Sunday, September 6, 2009

So many points, so little time! : Aug.30-Sep.5

1. The Chief Minister's body did not even reach his Hyderabad residence, and the AP Congress leaders started their internal bickering. It is one thing to demand that YSR's son be made the CM in a fit of emotion. We all can understand that there are die hard fans in the cabinet as well as the MLA's for YSR, and it is but natural that they want Jaganmohan Reddy to become the CM. What however is disgusting to note is that the Chief Whip went about collecting the signatures of MLA's who were ready to propose Jagan's name. And the drama did not stop there. Names of those who apparently refused to sign were selectively leaked, and then those MLA's had to face the embarassing situation of clarifying to the media that they were never approached in the first place. The next day, a minister refuses to be part of a cabinet that is not led by Jagan. Later another MLA declares that they will create law and order problems in the state if Jagan is not made the CM. All this has happened even before the CM was laid to rest. Leave alone waiting till the moruning period is over, the tactics these politicians have resorted to even before the cremation makes one feel ashamed to have elected them in the first place. No wonder, most middle class people have such an aversion to politicians.

2. The normally over enthusiastic media has been very measured in its continous coverage for more than 60 hours, except TV9. Never in the history of the country has there been a 24 hour search for a missing CM, and the local media did its best not to encourage the rumour mongers. Given the sensitivity of the situation, the local media even took more time than the national media to announce the death of the CM. TV9, as its wont, tried to capitalize on a tragedy again. We are all used to the media going overboard on many small issues, but somehow I cannot digest the fact that some of the media continously tries to capitalize on such tragedies too.

3. Tennis history was "created" this week for India. Somdev and Sania Mirza went into the second round of the US open, thus marking it the first time when Indians found representation in the second round of a Grand slam in both men's and women's singles. How Sania lost in the second round is best not discussed: D. However, Somdev can learn a world of good from the experiences of Sania. Sania showed so much promise when she began but slowly fizzled out because of injuries and other activities. It is our earnest hope that Somdev will rise up in the rankings too, but it is very important to keep focussing on the game. The rest will automatically follow.

4. Even before the Force India's celebrations ended, came the news that Fisichella was relieved and was allowed to go join Ferari. It looks like it has been a week of mixed emotions for Force India. However, we should hope that the team as such learnt a lot from the Belgian Grand Prix experience and other drivers will continue to follow suit (in winning for the team, not in leaving it ;-) ).

5. At last, I could find something similar between Japan and India ;-). The Liberal Democratic Party, which lost the latest election in the country, has ruled the country for all but one year since 1955! Nearly 54 years! A la congress in India :D. This time, the main opposition party, the Democratic Party of Japan won the elections with huge majority. Let's only hope that this party will not become like the present BJP!