and by the Department of Leaks in the Congress.
Before we get into the details, let’s do a quick recap on the resignation saga currently being played out.
The resignations saga

The saga of resignations is still continuing. More and more MLAs and MPs are tending their resignations in wake of the formation of Telangana. The number is volatile and changes by the hour. However, the biggest story on Friday was how the four Union Ministers, who had tendered their resignations, backtracked following ‘suggestions’ from Digvijay Singh. Diggy apparently told them to stay put so that they make their voice heard strongly when Parliament discusses the Bill. The Ministers have therefore, postponed their resignations with Diggy for now it seems! Which brings into focus the nature of their resignations? If they resigned as Ministers, the resignations need to go to the Prime Minister.
If they resigned as MPs, resignations need to go to the Speaker. And if they resigned from the Congress, resignations need to go to Sonia Gandhi. But we are now witness to this weird scenario! The Department of Leaks continues it’s charade. Today’s The Hindu had a front page story titled - AICC had struck a ‘secret deal’ on Rayala-Telangana.
Sources explain the nitty-gritties about the thought process behind orchestrating such a ‘deal’. The report further reveals that the ‘Department of Leaks’ in the Congress is anything but a shutdown. The report also exposes the blatant hypocrisy in the thinking of the Congress – amidst such unrest in the State, it is unfathomable to think why ‘sources’ would continue to compound the confusion.
The leaders speaketh

1. K Chandra Shekhar Rao (KCR): Merely two days after saying that “I will personally ensure the safety of all Seemandhra people in Hyderabad”, the president of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) spoke at a meeting of the Government employees on Friday. In this, he has categorically said that all the Andhra employees have ‘no option’ but to go back. He said that they have to go back because the new Government in Andhra Pradesh will need their help. This has set off a chain of reactions, with the non-gazetted officers association of the AP Government announcing an immediate strike to protest his utterances. Most TV debates this morning have focussed their discussions on this statement, with there being an all round condemnation. KCR further clarifies that he never said: “Telangana walo jaago, Andhrawala bhaago“. He was only referring to those Andhrawalas who obtained illegal Government jobs in Telangana!
Such a loaded clarification is obviously not cutting any ice with the protesters – for starters, how come there are so any illegal Government jobs?! The State Government employees in the Secretariat have taken out rallies in the lunch break in the past two days, requesting the Congress for more clarity on this exact same fear that they have – Will they be allowed to even stay in Hyderabad, where they have built their families and homes? As always, the bigwigs of the party and the Government have not given any clarity on this.
Some are arguing that KCR’s utterances need not be given so much importance. Many disagree – because, here is the man whose party will merge with the Congress and share power once the State is formed, and here are his utterances, which are anything but soothing.
2. K Chiranjeevi: A very strong proponent of an united AP before joining the Congress, he has announced that he will bow down to the decision of the high command, whatever it is. True to his word, he has not overtly raised a banner of revolt. Nor did he offer to resign, despite public clamour back home for it. And on Friday evening, he added some fuel to the fire. He suggested two things: One is to make Hyderabad the second capital of India (yes, you are reading it right!) and the other is to make it the permanent common capital of both the States. Nothing further needs to be elaborated on how this suggestion was recieved!
3. Digvijay Singh: First, there is a very strong point being made in the TV studios and on the streets. Who exactly is Digvijay Singh to speak to the people of AP? Who is Digvijay Singh to guide the division process of the State? Why is a mere Congress functionary being given so much importance? Answers that the ruling party obviously does not have. Digvijay Singh told reporters that the Centre will help in building a better capital than Hyderabad! We don’t even know where to begin with, to counter this argument! Just how is it possible to build a better capital in such a short span?
Folks on TV have started reeling out statistics to counter this bunk by Diggy – and hence the questions on what exactly is his position to command such authority!
4. The CM of AP: Ha! He hasn’t spoken yet. It has been 85 hours (at the time of writing this piece) since the CWC resolution was passed. He has not found the need to communicate with his people! All we hear is that he is meeting Ministers and discussing the fallout. Amidst all this, he has not forgotten to host a Iftar on Friday evening. The State Government’s Iftar party went according to the plan, with all dignitaries attending it!
Some folks placed in advertisement in a local edition of a newspaper, saying that the AP CM is missing! (picture courtesy – @Ravi_TG )
Telangana effect: Resignations, protests continue to rage in Andhra on day 4
The icing on the cake is that the Congress leaders are blaming the TDP and BJP for the decision that their madam took. So much for party loyalty!

