Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Official" Media partner of the family!

Most movies these days have official media partners. Likewise, today the Gandhi family (not that of Mahatma Gandhi, but of Feroz Gandhi) has an "official" media partner. No prizes for guessing which channel runs away with this honour! NDTV.

On it's website today, the "Big Picture" is this: "
Watch Priyanka Gandhi at Golden Temple: Along with her husband, Robert Vadra, she paid a private visit to Amritsar." That's right, a private visit to which the "official" media partner exclusive access. At a time, when so much in happening in the country, this national channel found it fit to have this news as "Big Picture". Also a slide show has been put together for user friendliness too. Slide no.5 has a picture of the Golden Temple and the following accompanying text "Golden Temple is one of the most revered religious sites of Sikhs.". And then slide show goes on to talk about how she resembles Indira Gandhi (that slide show was put up earlier too, and a blog on that is here. The current slide show was just added to the previous one by NDTV, lest we forget!)

And this is not the first time, the "Big Picture" featured the family! Happened
once before, and when questioned, I was shooed away! Congratulations NDTV on your new contract with the family.


Vishal said...

Creating an image in the minds of the readers!
Pro-Gandhi, Con-Modi, media gives views and not news.

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