Sunday, October 18, 2009

So many points, so little time! : Oct. 11 - 17

1. Chinese government seems to be free these days. And because an idle man's brain is a devil's workshop, it is coming up with all kinds of statements deriding India. The latest in this series is the most hilarious one so far - China objects strongly to Indian PM's visit to Arunachal. hahaha, our PM visiting a part of our country is causing heart burn to the Chinese! Can you now imagine how much free they are? ;-). Quite expectedly, we told them that Arunachal is a part of India. N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu thinks that we have been very sober in our response and that is a very good thing. His newspaper reported that we also took the intitiative in defusing the crisis. I don't get it; if China is precipitating a crisis, why should we take the initiative in defusing it? Shouldn't it be the other way round? On twitter he wrote:"A sensible, sober response by official India to complications and murkiness in India-China relations:". I didn't quite get it and asked him, "why should response be sober? And why should India take that initiative???" Chief replied thus: "Think realistically, figure it out for yourself." If I could figure it out, why will I bother asking him?!

2. 72% of Arunachal Pradesh voted in the assemble elections. Gadricholi district in Maharashtra, which recently saw a police party being ambushed, saw about 60% of polling. Do you want to take a guess, how much percentage of Mumbai voted? 45%. Yes, just 45%. An abysmal 45%. It is a shame on the collective intelligence of the those who haven't voted that they keep quiet with so much injustice happening around. This was your time to wake up and come to vote - you just lost another opportunity.

3. Lahore Court quashes cases against Hafiz Saaed. Wow! That is news. Wait, but isn't it something similar to what we have been hearing from about an year?! Ohh yeah. They don't have enough evidence. And we are giving them a 7th dossier now, with more evidence. I don't understand this, do Pakistanis really want us to believe that there is absolutely no evidence in the 7 dossiers?! And speaking of those attacks, anybody heard of Ajmal Kasab recently? Wonder what's happening on that front?

4. Maldives cabinet decided to meet underwater! And they did it too. Quite exciting, right? They all went underwater, signed an attendance sheet, probably discussed how different life is in there and came out! On a serious note, they did this to emphasize the fact that Maldives is going to sink soon because of global warming effects and therefore the need to preerve it is very important. Perhaps, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama can quickly act on Climate Change now.

5. Pakistan saw two more bombings this week. Unfortunate that civilians lose their lives for the fantasies of their leaders. And even today, their leaders are not ready to accept that they have egg all over their face. They are still hiding from the truth - evident from their lenient attitude towards Hafiz Saaed.
6. Oops, I almost forgot. Rahul Gandhi has said that Arunachal is a part of India. Cool. The matter rests now. China is satisfied. We have no reason to worry anymore.