Sunday, April 15, 2012

That's all, Your Honour!: April 8-14

The first two topics this week are something on which I wanted some more time to collate thoughts and write in detail. Hence, will only passingly mention them. Hopefully will get to blog about them soon! Moving on to other happenings this week... 

1. The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Right to Education Act and has also upheld the government's rule that says minority institutions are exempt from this act. More on this topic later. 

2. Also this week, 23 people were convicted in the case of post-Godhra riots. 23 others were acquitted. The Special Investigation Team set up by the Supreme Court to investigate another massacre during that time has found the Chief Minister, Narendra Modi as not guilty. More on this topic too, later. 

3. Yet again, leaders of India and Pakistan met this week! This time though, India requested Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari to accomodate a meeting with the Prime Minister during his planned private trip to Ajmer dargha. Such is our desperation to talk with Pakistan that we want to grab every available opportunity, even if the other side is not as willing. And just so that we don't feel too much outraged, the media has been fed with stories like these - the PM bought up Hafiz Saeed's case "upfront"! So what was the crying need to meet Zardari for 40 minutes? What was the crying need to arrange a lavish lunch for him? On the day, the talks happened, it looked as if nothing had yielded. And then slowly we began to see what these talks actually resulted in. India has apparently decided to open the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) gate for companies in Pakistan! While trade is good, how are we going to ensure that someone like Hafiz Saeed will not open a benami company and "invest" in India? Apparently "encouraged" by Pakistan's "pro-active steps" in improving trade, the Indian government will now further look at increasing the list of traded items too. Now the visit of the President makes a lot of sense - we wanted to get trade going. Leaders of this government and multiple commentators in the media never tire of telling us that the post Godhra riots in Gujarat should never be forgotten. The same guys also emphatically want us to move on from the multiple terror attacks perpetrated from the Pakistani soil. Some consistency these people maintain! 

4. Did you know that this UPA government still believes that there is no scam in the 2G spectrum sale? This week, this UPA cabinet okayed a Presidential reference to the Supreme Court. In this, the UPA government (technically the President is asking these questions but in reality President just acts on the advice of the cabinet) wants the SC to clarify about all spectrum allocated since 1994 !! The UPA government still continues to peddle lies that Raja merely followed the policy of earlier governments. While the name First Come First Serve (FCFS) did not change, Raja and the UPA government arbitrarily changed many by-laws thus making it totally different from originally envisaged FCFS. However, as is the norm with this government, the continue to peddle lies. Read this brilliant article in The Hindu which exposes many more such lies that are being peddled shamelessly by this government. 


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