Monday, August 10, 2009

So many points, so little time: Aug 2-8

1. Business Line ran a story recently on how Santoor Soap successfully followed the same formula to run its ad for the last 16 years. The Chief Minister of AP, YSR seems to be following a similar strategy. Before you get wild ideas, I am not talking about the glow on his skin but his idea of following the same strategy in the Assembly for the past 5 years. Irrespective of the situation/issue/problem/question at hand, YSR will very conveniently divert the topic towards the Leader of the Opposition, Chandrababu Naidu! A question on price rise will prompt the CM to challenge a referendum. A discussion on fuel tax led the CM to denounce Naidu for criticizing EVM's (Yes, from fuel tax to EVM's, all in 5 minutes!). A question on prices of dal ended up with the CM questioning about the prices of Onions when Naidu was the Chief Minister! The CM is content in gloating over the fact that the mistakes he is making have been made by Naidu too, and therefore Naidu lost every right to question him. Never before has any opposition been treated with such utter disdain. The people have already given their verdict on Naidu, then why are you repeating the same mistakes, Mr. CM?

2. Speaking of long standing conflicts, the brothers are at it again! Anil and Mukesh Ambani are warring again, and this time they have decided to involve politicians too. The fight is about pricing and supply of gas. Briefly put (it's not easy to put it briefly) both the brothers agreed that Mukesh will sell gas to Anil at @2.34 per unit. The minimum rate, according to the government, is $4.3 per unit. There is a case pending in Supreme Court now, and Anil Ambani suddenly accuses the Union Oil Minister of colluding along with his brother to ensure that the supply of the gas will take more time. And since Anil Ambani is involved, the Samajwadi Party is crying hoarse at the top of its voice. Luckily for us, Amar Singh is not in the country; otherwise we would have been treated to the spectacle of his daily TV appearances. Nevertheless, he still wrote from "his hospital bed" from a remote place called Singapore, deploring the way in which Congress is treating his party! Well Anil, you have influenced policy for a number of years at the cost of other businesses, so how about being on the receiving end for once? :P

3. Talk about inheritance in politics. Buta Singh's son, Sarabjit Singh has undoubtedly inherited his father's political legacy. This week, he was caught accepting bribe of about Rs. 1 crore! And now Buta Singh is crying foul! What can be more ironic than Buta Singh crying foul over corruption charges? Mr. Buta Singh, we all know your constant quest to evolve innovative means to get corrupt, and quite frankly, we have even lost count as to how many times your "opponents have conspired against you", so why not take a break or better yet, why don't you just retire?

4. In our country, monuments are missing. Yes, you heard it right, they are missing. No, PC.Sorcar Jr did not vanish them into thin air. Urbanisation, commercialization, and development activities ensured that they went missing! In an editorial, The Hindu has bought some startling facts to the fore. Read it here, to know more about it yourself. If not now, when else will we protect our monuments?

5. 3 accused of the 2003 Mumbai blasts case have been awarded the death penalty. A cartoon in a Telugu daily said it all – the accused come out of the court happily and one guy tells the other, "now that we have been given the death penalty, we will not die"!

6. And finally to end this on a laughable note- Ajmal Kasab was wondering if anyone would tie a rakhi to him! The ultimate torture would have been if Rakhi Sawant were to tie rakhi to him – we should see who will break down first :D!


Sivaramakrishnan said...

Regards YSR tactic - perhaps it is symptomatic of all congressmen?

1) Any terrorist attack in country - more people died under NDA than UPA
2) Sell out to PAK at Sharm al Sheik - Vajpayee rode a bus to Lahore, vajpayee invited Musharaf to Agra
3) Weak on terrorism/removing POTA / not hanging afzal guru - kandahar, kandahar, kandahar
4)Any other bad press for the Congress / govt - Narendra Modi, Gujarat, communalism, Ayodhya, secularism, Advani, Hindutva, RSS, Modi, secularism, rath yatra, merchant of death, communalism, babri masjid, commumalism, , communalism, anti-minority, Modi, secularism, Jinnah, secularism, , Hindutva

Like your argument goes - perhaps the BJP is guilty of all of the above. That still doesn't make it a good enough answer to the questions raised.

Sudhir said...

Thanks for the comment Sivaramakrishnan. You are right in saying that this has become symptomatic of all congressmen. It's like they are asking us to choose the lesser of two evils. Sadly, and most frustratingly, the media also buys this argument with glee and just concentrates on the failures of NDA. It's as if our country did not exist before 1998! 6 years of NDA versus 50+ years of Congress is just an unfair comparison.

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