Friday, August 7, 2009

“Billions of Blistering Barnacles”

I just came to know that Suppandi is on twitter! People really get very creative :- ).

My "neighbour" at office just told me that, and we started going down memory lane about the good old comics! Supandi's stupidity, Shikari Shambu's extreme good luck that makes him look like an amazing hunter, innocence of Ramu and Shamu are somethings that immediately come to mind while remembering Tinkle!

Next on the list was Chacha Chowdary whose "brain works faster than a computer". And Chacha Chowdary owes his stupendous success to his associate from Jupiter, Sabu, whose anger can make "volcanoes erupt on Jupiter". Entertainment, which also aided imagination, was fitted so well into compact books and I doubt if we can ever find replacements to these books.

When we were kids, my younger brother even ran a small library (named "Cute Library", and with a rent of Re.1 per day) with a huge collection of all these comics. And my all time favorite line from any comic is that of Captain Haddock from Tintin – Billions of blistering barnacles! Till date, I don't know what it even means, but it just epitomises his anger so well :D :D!

I don't know if kids today read as much as we did, but if they are not, then they sure are missing out on so much fun!


Sarath said...

Very few kids have time to read comics these days. They now have Cartoon network to watch and online cartoon games to play.. I never enjoyed readin Archies or TinTin as much as I enjoyed and still do reading Tinkle.. Supandi, Kalia the crow, Shikari Shambu, Hodja, Mantri,.... oh the list is looong.. I still read it but away from the eyes of my family and friends. At my age, people expect me to read something technical and not comics. :P
But, hey I am not ready to grow up when it comes to Comics

Teja said...

You are correct Sheru, none of my cousin's kids know about all these comics. All the time thay want is Dora, Sponge Bob and so on. The ones you mentioned are my all time fav's too.

There is on thing that I always hoped for while reading Chacha chowdary...I wish I could be as fit as Sabu even after eating so many Idli's. I really hope so. Alas! we are born on Earth.

Sinnuu... said...

anna nenayitey oka roju morning brush cheyakunda lechi ala oka 4-5 comic books complete chesanu.....5th book madhyalo break down...vomit chesanu kallu tirigi.....antha involve ayyi chadivedanni...and chacha choudary is my all time fav'.....i really liked your brother's idea "cute library"....e madhyane strong decision teesukunna...malli book reading start cheyalani.....

Varun said...

totally agree with u on this boss.. gone are those good old days.. i remember i used to buy all the above mentioned comics every time i went to the railway station either for catching a train or to rec someone..

and i will like to add another comic in that list.. asterix and obelix... that was a good one as well man.. will still read them if i can get m hands on them..

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