Thursday, August 13, 2009

Etched in memory…

Some incidents are etched in your memory. Even if you suffer from memory loss!

Scene 1: On August 12, 2002, Raju and me arrive at the Columbus airport and wait for our seniors to come pick us up. And then I see an unsuspecting soul, laced with innonence, wearing a yellow t-shirt, looking lost, waiting in anticipation, and clearly tired to the core. He was also going to come to our University and my first impression – it will be interesting to how he will get along. And the impression was further strengthened by the fact that he just slept through the entire 1 ½ ride to the campus. Only later did we realise, we will take that same road some 1000 times!

Cut. One year later.

Scene 2: I wear a yellow t-shirt (not the same as his ;-), cream colour bermuda, with a white towel over my shoulder and drive a U-Haul (for those who don't know what it is, it is like a mini truck) to his house (Jai Balayya ;-) ). It is impossible to describe his face when he saw me getting down like that. Literally, you had to see it to enjoy it! After he recovered, we load all their crap into the U-haul and then add it to the crap already present in our house! Yes, we become room mates!

From wondering how he will get along to becoming roomies, all in one year! Raju comes back after his India vacation, Rajesh joins us along with Sisir, Ravi Kiran shifts to our university, and so we all began our life as roomies! And boy, what a life it has been for the next 18 months! Without doubt, some of the best years of not just my student life, but my life too. We will save all that for another blog, another time :D

The reason I was reminded of these two incidents is that all five of us had a conference call in the morning, and I couldn't help getting nostalgic. And these two events just stand out in the innumerable number of such experiences I've had during my stay at Ohio University. I generally have inkling to look back and write, 10 years down the lane. So, three more years, and I will pen down all my experiences. Till then, if you want to read my 10 year story after B.Tech, click here!