Sunday, June 27, 2010

That's all, Your Honour! : June 20-26

1. "The world over governments through their price support programmes, consisting of assured minimum prices and subsidies, encourage the cultivation of specific crops that are in short supply or are environment friendly." So basically any government is expected to announce it's minimum support prices before the crop season begins so that farmers can decide, right? Now, take a guess as to when our agricultural ministry, headed by Shri Sharad Pawar, announced the fresh set of MSP's? One week after the monsoon's arrived! This is just one of his many many screw-ups at the Agricultural ministry, yet he stays! This editorial in The Hindu is a must read to understand the whole pricing stuff better.

2. The government has
increased the prices of Petrol and Diesel this week. It has also decided to deregulate the prices of petrol, which means government will no more decide on the prices unless the international market is very volatile. As far as I understand, the oil companies will decide on pricing every 15 days based on the international situation. By the way, the current increase in prices will ensure that the government's coffers will fill with money needed for it's social welfare schemes. It will also ensure that the inflation will go up much further. Don't you guys see a pattern? The "social welfare" schemes of the government are actually burdening the tax payer more and more every year? Revenue through taxes and price increases is how the government is running it's schemes, burdening the working middle class.... good economics? That too, with a economist PM at the helm?

3. Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan met in Islamabad this week. Yawwnn. 2 days later Home Minister P. Chidambaram met his counterpart Rehman Mallik. yawwwnnn. PC asked for the same things (voice samples, stronger action on 26/11 suspects etc). Rehman Mallik answered the same things (we will "consider", "look into"). yaawnnnn. Next week, Shri S.M.Krishna, the Foriegn Minister, is going to Islamabad. YAWWWNN.

4. Like
the editorial truly states, this is the most bizzarre indictment for a "crime", EVER. 6 Italian Scientists and one government official could face charges of manslaughter for failing to predict..... a earthquake! That's right - for failing to predict an earthquake!!! That's all, your honour!


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