Sunday, September 20, 2009

So many points, so little time! : Sep.13-19

1. From when has it become wrong to have a sense of humour in politics? How come, we are making such a big fuss about a remark that was just made in jest? Kanchan Gupta asks Sashi Tharoor if he will travel by "cattle class" the next time he goes to Kerala. Cattle class is another term used to describe economy class in our aircrafts for the manner in which all passengers are herded together in minimal space. Shashi Tharoor replies that he will surely travel in the cattle class in absolute solidarity with all the holy cows. Now, how can we miss the sense of humour in it? What is so insensitive about it? Those who actually travel "cattle class" are not offended, then why is Jayanti Natrajan, Ashok Gehlot et al. making such a big issue. Grow up people, a bit of wit doesn't do any damage to us, so save your diatribes for some other meaningful issue.

2. Speaking of humour, this whole austerity drive initiated by Congress is such a big joke. What are we achieving by saving peanuts? With whom does Madam want to express her solidarity by travelling economy class? The people who travel economy class do not want solidarity, but some action to reduce prices. The people who cannot afford to travel, your aam aadmi, never even bothers which class you travel, so what is this whole drama about? A voluntary donation of part of salary made a lot of sense, but then when you decide to strech this to comical levels, the whole purpose of "expressing solidarity" becomes nothing but a farce.

3. So, Pakistan arrested Hafiz Saeed. Do you people see a pattern here? Whenever the time nears for a dialogue, Pakistan takes some action, only to withdraw it later. Before Zardari met our PM, a similar farce was played out. Later, just before, Gilani met our PM, again the same - some dossier was given. And now when the forgiegn secretaries might meet in New York, this happens! Whom does Pak think it is fooling? The PM himself has said this week that infiltrations have increased from across the borders and the Home Minister, like all of us, is exasperated with Pak's claims that our dossiers dont contain enough evidence. From one confusion to another, this saga just keeps going on..

4. Speaking of inflitrations, the media hyped up so much about possible Chinese incurssions into our territory, as if a war is indeed going to take place next week! PM has clarified that ours is a long border and at times incursions happen. The ones that happened this year are similar to what happened last year and years before that too. However, our hyper media will neither apologize nor learn from this. It will continue to repeat this again and again for years to come. Reports are that the government might even file FIR's against the 2 TOI reporters for filing the intial reports. They are still figuring out under which IPC they should file the case under!

5. Now, the virus of corruption has spread even to the highest levels of Judiciary. The Chief Justice of Karnataka high court Justice Dinakaran is facing some charges of corruption that have now become the roadblock for him to be promoted to a Judge of the Supreme Court. Time for Judicial reforms people, if not now, then when?!

6. So, finally someone other than Nadal beat Federer in a grand slam final! Argentine Juan Del Potro conjured up some magical tennis to beat both Nadal and Federer to win this title. He just lived the dream of so many tennis players... men's tennis is sure bound to get more interesting now!