Why the people are angry?

The following article was written for Niti Central. Pasting it below, for reference:
It was only at the last moment that everyone was called to Delhi and informed about the final decision of the high command.”
Prominent Congress MP from Seemandhra, Undavalli Arun Kumar had this to say when asked about why they did not do something to stop this decision.
For those outside the State, a brief introduction about this MP: The very few times that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi visited the State to address public meetings, Arun Kumar was the official translator. His translation was more powerful than the mundane speeches of the mother-son duo. Arun Kumar is also amongst the most prominent voices advocating a united state. He even organised multiple public meetings, reeled out many statistics to put forth counter-arguments; and was one of the most visible faces of the Congress in the State.
If such a prominent voice was not taken into confidence, what exactly has Sonia Gandhi really done to communicate with her leaders? It speaks volumes about the “inclusivity” of Sonia Gandhi that she found it fit not to take into confidence her party’s 17 MPs that the region sent so that she could continue to rule over India.
This is the best time to revisit Narendra Modi’s first question to Sonia Gandhi — what efforts were made to arrive at a consensus within the party? Clearly zilch! Sonia Gandhi’s open contempt and disdain is baffling people here.This is one of the most prominent reasons as to why the people of the State are furious at Sonia Gandhi (and by extension the entire Gandhi clan).
The two types of angry people
1. Those who do not want to divide the State. The nameless agitators who are out in the streets in
thousands (yes, you heard that right — THOUSANDS) do not want to split the State at all. These nameless folks belong to various NGO’s — are students belonging to various colleges, Government employees, various forums advocating a united State. These people are the ones calling for bandhs. They are the agitators who are holding up highways and bringing down statues of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.
The intensity of the agitation and the bandhs have been quite severe. The intensity might come down soon, for many people are being put to difficulties (there is a limit to how much people will bear with non-plying buses and trains!). However, the anger might also manifest in other forms of protest — something similar to protests by people of Telangana earlier.
One Congress Minister was apparently confused as to why the statues of these two leaders was being burnt down when they have been strong advocates of a united State! Clearly, these congress leaders have not kept up with the times!
2. Those who demand more clarity on the bifurcation. Those who are resigned to the fact that the split is inevitable are totally lost on the modalities of the split. They are hurt and angry that Sonia Gandhi is leaving open many loose ends and is not making an attempt to clear this confusion. Political leaders want to ensure that no “injustice” is done to the Seemandhra region — but they have no clue how to do it! State Government employees are angry that they are being left in the lurch in this entire process.
The lingering concern about how the concept of a common capital will work is uppermost in the minds of folks in Hyderabad. The Telangana JAC petioned the State BJP unit to demand that the Congress in Parliament give better clarity on this aspect too!
The anger of these people is open to see in TV studios (a powerful medium in AP). How can Sonia Gandhi make such an important decision in such a secretive manner? How can the Congress led by her not give enough clarification on various aspects?
The continuing drama of resignations
Meanwhile, elected representatives of various parties are having to face the wrath of the nameless agitators. Especially the Ministers and MLAs of the Congress. In an attempt to be seen bowing down to the pressure from people, 26 MLAs, 13 Ministers and 10 MLCs have announced that they will resign.
Out of these 26 MLAs, 16 have given their resignations to PCC Chief, thereby making sure the gesture is little more than symbolic. Eight have gone to the Speaker to submit directly, but the Speaker was not available. Two have apparently faxed their resignations (please note that these numbers are appearing differently in the media. All we know for sure is that eight of them went to the Speaker.

