Thursday, October 1, 2009

Closed, finally?

So the government now decided that there is no case against Ottavio Quattrocchi, more famously known as Q, after about 20 years of dilly dallying in the Bofors case. The other accused in the Bofors scandal are all dead. And now this guy is all set to lead a life without this thing hanging over his head. Not that it really mattered to him, given the support he enjoyed with the ruling establishment, but a relief is still a relief.

And so, now the media will just report this news and ask the people a few questions. Even The Hindu and Indian Express who have pioneered this investigation seem to be exasperated with the disgusting attitude of the government. And then we will all forget. It's ok people. Especially when the higher-ups in the government are involved in corruption, we should not question them. They can play around with law as they wish, but then who are we, mere citizens of the country, to question what the "intelligent" people up there decide to do?