Sunday, October 31, 2010

That's all, your honour! : Oct. 24-30

1. Even before we recover from one scam, another one crops up. Like noted caroonist Sudhir Tailang said today - "VVIPS seem to be looting the nation as if there's no tomorrow !". Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan offered to resign in wake of the latest controversy. Army land, on which a 6 storeyd building meant for the widows of Kargil war martyrs, was inexplicably transferred to a civilian housing society - Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society. Now, further more, once this transfer happened, the 6 storeyed building now becomes a 31 storeyed building ! Needless to say, allotments of apartments have been made to relatives of politicians, bureaucrats - and more shocking to three Chiefs of the Army ! While one of them, Gen. N.C.Vij has now surrendered the flat alloted to him, the other two have not yet responded. An RTI application filed revealed that many concessions for the apartments were sought under the pretext that this was meant for Kargil war heroes and martyrs. Also, turns out that Ashok Chavan's mother in law, along with two other relatives, owns a flat in this complex! The murk gets dirtier and dirtier too. Union Ministers seem to be involved, not to mention most state ministers seem to be involved in easily one of the most shameful scams. In a most unusual manner of defense, Ashok Chavan asks what is the problem if "distant relatives" of his get flats!

2. Finally the umpteenth time, the "
nataka" in Karnataka seems to have come to an end. The thrid Judge, who was asked to deliver the final judgement agreed with the Speaker's decision to disqualify the 11 BJP MLA's before the vote of confidence. The court is yet to hear the case of the 5 Independent MLA's who have associated themselves with BJP. Even if that judgement goes against he Speaker, the government still has the numbers to survive. Meanwhile, the Income Tax department, has raided some BJP MLA's homes and offices and also some close people of the Reddy brothers (no prizes for guessing who ordered these raids!). Anyways, given that this whole sordid drama has come to an end (atleast it seems so!), it is time for BJP to get back to governance and ensure it doesn't lose it's hold on the sole southern state it is in power.

3. A couple of weeks back, the Central government has
appointed interlocutors to talk to all sections of Jammu & Kashmir. Now, the guy heading this group said something like Pakistan's view must also be taken. Also, he asked the students of some university to prepare a road map for Azadi. Now, when political parties got to criticize them, Congress party asks us not to criticize them in "national interest"! Remember that time, when Manish Tewari said that criticizing Rajiv was unpatriotic? Well, seems like we now have new definitions for patriotism and national interest, your honour!


prashhanthkpp said...

Point 1: A shame of the highest order that is nothing less than question the moral ethics and dignity of those involved including the CM and 3 Army Chiefs. The predicament of our Nation continues at the hands of these eminent Congressmen including the GodMother who in no less terms is also part of this scam. That CM offers to resign is itself derogatory. The dork, instead of offering, should resign first and face the inquiry rather than fly out to Delhi to wipe (you know what) and safeguard his Chair! As to the Army Chiefs, less said the better. They have relegated and ostracized the exceptional veracity and dignity the 3 Forces were held at. That one has surrendered his allotment is a saving grace. Yet again, Manish Tiwaris will fight tooth and nail at obfuscating Chavan's or for that matter any other CONman's involvement and shamelessly pinpoint BJP behind instigating the Scam! His nerves wont settle otherwise.

Point 2: Yes, the Karnataka drama has finally ended with all is well with BJP. But, again, it was shameless of the Petitioners (the 2 Gowdas & CON) to openly rebuke the verdict of HC. They, in whatever decency remained in them, could have proceeded with a plea to SC against the verdict of HC. But to come out openly on Media and refute a judgement is tantamount to contempt of court and should have been dealt with accordingly. Manish Tiwari was obnoxious in his speech to the Media subsequent to the verdict in Karnataka and Amit Shah being granted bail in Gujarat. Was sort of a slap on both cheeks of CON. Anyhow, with the respite BJP has been granted, they should now garner themselves together and put out an excellent governance that ensures their supremacy there. They surely can with better political vision and unity.

Point 3: Ah! the interlocutors have become the official 'salespersons' from India bidding to sell out Kashmir to the Separatists and Pakistan on a platter. If not for the loud and obstinate opposition by BJP, they would have sold India's heart and returned triumphant; Padmashris and Padmabhushans awaiting them at the door! What do we helpless Indians do?

Well done Sudhirji. Thanks for keeping the issues alive.

Sudhir said...

@prashanthkpp - thank you very much for your comment. It is readers like you and comments like these that help bloggers like me feel very good about writing stuff :)

Look at the way one media channel personalities were gloating at how they are now exposing a Congress CM! While it is appreciable, their tendency not to touch the first family at any time is deplorable. CNN-IBN is the better of the of the lot - atleast they went after the family after the women's reservation bill !

Gowda is the most comic character in politics around (many think it is Lalu but I think it is HD Deve Gowda!) However this is now time for BJP to do extensive damage control. It will have no one to blame if it loses next elections.


kppradeep said...

I have an idea. All those who were allotted flats should be sent to the border area combat zone. So simple

Teja said...

Like all non- political citizens of India would have felt, this is the heights of scamming our true heroes. What a tribute to those who laid down their lives for protecting these B&$@$&@&.

Vishal said...

Surprisingly, my comment seems to have been deleted by mistake. What I'm saying is will we see the same interlocutors again on another visit? Will they take a look at the roadmap the separatists will offer for azadi?! Political parties have not raised enough voice on the interlocutors as much they've on the known devil, Ms Roy. It should be better to raise the voice against them in a higher way because they did what they did in an official capacity.

Sudhir said...

@Vishal - BJP did raise the issue of interlocutors speaking out of turn. And then it was again termed against National Interest. The media suppressed the claim. Even yesterday, PC says BJP needs to exercise restraint if it wants this process to succeed. As long as the media plays into the govt. hands, there is very little other political parties can do :(


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