Seven to eight Ministers out of 13 went to meet the Chief Minister. An hour later, the remaining folks joined the meeting. The meeting lasted for a whopping four and a half hours — after which only 4 Ministers have confirmed their resignations! As usual, various leaks to various media outlets happened. The Ministers who have decided to stay put are doing so because they want to “fight effectively” for the rights of Seemandhra people! Apparently, the Chief Minister and the PCC chief advocated this stance — this is inevitable, so let’s stay and ensure that no ‘injustice’ is done! The confidence that the higher echelons of AP Congress have in the Delhi high command is awe-inspiring!
It is now being said that there will be a bigger meeting of the Seemandhra CLP on Saturday and a better course of action will be decided!
It was also being mentioned that 15 TDP MLAs will be resigning. The TDP politburo is meeting today. More clarity is expected on these resignations after the meeting is over. Out of the 175 MLAs, about 80 have either resigned or have shown inclination to resign.
The latest word is that some MPs and Central Ministers will also resign, but we have to wait till the end of the day to get more clarity on this.
The depressing lack of communication from leaders
The most worrisome aspect in the last 65 hours is the woeful communication of the Andhra Pradesh Government. It is a given that Sonia Gandhi has taken the people for granted and has decided not to communicate.
The baffling aspect is that the Chief Minister of AP is yet to communicate with the people of the state – he has not come on TV and explained to the people why the state he is incharge of is going to be split; how he plans to help us tide over this crisis; why it is important to realise this is inevitable.
All we keep hearing is that Digvijay Singh releasing some random statements. Frankly, no one here cares about what Digvijay Singh says or thinks – he is a non-entity for the people of AP. The people need to hear their Chief Minister or their Prime Minister to reassure them. Nothing of that sort has happened yet. If this doesn’t happen within the next 24 hours, people will have one more reason to get angry!
Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde spoke yesterday to the Press and no one ended up wiser than before. He tells us that it typically takes eight to nine months to carve out a new State but they hope to speed this up to 6 months. Amidst this acrimony, it is really baffling to believe how they will complete this process? Does the Sonia Gandhi-led Congress know something that we mere mortals don’t? Or are they as clueless as ever? Only time will tell!
PS: The Situation is so bad in Andhra Pradesh that the CM and most Ministers skipped Iftar hosted by the Governor of AP. I will say it again. Congress people skipped IFTAR!

Congress continues to leak ...

The following article was written for Niti Central. Pasting is below for reference:
Yesterday, we mentioned that the Congress has put a full stop to its leaks on Telangana. It turns out that we were wrong. Last evening, sources belonging to the department of leaks told CNN-IBN that “options of including Kurnool, Anantpur in Telangana have been kept open”. There really seems to be no end to the dangerous games that Sonia Gandhi-led Congress is playing.
Let’s take a look at what happened in Andhra Pradesh since July 31.
Results of 3rd and final phase of Panchayat poll

Panchayat polls were held this month. They were delayed by two years for various reasons. The third and final phase was held on Wednesday. The results were out by the night. The Congress and TDP have evenly split the honours — going by 99 per cent of the media reports. The one per cent media – Sakshi TV however, has a different take (not unexpected because it is owned by Jagan Mohan Reddy).
Elections to the Panchayat are not held along party lines. Hence the number of panchayats won by various parties vary. Most of the media though, has placed near equal numbers for both the Congress and the TDP (absolute numbers vary). However, there is another uniform opinion that since these elections take place under the aegis of local issues and local politics, we can’t read too much into them.
For example, the TRS has drawn a blank this election. Given the situation right now, it would be impossible for an outsider to believe so!
The situation in Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra
Rayalaseema, Coastal Andhra continue to burn
The unthinkable has happened in Andhra Pradesh. The State, which is generally known to revere the Gandhi family, the State where most of the Government schemes are named either after Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi, the State that Sonia Gandhi takes for granted, was witness to the vandalising of the statues of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi!
It was not vandalisation in the dead of the night. These incidents occurred in broad daylight. First the protesters threw slippers at the statue of Rajiv Gandhi and then they set fire to two statues of Indira and Rajiv. Rajiv Gandhi’s statue was brought down at another centre. Such is the anger that has permeated into Seemandhra.
Before the announcement was made, most Congress leaders (Ministers, MLAs and MPs) had announced that they will resign if an announcement favouring Telangana was made. Many of them are yet to resign, and therefore, have invited the wrath of the agitators. They are directly questioning why these leaders are still silent! These leaders plan to meet at 7 pm on Thursday to announce further course of action. We wait till then.
Meanwhile, most parts of Rayalaseema and Andhra remain shut down on Thursday. Shops, schools, other establishments will remain closed.
The situation in Telangana
There is no change in either the celebrations or the caution being advised. Given that the department of leaks is still active, people are still wary about how the whole process will go through. It is also raining quite heavily in the State, putting a leash on victory rallies.
Rayalaseema, Coastal Andhra continue to burn
Telangana Congress leaders have started telling people that though the State will be divided, the Telugu people will stay united. They tell us that Telugu speaking people are mentally united always. There were no takers for this bunk being peddled by these leaders. After demanding vociferously for the split, such rhetoric is cutting no ice.
The reaction of leaders and political parties

