Monday, August 5, 2013

Shun the violence

The following article was written for Niti Central. Pasting it below for reference:
Over the weekend, there was no respite from the continuous protests against Sonia Gandhi's decision to bifurcate the state. We are into Day 6 and there really does not seem to be any end in sight.
Buses are not being allowed to leave from a majority of depots, in 13 districts of the state. RTC buses plying within city/town limits are being routinely stoned - thereby causing severe inconvenience to passengers.
Many a time, highways are being blocked thereby causing massive traffic jams on the highways. At times, government office buildings are being stoned too, thereby causing loss of property.
It is our honest appeal that these kind of violent forms of struggle are shunned, so as to not inconvenience those people who have genuine needs to travel and trade. Ordinarily the CM of the state needs to ensure that essential services like buses, trains etc are not disrupted beyond a reasonable amount of time. Since 6 days, we are witness to this spectacle of near absent governance, and hence are forced to make this appeal to the protesters - please at least allow the buses to ply.
Last evening, the AP Non-Gazetted Officers association has given a strike call from the midnight of 12th August (of all elected representatives don't resign) - we are now in the danger of seeing a replica of the 46 day strike that Telangana govt employees resorted to, in 2011 - the state was put through severe hardships because of this. Hopefully the AP CM will step in to avoid another such severe inconvenience to the people. Or are we hoping against hope?


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How Sanjiv Bhatt’s lies were nailed

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