Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Circus of Ranks...

Just when we are getting ready to welcome a pleasant rainy season, we, in Andhra Pradesh, have been reminded today this season is also the season of results in the state! Every year, it is the same story. No sooner are the results released, we have "estemeed" institutions releasing massive ads in newspapers and TV's. We have Directors waxing eloquent on how their "programs" ensure such results. They use slogans, which they assume are very catchy, but don't realise that they are instead funny!

Now wait a minute - has anyone bothered to ask them what percentage of students from their institutes got "benefitted" from those programs? So, we see a handful of rank holders and then gloat over their achievement? For every handful of rankers these institutes churn out, there are many many more student's lives that these same institutes destroy through their "programs"...Have we ever bothered to interview the students who have been made to go through hell and are now left to their fate? Did we ever bother to question the institutes as to why they charge so hefty fees, and yet cannot guarantee that the kid goes out happily from the institute?

We will never know. The worst thing to have happened to Higher Education in Andhra Pradesh is the farcial "programs" these institutes churn out; the devastating effect these "programs" have on the psyche of students is worth investigating, but we will never know. The circus of ranks will go on, while thousands stand disadvantaged.


Stella said...

I am reminded of one of your first few articles I read on teacher-student "relationship" if at all there ever was or is or will be one!

Either ways we cannot leave the role of parents out of this...

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