Sonia Gandhi has made no attempts to talk to the people yet. Apparently, she told Congress supporters to “sell the idea of Telangana aggresively”. Why doesn’t she come out and try to assuage people’s fears and feelings is beyond the understanding of the aam admi.
It has been nearly 40 hours since the CWC announcement was made (as of this writing), the Chief Minister is yet to address the people of the State. It is quite telling that a part of the State has been shut down. This silence only compounds matter further. This silence is becoming more inexplicable by the passing hour!
Chandrababu Naidu spoke to the Press, stating that he will not talk politics for now, but demanded clarity on a variety of aspects. He wanted a definite time-frame defined for the entire process. He also demanded that the Centre allot at least Rs 4 lakh crore to build a new capital. The TDP politbureau will meet on the August 2 and more clarity will emerge from the party then. For now, it looks like he has been able to keep his house in order.
MIM has demanded that the entire process be completed in 122 days! 122 because it will coincide with January 1! MIM also wants prominence for Urdu in the new State of Telangana (whatever that means !).
The confusion about the process continues
Employees of the State secretariat who belong to Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra have taken out a rally demanding clarity on what their status will be? Will they be asked to leave? How will they be working under the concept of a common capital? Who will guarantee protection of their rights? These and many other questions were posed by them, and quite rightly so!
Various newspapers have started providing in their inputs on resource-sharing. They have put out current statistics on the state of various resources (water, land, power, debts etc). Parallel discussions have begun since many believe that this time there is no going back on the split. Most of the discussions though, are based on a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.
There is also news that Thursday’s Cabinet meeting might not discuss Telangana at all! If so, another dirty game of the Congress will be exposed!
The genius Digvijay Singh tweeted saying that the settlers in Hyderabad have nothing to worry about. The word settlers is so demeaning. By this logic, is it fair to call Digvijay Singh a settler in Delhi? This genius also tweeted that Seemandhra people should be happy because they have huge gas resources and therefore, have the potential to become an electricity surplus State. Really? Then pray, why has AP been facing such a great power crisis all these years?
This is the level of discourse from the Congress to assuage the fears of the people of the State. Tweet saying gas resources are huge and therefore there is no reason to worry! Instead of playing caretaker and ensuring that a proper discourse is put in place, the Congress continues with its old tricks of compounding the confusion.
Unfortunately, the outlook for today is also very gloomy. Let’s wait and see how the day pans out.
(Photo courtesy: Eenadu newspaper)

The day after..

