Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So many points, so little time!: Oct. 18-24

1. This blogs favorite Sagarika Ghose is back to form! Vasundhara Raje had to resign this week as the leader of the legislature party of BJP in Rajasthan. And them almost immediately, someone on twitter started tweeting as Vasundhara Raje. Without even bothering to verify whether the account is genuine or not, she writes this. "@VasuRaje hang in there, ma'am.don't think the patriarchs know how to deal with modern women politicians". I am sure she must have celebrated the fact that he got to pontificate again. And then CNN-IBN also ran a story saying Raje is tweeting. And then it was revealed that the account is a fake one! Will Sagarika bother to withdraw her comment? Hang in there, ma'am?!? You really think she was sacked because of being a woman? I mean, what goes on in your mind, Sagarika?!

Ohh, by the way, she also asked this on twitter - "am always shocked at the vicious hatred of me, and other anchors, I find on the net. whats the reason for this hatred from total strangers?"

2. If you were running a party, and your party lost elections in one state, what would you do? You will try to figure out what is wrong there, maybe sack the state level leaders etc. When BJP lost Maharashtra elections, you know what happened? After two months of dilly-dallying, Vasundhara Raje from Rajashtan resigned as the leader of the legislature party!! I mean, could there have been a wronger time to ask for the resignation? And she was asked to resign because of the party's poor showing in Lok Sabha elections in Rajasthan. Wait a minute, but didn't BJP fare badly all over the country? Who will take responsibility for that and resign? I wonder when the BJP realises that it crumbled when in power, and is crumbling further when in opposition. How much more longer before we see some credible leadership in the main opposition party?

3. P. Sainath asked Vilasrao Dehmukh to list five achievements of the Cong- NCP government in Maharashtra. He could not. Sainath said, ok fine, just list one. He could not! That's how bad the government was in that state. Then how come it won? In AP, the opposition vote split and benefitted the Congress. In Maharashtra, the opposition vote split and benefitted the Congress. In Haryana, the opposition vote split and benefitted the Congress. And so the need is for the opposition to unite, which will not happen anyway. One credible opposition party country wide is the need of the hour, but then it now looks like it will take atleast 10 years for that to happen. Until then, it will the Rahul bhajan only.

4. So finally, Jagan Mohan Reddy was told that he will not be made CM of AP. He comes back and holds a press conference. Tells us all that he will abide by Madam's decision and work towards making Rahul G the PM in 2014, because that's what his father wanted. And then he remembered that his father also promised other things, and they are not being implemented. He then tells that he will continue to fight on behalf of the people till those policies are implemented. It doesn't matter that these policies were not implemented while YSR was alive too. And to conclude he warns that whoever is the CM, Rosiah or anyone else, the fight for people's rights will continue. Wow. Instead of co-operating with the government run by his party, he wants to put it in the dock because he is not made the CM. Keep it up, Jagan, for you will be a role model for future aspirants.

5. India's first Woman Grandmaster Koneru Hampi has levelled serious allegations against the Chess authorities. She is losing mental peace because of their high handed behaviour. And the officials are just taking the easy way out, citing some rules. Do we need further proof as to why sports in our country is screwed up?

6. Arundhati Roy is back. I could have quoted her but each line is a gem. Please read the interview here. You will have a good laugh.