Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alternate title?

When Roger Federer was leading 5-4 in the second set, and was the score was 30-30, I got this idea for the title of the blog – "New Mom and New Dad create New History". And then it happened! Del Potro challeneged a line call, and his challenge was upheld. Federer did not like the decision, got distracted and lost that game! It has happened many times before that a single point changed the face of the whole game, and for this game this was it. If you watched the match, you would have observed the sagging body language of Del Potro till that point of time (even when he challenged the point), and then it all changed in a moment!

Del Potro went on to win that set in the tie-breaker, and then gave a very tough fight in the next two sets too. With the crowd backing him up so well, his spirits were at an all time high in the 5th set and it showed very well in the set. Federer was at his worst in the 5th set, even bringing back the memories of his disastrous 5th set in the Australian Open.

And so now I did not know what title to have for this blog, and hence that name :D. History was still created though, and how! Del Potro beat both Nadal and Federer to win this title! I am sure that must have been the dream of many many tennis players in the world, and Del Potro realised this dream. He is the first player to have beaten Federer in a Grand Slam Final other than Nadal. And so finally, the players of the world are beginning to crack the Federer Puzzle J.

Kim Clijsters created history by becoming the first mom to win the US Open title. Her comeback story will surely be made into a movie one day! To retire from the game, give birth to a kid, then decide to comeback to tennis, and almost immediately to go on and win US Open – can you get a better script than this?

Also, I am a fan of Leander Paes and it gave me extra pleasure to see him win too! Incidentally, even when they won the French Open, they lost the first set, only to bounce back in the next two sets.

So, thus ends the US Open and welcome to new championsJ.


Anonymous said...

Belgium Mom, Indian DAD & Argentine Son create HISTORY

Arun said...

Even the doubles final was changed by a single point - a Leander return of Mark Knowles serve in the second set rejuvenated the eventual winners and turned around a game they were losing.

Sandeep said...

Alternate title??

Numero Uno !!!!

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