The following article was written for Niti Central. Pasting it here for reference:
Putting a full stop to continuous leaks (most of which turned out to be duds), the Congress has finally announced its support for a separate State of Telangana.
Chief spokesperson of the Congress, Ajay Maken read out the resolution and General Secretary-in-charge of Andhra Pradesh, Digvijay Singh, took questions from the media and explained how the whole process would be carried out. We will discuss this in the latter part of this article. First let’s take a look at the situation in the State a day after the announcement was made.
The situation in Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra
One point is being overwhelmingly made by many people (the famed aam admi) on TV — “Sonia Gandhi did this only to make her son Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister“. One can’t blame them for such strong opinions, for the leaks department of Congress has leaked to the Press that one of the major factors in deciding for Telangana is electoral considerations. It aims to sweep the Telangana region, thereby minimising the loss it would have otherwise accrued from AP.
As anticipated, there is a near-total shutdown in both the Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra regions. Most of the protest rallies are being led by either NGOs or forums that favour a united state. The politicians are yet to come into the picture (in 2009, when PC announced the formation of Telangana, political leaders resigned within hours). One of the reasons political leaders are yet to get involved fully is the third and final phase of elections for panchayats is happening today. There might be other reasons, and they will become clearer if their participation doesn’t pick up in the next 3-4 days.
The situation in Telangana
Quite obviously, there is jubilation everywhere at this decision by the Congress. Sycophants from the Congress have already started praising Sonia Gandhi sky high.
But along with widespread happiness at Tuesday’s development, there is abundant caution being expressed too. All the proponents of Telangana are advising to wait till the Bill passes in the Parliament — only then is the process complete.
The TRS president KCR has demanded more clarity on the modalities of how the common capital will work. He is also open to merging with the Congress once the Bill passes in the Parliament. Until then, no political decision will be made.
Strangely, the victorious smiles were missing when Congress Ministers from Telangana addressed a Press conference last night. Perhaps they are wary about the long process ahead — there is a lot of pressure on them to push through the various stages in an amicable fashion.

The reaction of various political parties
The TDP has merely said that it will wait for an announcement from GoI because what was announced last night was merely a party decision. The CPI and CPI(M) have reacted with caution. The Congress is pretty much clueless — one of their spokespersons has called this resolution a “terrorist act”!
The YSRCP is also clueless on how to react. We are yet to hear anything from the top echelons of that party. The TRS is happy but will wait till the Bill is passed in Parliament before making any further move. The BJP welcomed it, but Narendra Modi’s letter clearly signals that they will focus on exposing the Congress on mishandling this situation. The MIM, which is a very strong proponent of an united State, is yet to speak (as of this writing).
Oddly though, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Kiran Kumar Reddy has not yet spoken to the people of the state (at the time of writing this piece). On a lighter note, a fellow tweeter commented that he is merely following the MMS model!
The entire process
Tuesday’s Press conference was supposed to be a Congress announcement, but Digvijay Singh took it upon himself to explain the entire administrative process that will be carried out. The whole process involved two references to the Assembly: One at the beginning of the process and the other after various modalities are worked out. At both points of time, Digvijay Singh has made it abundantly clear that only the opinion of the Assembly is sought and the result of any vote is not of any relevance.
So, the actual opinion of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly is not binding on the Government of India — even if the opinion is against the very premise of the recommendation — the splitting up of the State. One wonders why even bother asking the Assembly then?
One of the most bizzarre stages of this entire saga is that the Congress (and in all probability the Government of India) has not yet decided on the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. They now wish to buy 10 years of time to let people fight and decide on this.
The operative part of the entire process is the setting up of a Group of Ministers to decide on various modalities like planning for a capital city, resource-sharing (revenue, water, capital for 10 years) etc. It is totally unclear at this point of time how the Congress plans to achieve an agreement in the middle of the acrimony mentioned above!
As Narendra Modi has pointed out in his letter, the Congress has made no attempts to bring about a uniform opinion within their party itself! And when the time comes up for discussions on these important issues, infighting within the Congress will only kill the discussions!
If there is no consensus, will the Government of India still go ahead with the split? If not, how does it want to tackle the issue? No clue yet.
Some newspapers have suggested that it will take a minimum of 215 days to get this done. Apparently, Ghulam Nabi Azad said that they can complete it within 180 days (another of those leaks!). Hundred and eighty days mean six months. Elections to AP Asembly are due in nine months. Under such duress, how does the Congress plan to make the process smooth? No clue yet!