Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So, we heard of EPL. And then came along IPL. And now I am presenting to you all, ladies and gentleman, the SPL!

Wondering what it is? It is the Solapur Premier League!!! I was in Solapur recently, and we had to stop our cab near the town's entrance to wait for the other cabs to join us and the first thing that caught our eye was these hoardings of the "Solapur Premier League"!

LOL! The Man of the Match in the final wins a mobile phone, prompting a friend to wonder if the best fielder/batsman/bowler would be given SIM cards! There was a Women's Show Match also organised just before the finals! Again, LOL!

The Congress party was organising this tournament, and now that's a first in this country! At the end of it all, we realised that this is indeed a commendable effort and am sure all players would have had unlimited fun (not sure how many people watch the matches ;-)).

We missed the "finals" by just 12 hours, otherwise we would have given the pitch and the match report too: D :D. You can click on the picture for a better view.


SysErr said...

Have you heard of VPL ? :-) I plan to organizing one shortly B-)

Nikhil said...

I think for guys from hyderabad this is a little wierd and fascinating incident but this happens in all the small parts of maharashtra.Usually this happens in villages where you want to address a gathering and such event is the best for this.prize doesn`t matter but imagine you playing in front of the entire crowd from the village you know gives the greates feeling of joy.I have seen such matches in many small villages of maharashtra in fact those are even mathches of Kabaddi,KHO-KHO,malkhamb,wrestling which are the traditional sports of maharashtra.I will just say that MAHARASHTRA ROCKS....Its the only state which organizes such events to bring up the hidden talent from the wonder we have Sachin Tendulkar today who must have definitely played such matches as a teenager ...

I, Me, Myself ! said...

Wow! This is really news to me, and I totally agree with you Nikhil bhai! Sports competitions in villages and towns are a superb thing to have, and now I feel like going and seeing one too :)

- Sudhir

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