Sunday, September 27, 2009

So many points, so little time! : Sep.20-26

  1. In this era of dynasty politics, here's one son completely damaging the intellect of his late father. It's ok to be stupid, but I wonder what kind of a person always wants to be seen as stupid in full public glare? And that too, if that person happens to be Pramod Mahajan's son. I was a big fan of the late Pramod Mahajan, and it irritates me to see this joker Rahul participate in non-descript reality shows and make a fool out of himself. His latest venture being a new Swayamvar show. And he is following the footsteps of another joker – Rakhi Sawant! Comon Rahul, we don't expect you to follow the footsteps of your father, but atleast stop creating this ruckus over reality shows. That is the least you can do.
  2. Speaking of Dynasty politics, President Pratibha Patil's son was given a Congress ticket for the Maharashtra assembly elections. His contender was the present two-time MLA who is also a state minister. And then this guy tells us that his mother's position had nothing to do with the ticket, and it is his own "hard work" that earned him this ticket. Yeah right, we believe you dude. Recently, the son-in-law of the Chief Justice of India was given a ticket in Kerala elections, and now even the President's office has been dragged into these electoral politics. There is no other insitution still left to be damaged now. Great going, Congress!

  3. This Santhanam guy doesn't show any signs of retiring from his rhetoric. He says in this article, that the yield of the Hydrogen bomb was 25kiloton and not 45 kiloton as we advertised and therefore the test is a failure. Also, he says that anyway we will need bombs that can give us yield of 150-350 kiloton, so we need to retest! So, his contention that we got it wrong even with our measuring instruments! This after, so many scientists have come up with point to point rebuttals of his stupid claims. On a lighter note, if the least we need is 150kiloton yield, how does it matter if the test yielded 25kt or 50kt? It is ridiculously difficult to believe that we would have misled the world in such drastic manner with regard to the yield. If he is saying, we lied, then he should also say where was the decision taken to lie too. It is not a small accusation he is making, and therefore he needs to substantiate a lot of his claims before bombarding us with his logic!

  4. Cynicism seems to have become a way of our life now. NASA announces that its Image Mapper, aboard Chandrayan-1, found traces of water on the moon. Almost immediately, the cynics started to say that it the US instrument that found it, so we do not have anything to do with it! Well, how about this – our spacecraft took it up there! And then poor ISRO guys had to also explain that our devices also found traces much before the Image Mapper, but had to wait till confirmation had to come. It is indeed a matter of pride that space collaboration has increased so well amongst countries, and we are also in the forefront of such discoveries, so why not keep the cynicism aside for a bit, and enjoy the success?

  5. The centre has launched a new ad-war against the Maoists! Interesting, isn't it? Right now, they placed full page ads in all major national dailies with photos of people who were tortured/killed by Maoists. And thent they realised that those who read these papers care the least about such ads! And so, the next step is to place ads in the local newspapers too. And then maybe they will realise that those actually affected by this violence probably don't read these newspapers too, and even if they do, they are not going to change their opinion. And so, we will be back to the strategy that has yielded best results in AP – eliminate them!


Teja said...

I always had this question...why can't we use air power available at the Air Force disposal to get rid of these guys instead of ground attacks? Is it not much easier with less loss of police life?

Arun said...

Placing ads in English dailies is a waste of tax payer money. They need to channel their message through vernacular press.

I, Me, Myself ! said...

Teja - The Maoists function from very dense jungles. It is next to impossible to use air force to eliminate them. We still don't have the technology to see through the trees and bomb them. And the other danger is that if you bomb them, the ecology of the forest will also get damaged. Though that might be off little concern, but it still will be one of the considerations to take note off. Ground forces are the best way to combat this menace. AP was successfull, and now other states are following suit, so we might see tangible results soon.

Arun - Agree with you that this is a waste of tax payer and I bet not one reader might have changed his opinion (for or against) about Naxalism after looking at it. Vernacular media readers might atleast talk about it, but I even doubt how much influence it will actually have in shaping public opinion. In my view, the whole thing is a waste of tax payer's money.

- Sudhir

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