Sunday, August 30, 2009

So many points, so little time! : Aug 23- 29

  1. Till very recently, 100 days functions were associated only with movies. But with the advent of our ever vigilant TV media, 100 days is a milestone in the life a 5 year old government too! All 100 day discussion lead to the inevitable conclusion – this time period is too short to judge. Pray why then, do we even bother to have these debates? A day is not too far away when 1 year will also be considered too short to judge!

  2. The country seems to be going through a 11 year old syndrome. Ok, excuse that poor(est) joke ;-). Anyway, let me explain. All along, we have had huge debates about what happened with respected to the Kandahar incident that happened about 10 years ago. And suddenly this week, reputed scientist K. Santhanam goes on record saying Pokhran was not successful! It took a full barrage of eminent people to come out and refute his claim. So, I was just wondering that why is it that all those things that happened some 10-11 years ago are suddenly becoming hot topics for discussion, and hence the attempt to joke in the opening sentence: D

  3. Speaking of Kandahar, Advani is in an even tighter spot (than he was in the elections). It was very clear at that time too, that he was trying to take the high moral ground on the hijack. Instead of explaining in detail what happened, he simply chose to say I don't know! With Jaswant Singh, Yashwant Sinha and George Fernandes saying otherwise, the spotlight is back on Advani now. The people of the country have spoken just 3 months back – they don't want Advani as the PM. Yet, we don't want the debate to die down. Nidhi Razdan of the NDTV was furious at Chandan Mitra trying to defend Advani. What did you expect Nidhi? That Chandan will come and say – ohh yeah, we did the wrong spin. We apologize for that. ? Why didn't you want to learn from Shekar Gupta on your show, who was speaking in such a respectable yet candid manner about the happenings in BJP? It looked like as if it was his show, and you were one of the panelists!

  4. The reverred Tirumala temple has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Well, what would you expect when you appoint a politician, whose credentials are anything but worth noting, as the head of the TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams). For those of you who don't know this guy, he was in the TDP and was one of the two MP's who switched loyalties during the trust vote in Parliament in 2008. This guy was made the chairman of TTD and the other guy was made the state government's representative at the centre. Two plum postings, but then nobody should question this kind of luring. Afterall, it does not involve direct money. And true to his personality, the CM of AP has rubbished off these happenings in the TTD.

  5. Disgraced Pakistan Scientist, A.Q.Khan has been allowed by the court to roam around in the country freely. And then Mr. Khan also threatened that if the government opposes this ruling, he will reveal "sensitive secrets." So, till now you secretly revealed secrets to other countries, and now you want to do it publicly. Way to go, Mr. Khan!