Sunday, April 22, 2012

That's all, your honour!: April 15-21

1. India successfully test fired nuclear capable Agni-5 missile this week. This missile was entirely designed by DRDO and has a range of more than 5000 kms. With this launch, India is now just one of the five countries that have the inter continental ballistic missile technology. The mission was flawless and more details can be read here

2. In another dastardly act, Maoists kidnapped a district collector in Chattisgarh. Mr. Alex Paul Menon was kidnapped after his two security guards were killed by these murderous Maoists. Mr. Menon was meeting villagers in tribal areas when the kidnapping happened. Maoists in Odisha recently kidnapped (and released) two Italian hostages. They are still holding a MLA as hostage. And now, after killing the innocent security guards, these people have kidnapped a serving officer of the government too. Sadly, none of the commentary in the mainstream media is condemning these murderous actions by the Maoists. When a Maoist is arrested/killed, we see pages of articles writing how the State is denouncing human rights etc etc. But when these folks resort to murder most humiliating, then no one speaks or writes against them. Why, your honour? Just what explains this silence? 


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