Sunday, October 11, 2009

So many points, so little time!: Oct.4-10

1. What is common between Ramalinga Raju and Pak government? Both were riding tigers, not knowing when to get down! hehehe... ok ok excuse me for the PJ. So, Afghan envoy tells US that ISI was behind the blast in our embassy in Kabul. Please note, we did not say this, the Afghans themselves said this. I don't understand this, Pakistan has enough terrorism problems in its own land, why is ISI even bothering to do such things outside? I mean, where do they get the time and inclination to carry out such attacks? On top of that, ISI wants to talk to us directly - yeah right, we will talk about Biryanis and Kababs and everyone goes home. Taliban was fed by Pakistan only, and now it is biting it back. LeT, JuD are also being fed by Pak, but haven't bitten back yet. Let's wait and see when that will happen!

2. These days, actually from the last five years, the Naxalites have decided to throw challenges towards the government. Shivraj Patil was at the helm for most part of the five years and so it is futile to expect anything from him. What, however is disappointing is even today we are still being told that Naxals are the "biggest internal threat", we will do everything in our power to curb it etc. On top of that, we are being told that more money also will be pumped into developmental works. Come on, these people's agenda ceased to be development a long time back. They have just become cold blooded murderers. Take for example the beheading of a constable in Jharkhand - what kind of ideology supports such a gruesome act? How long will we continue to think that the Naxal problem still remains a social problem, instead of a law and order problem? Just because Rahul Gandhi decides that the problem is still a social one, should the government stop from taking the practical course of action here? It still beats me why the AP model of just eliminating them is not followed. We have seen that is was largely successfull, so what just is stopping us from expanding it to other states? You want to know the answer - it is politics! Read this story here, to understand it better. Even Lalu Prasad has opinion about this issue now!

3. PT Usha was not provided proper accomodation in Bhopal for a national atheletics meet. There was apparently a "miscommunication" which led to this farce. Yeah right, I am sure no such "miscommunication" would have happened if any official of the sports authority in the government were to visit other places. Only when sportspersons are involved, do such things happen. And then we want to bid for 2020 Olympics! Haa! First, let us learn to respect our legends, then think about inviting others.

4. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee just relaxed some conditions needed to win the prize. With these relaxations, there will be hundreds of more nominations from next year onwards. It is now official that the prize will be given not just for achievements, but also for "attempting" to achieve. So, next year, Gilani and Manmohan Singh are strong contenders for the award. By the way, read this to find out how the top contender for the post was overlooked.

5. Salman Kursheed tells us that CEO's have to get rid of vulgar salaries. Sure, the day your political clan gives up its hobby of earning vulgar corrupt money, the CEO's will follow suit. Until then, it is break time, Mr. Minister!

6. Blogger completes 10 years :)