Sunday, June 20, 2010

That's all, your honour! :June 13-19

1. When inflation reached double digits in 2008, we were told that it was the effect of global problems and it will come down soon. It did. Infact it went into negative percentages in 2009, and that's when most of us were confused (read here for the doubts then!). Despite it going down to that levels, prices were never really in control. And then the inflation started increasing again, and it has again reached double digits, and now the Finance Minister says it is a "matter of concern" and the predicted good monsoon should stabilise the inflation. You see, this is all very confusing! If it is all about global factors, then why is the inflation swinging like a pendulum, instead of maintaining consistency (high or low)? How come food inflation is consistently at 17-19% over the last 2 years, and yet the overall inflation is swinging so much? If there is something we can do to control it rather than saying that it is a "matter of concern", then what exactly are we doing? Or like this editorial says, monsoons won't matter? All questions, answers very difficult to find! Sigh.

2. After more than 2 months, the
Manipur Blockade has been partially lifted! One of the groups that have caused this blockade, the Naga Students Federation, has agreed to lift the seige following the Central Government's intervention. Another group, All Naga Students Association Manipur, is however still adamant on continuing it's blockade. The Central government has decided to send in trucks with essential items, and these trucks will be escorted by paramilitary forces. The problem though is not fully solved, because of the adamant stands taken by the warring groups. As always, who suffer? The common man/woman.

3. The Bhopal story is still dominating the headlines. The planning commission released Rs.982 crores to the Madhya Pradesh governement. It was first played out as if the Planning Commission went out of it's way to give this amount. It was then revealed that the state government asked for this amount in 2008 itself. Next is some
revelations by the then Foriegn Secretary. The blame was tried to put on P.V.Narasimha Rao, the then Home Minister. In the meanwhile, the Group of Ministers headed by PC, have met multiple times this week, and are trying to increase the compensation to the victims. Plus also they wish to re-open the extradition case apparently. Let's wait for their finally recommendations, and then discuss more next week. And finally the national english Media has started talking about the climbdown on the compensation amount by the Rajiv Gandhi government in 1989!

4. And here's the yawwnn moment of the week. India submitted another dossier to Pakistan. This dossier contains replies to the six dossiers submitted by Pakistan to us. This has been submitted on the eve of the Foriegn Secretaries meet. Yep, that's right, they are going to meet. What they are going to talk is still suspense! That's all, your honour!


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