Sunday, October 3, 2010

That's all, your honour! : Sept.26 - Oct.2

1. Before we go into "the" news that the entire electronic media has been concentrating on, here's some really distressing news. First, the Naxals kidnap 4 policemen in Chattisgarh and place some idiotic demands in front of the government. Then they put up a 48 hours deadline, which they extend by another 48 hours. Thankfully, they release all 4 of them without killing them. Police were suspecting that some low level group must have resorted to this act, because their demands were not too strong! Elsewhere, the PSJBC (some Naxal org) has called for a bandh in three disctricts in West Bengal in protest against some killing. As a result, night trains were suspended which means normal life was affected very badly. And elsewhere in Orrisa, 3 policemen and 10 Naxals were killed in an encounter. The crooks also set fire to a hostel and the panchayat building. While these murderers and looters were busy with their work, we had Her Eminence Arundhati Roy shower her enlightenment on us thus - "War on Naxals is a conspiracy to grab tribal land" !

2. The saga of the
Corruption Wealth Games is continuing this week too. The high level of confusion in organising of the games still continues. The Games Village was finally ready only on Thursday! And the CM is now rushing to take credit for the quick turnaround !About 10,000 volunteers haven't turned up, the caterer screwed up big time and they had to go in for 5-6 new caterers at the last minute (as a result of this screw-up, about 4000 security and volunteer personnel had to go without food for a day), media personnel are being made to undergo hardships and so on! Also, there was this confusion on whether the President of India or the Prince of Wales should open the games! Yep - even that confusion was not cleared till last week! The Games begin today, and here's hoping that the next 10 days will be about the sports and not the games played by the organisers.

3. And now let's come to the Ayodhya verdict. The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad high court has given its
verdict on the title suit case. The court decided that the disputed land will be divided into three parts. 1 part will go the Hindus (curiously no Hind group petitioned, those who petiotioned claimed Lord Ram to be the petitioner!), 1 part will go to Nirmohi Akhadas (a sadhu group who have been doing prayers on this site for a long time) and 1 part will go to the Sunni Wakf Board. The bench has ruled that this was the birthplace of Lord Ram. The full judgement (that runs into 8000 pages) can be accessed here. It is 8000 pages long! Without reading into it fully, our "secular liberal" media was quick to pounce on the High Court Judges. "Eminent historians" poured out their grievances and some even got prime space too! NDTV was disturbed beyond comprehension. Infact, the reverred Owaisi "saab" ( as Barkha Dutt calls him) was so agitated that he went belligerent! Kanchan Gupta's blog is an excellent articulation of the bogus claims by Owaisi "saab" and Sandeep's blog is a masterpiece on dissecting why these "eminent historians" are reacting in this way! More on this next week.

4. Curfew was relaxed in Kashmir earlier this week, only to be clamped again towards the end of the week! Schools re-opened and despite "warning" from Geelani, parents
sent their kids to schools. Meanwhile, the CPI (Maoist) otherwise known as Naxals, called for a bandh in six states to protest the killings in Kashmir! That's all, your honour!


Teja said...

I think it's Prince of Wales and not Prince of England as you have mentioned. Am I correct?

Sudhir said...

Teja - yep, you are right. Thanks for pointing it out, I made the change :)


Vacant Shanghai Days said...

1)Owaisi "saab" slaughtered in kanchan's post! Wonder whether he read it.
2)Also tributes 4 kalmadi by our media began minutes after cwg ceremony began! Ndtv leading! Think padma bhushan too on the cards.
3) #arundhatiroyisgod

Vacant Shanghai Days said... For reader's convenience. This is Kanchan's blog post.MUST READ. MUST MUST MUST........... READ FOR OWAISI "SAAB" AND BARKHA ESPECIALLY

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