Sunday, June 13, 2010

That's all, Your honour!:June 6-12

1. Zee Telugu runs a dance reality show "Aata". Last two seasons of this show had kids as participants in this. This year, winners of last year have been included as "mentors" of teams, and one should watch an episode of this show to realise how disgusting it is to see children fight like that, talk like that of fellow kids and more importantly the quality of dances is definetely not of those that "promote talent". The State Human Rights Commission has decided to ban the show for the debilitating effect it has on children's health and also because of the obscenity involved in it.

2. The most abused term in the government seems to be GoM - Group of Ministers. At times, these Group of Minister are also "empowered" to take decisions, thereby making it a eGoM. Any issue that comes to the notice of the government, a GoM is formed. There are about 40 of them now. Most of them are headed by Pranab Mukherjee. Right from the Telangana issue to the latest caste census, these GoM's take care of everything. They are also formed when incompetent ministers are allowed to head departments. For example, A.Raja was responsible for the 2G spectrum scam. The solution this government came up with - have a eGoM to decide on 3G. A. Raja can still stay as the minister though. Sharad Pawar is busy with cricket and has no time for agriculture - what do we do - have a GoM to handle the price rise issue. And the latest GoM to be formed (technically reconstituted) is the Bhopal GoM. It was headed previously by Arjun Singh (yes, the same guy who was CM when the tragedy happened), and is now headed by Chidambaram! By the way, do you want to take a guess as to how many times the Telangana GoM headed by Pranab met? Zero! Without a single meeting, the government decided to grant Telangana. Wonder what purpose these groups serve at all !

3. There were some major anchors who were trying to tell us we were not powerful enough in 1984 to stand upto the American pressure. Fine, for a moment we will buy that argument. What about now then?? We still cannot stand upto the American pressure, does that make us as "powerless" as before? The government diluted the
Nuclear Liablity bill even further. This came into light last week, when The Hindu broke this news story. Not one explanation (leave a satisfying one) has come forth from the government on any issue related to this Nuclear Liability Bill. Powerful, anyone?

4. Ladies and Gentlemen - Presenting
to you "Kerala State Development Corporation For Christian Converts from Scheduled Castes and the Recommended Communities Ltd.". What does it do? The Kerala government waives loans upto Rs.25,000 taken from the government!!! That's all, your honour!


CodeNameV said...

Finally! Some action on the stupid TV talent hunt show. I hope this will act as a deterrent to other TV shows which are as bad!

Chandu said...

I really hope they ban it!

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