Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Rehabilitation" Packages...

The Nov.26, 2008 attacks on Mumbai are believed to be the worst terror attack on India (am not sure how media classifies terror attacks as bad, worse etc, but let's leave that discussion for another day). When Shivraj Patil was the Home Minister of India, there were multiple terror attacks in various parts of the country. In any other country, he would have been sacked long back, but it took a 26/11 to happen for him to "resign". It took a trip to the Taj Hotel along with Ram Gopal Varma for the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Vilasrao Deshmukh to resign (funny isn't it - he doesn't get to resign for glaring failures of 26/11 but has to resign for this cheap

Now, one would assume the political careers of these two "leaders" has been finished. Also, one would assume that even if they were to bounce back, it will take a veryy long time. Here's where the central government stumps you. Within one year - yes, within one year - Vilasrao Deshmukh is made a Union Cabinet Minister (that too for Industries!) and a little later than one year, Shivraj Patil was appointed as the Governor of Punjab - an excellent rehabilitation package for ensuring that innocent people of this country died.

Recently, we are hearing about this Adarsh scam - the Chief Minister of Maharashtra is involved in this too, and is apparently on his way out. While the media goes gaga over ensuring a "corrupt" leader losing his post, aren't the above two examples enough to show that it is just a matter of time before Ashok Chavan is "rehabilitated" too ? What then is the point in gloating over, if he quits the post? Only those at the helm of affairs in the country are responsible for so blatantly insulting public memory - and yet no one dares to question their actions!


Vishal said...

This is so true. And for God's sake, it was VilasRao Deshmukh also in the Adarsh scam, otherwise he would have been forced down our throat as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra once again! He was punished once before, and Mr SushilKumar Shinde was made CM in his place but again afterwards he was made a CM ignoring the previous reign.

In respect of terror attacks, it seems that however vigilant, intelligent our security system is, the terrorists will find a way to remain a step forward. Ofcourse in the 26/11 case, there was actually no vigilance/intelligence on the part of security agencies. I am confused however about the role of CM in establishing security. I believed this came under the net of Central Government and the security agencies.

And above all, a football match can never be won by a great defence. One needs to have an offence, that can score atleast one score. Here, our politicians are considering any single small comment con-pak by US as a win! We need to score, and not merely keep defending ourselves.

prashhanthkpp said...

Sudhirji, the very last sentence of your loud thoughts - that indeed is the crux of the problem. Public's disdain augmented by a short memory plus recurring fiascoes, facilitates a thorough burial of issues, however massive it is. Take for example the very recent gigantic scams - 2G, CWG, SUGAR EXPORT, ADARSH so on and so forth. Do you see as much indulgence from relevant authorities, media etc. let alone general public? They have gotten busy with Interlocutors, Arundathi Roys, Geelanis, Live-in alimony etc. with abundant predominance for RSS hunting & BJP slandering! Ayodhya is nearly forgotten except for the few of us who rake it up on Twitter along with the other issues. The Kasabs, the Gurus, the Maoists are all "who are they" issues now.

National Security is at stake. Chinese are literally preparing the groundwork for a future strike in NE and NW of our Borders. J&K is burning. Mixture of Politics with Islamic fanaticism is at a scale never before encountered. Arresting authorities of this trend like the IB, NIA, CBI have all become either stooges under a WHITE Dictator or inefficient under a pansy Home Minister.

History has it that all tainted CMs, mostly are from CON by the way, are treated par excellence subsequent to their involvement in a Scam or Crime and equally remunerated with endowment beyond their merit. It is almost a CON prerequisite that their CMs should indulge in some Scam or Crime to attain GodMother's personal intimacy. A routine rather when the Country & State helplessly looks on!

Well,let us at least keep the chimney smoking.


kppradeep said...

good one and you should have watched Times Now yesterday and the way the are glorifying Sonia, it is hard to believe. She is a liar as she lied to the president when she staked claim to form govt for the first time(I do not remember the year)
The second time we do not know what happened between Sonia and President Kalam she finally said she is not interested in becoming PM. The same day the drama enacted by all her fellow men from CONgress displayed vulgar sycophancy was nauseating to say the least.
If there is one scam only we will remember and if there are plenty we forget.
Also see the way CBI functions going out of the way to fix Amit Shah of BJP for some stupid criminal Sohrabbudin. Good that the supreme court rapped the CBI.
Lets pray God for our nation

flawsophy said...

I think we need a series of visually disturbing images to put these people out of offices ... so, having a disaster helps ... but as you pointed out they will be transferred quite far from the place they screwed up to the place they are going to screw up !!!

well written piece ...

Sudhir said...

@vishal - good observation on the fact that Vilasrao continues to be the minister despite involvement in the Adarsh scam. Also, to answer ur query - the CM also gets daily intelligence updates. And in general, he was expected to show better leadership skills when the crisis was happening - we hardly recall hearing his name till that tour of Taj happened. Also, nice analogy with the offense and defense :)

@prashantkpp fully agree with your assessment. The "chalta hai" attitude even when people are losing their lives is so disgusting to note.

@kppradeep TIMES NOW was gloryfying Sonia?? :O for what? :O

@flawsophy thank you :) Nice line about how these people move to different places only to end up screwing them!

Dirt Digger said...

Happy Diwali sudhir.
On a celebratory note, whats the latest on the ongoing tussle between you and SiddV. I know Pilid tries to reason with him from time to time.
Hows ur line of reasoning coming along?

Sudhir said...

Thanks DD for the wishes :).

Just two days back, his highness SV decides to engage with me! He comes and cracks this -

"Now that Halloween is invading India, how long before the RSS mounts an angry campaign in defence of swadeshi भूत प्रेत ("bhoot-pret")?!"

Then I say this - Ahh, @svaradarajan is back with his "sense of humour" . Welcome back! btw, u still didn't ans why there was no edit on Peace Prize winner.

And here he uses his "sarcasm" :D

@ssudhirkumar I wrote another edit in liu of him! [on why I didn't write anything on the Nobel peace prize winner 2010]

I ask him back, the question was why there was no editorial, not a personal article, but as always he scoots!!


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