Monday, April 2, 2012

Copying their reporting style...

Inspired by how NDTV framed this report, I am making an attempt to write a similar report on the recent blows to Congress in Andhra Pradesh :). The NDTV link is just one such example. Many channels/newspapers follow the same template. Following is the report.

Bad news all around for Sonia Gandhi and the Congress party. In a big blow to their government in Andhra Pradesh, the CAG has unearthed a multicrore scam in which it was claimed that undue benefit worth Rs. 1,784 crores were given to private parties that were close to former congress Chief Minister Y.S.Rajashekhar Reddy. This report was tabled on the last day of the budget session of the assembly. The opposition parties claimed that they stand vindicated by this report. The opposition has been continously fighting with the Congress government over large scale corruption charges. 

In a further blow and dent to the congress party, the CBI has filed a chargesheet and named Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy, son of former CM, late Y.S.Rajashekhar Reddy as accused number 1 in a disproportionate assets case. CBI investigated this case based on directions from the High Court. CBI has also included the names of 12 other people/firms in their chargesheet filed two days back at the Nampally court. The CBI has accused Mr.JaganMohan Reddy of misusing his father's office to get undue benefits. The CBI also implied that officials were pressurised by none other than the then CM. 

Just a couple of weeks earlier, in another body blow to the congress party, the Supreme Court has issued notices to 6 ministers of Andhra Pradesh asking them to explain the reason behind issuing 26 GO's during YSR's time. These 26 GO's have benefitted companies that are close to YSR's family. It is widely believed that YSR was given a free hand to run the administration in AP by Sonia Gandhi. Many analysts believe that Sonia Gandhi has turned a blind eye to this looting by YSR and the congress party, and is now having to face the heat. 

PS: For the record, following are the news links on NDTV for the above mentioned three recent cases. 1 (note that this is a PTI report. search yielded only this link), 2 and 3


Anil Kohli said...

Dear Sudhir,

Great one. Payback in same coin will hurt the media even more.

This is an interesting way I think more & more blogger should use media's own format for blogging.

Thank you

prashhanthkpp said...

Hahaha, a fitting acrimony.

Barkha Dutt should get a copy of this too!!!

Great fun!

Unknown said...

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