Sunday, August 23, 2009

So many points, so little time! : Aug 16-22

1. If you are still wondering why sports in India doesn't flourish, here's further proof. Badminton officials forgot the e-mail Saina's entry to the Chinese Open. Yes, you read it right - they forgot! They will not "forget" to collect commissions or secure passes for tournaments. But sending an entry, yes, that they will forget! I don't even know whether to laugh at their negligence and feel frustrated at their complacence.

2. Jinnah, Jinnah, Jinnah. This week was all about Jinnah! While a section was busy discussing whether he should be reviled or not, another section was discussing if he was alone responsible for the partition. See, this was what was taught to us in schools. "Jinnah wanted Pakistan, and to avoid bloodshed, Gandhi accepted. And so Nehru became PM of India". That's it. So we all grew up thinking Jinnah was the villian. And then came along the internet, and along with it, wonderful flow of information. And then slowly we started to read different versions of the history, and then we are now in a position to actually admit that Jinnah alone was not responsible for that gory decision.

The Hindu reproduced it's 1948 editorial after Jinnah's death. The one line that wil forever stay in my mind is this - "And the dream became a reality overnight, and perhaps no man was more surprised at his success than Mr. Jinnah himself." Who were those who were responsible for his dream to turn into reality so quickly? Can a country really be formed "overnight"? Does that mean that whoever agreed to give was just waiting for the other side to ask, so as to escape vilification? Why are we shying away from talking about it? If you are eulogizing Jinnah, does that imply Nehru and Gandhi are solely at fault?

3. Well, talking about Jinnah controversy and not talking about what started all this would not make the story complete! Jaswant Singh wrote a book about Jinnah. First, the BJP expels him. Then the Gujarat government bans the book in Gujarat! Those who read it say that Nehru was equally criticised, Sardar Patel was not referred in critical tone, and Jinnah was not eulogised. But, BJP President, Rajnath Singh is neither ready to listen to logic nor sanity. There were multiple reasons why Jaswant could have been expelled from the party, but the fact that this reason was given shows the depths to which Rajnath can plunge too. And he is also training his guns on Vasundhara Raje now. So, who's next Mr. Rajnath? You know what, I have an idea. Why not you?

4. Living up to family's name is a tough job. Imagine how tough it is to live up to your actual name! Usain Bolt is precisely doing that. I mean, 9.58 seconds to run 100m ?!@#@ 19.19s to run 200 metres?!?!@ What, is this a fantasy world for him? And now, he wants to go to 9.4! We would love to see that happen, and that too soon. Or should we say, at "lighting bolt" speed ;-)!