Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mediagate! - More Questions to Vir Sanghvi

Read both articles in their entirety on my website (the links are given below) and judge for yourself. I think you will find that they are completely fair.

Somewhere in his "response" to the Mediagate, more popularly known as #mediamafia #barkhagate, debate Shri Vir Sanghvi writes that. Now Shri Vir Sanghvi, if you are leaving the judgement to me and then tell me it is fair - what kind of choice are you exactly giving me sir? Not that you care,but brilliant this post on Governance Now, has argued that you were extremely biased in your write up (folks, that link is a must read. Please take time out to read it).

Plus just take a look at how the editor of Open magazine dissects your "counterpoint" on this topic - matching what was said on tapes to what was written. It can't get more elaborate than this, is it? (Another must read folks. Dont miss it). Don't you think you should counter these points, instead of your free flowing generic rhetoric.

Then you go along and write about how it is important for you to string along your source blah blah. As fellow tweeter, NR_Tatvamasi points out here: "All it needed was am doing a coloumn on this dispute, would like to know your side of the story, what are your keypoints." Would you care to answer ?

No message was ever conveyed by me. And Congress leaders have now confirmed that.

Right - we should trust the Congress leaders now. Is that how you want to close this matter? Really? What about the below excerpt then?

VIR: I’ll pass this on?

RADIA: Yeah. Thanks. Thanks to you.

VIR: Yeah.

RADIA: That was really great, you know, you all, I mean it was exactly as you had said and…

VIR : Okay.

RADIA: They were very relieved and she was so relieved. So, wants to say thank you to you personally.

VIR: I’ll pass it…

Why was she thanking you Shri Vir Sanghvi? You have not done anything for her, and yet she is thanking you? I wonder why the Tatas and Ambanis will hire such people in the first place? :D

Also, most feel (I realised it later too) that you have been let off too lightly by the ever vigilant online community. As a small attempt, have written a separate blog mentioning all questions that were directed towards you. Answer them specifically instead of waiting for this issue to die down. Merely discontinuing "counterpoint" (though a relief) is no solace. Plus your rhetoric is tiring to read.


prashhanthkpp said...

Sudhirji, As is in Barkha's case, so it is here. This guy is one notch further up than her I should say because his mala fide interference in political circles are well known. Being a Sonia loyalist, so much so to call her on first name basis, he would go to the extent to die for anything and everything pro-congress. Somehow, his covertly judicious political impedance, one that which is beyond his job description has often fetched him ire. But that has not dithered him from veering away, rather, he has gone deeper in. Another wasted talent I would say.

His timely seclusion was adept. But Bangkok and Hongkong? Hmmm! It is worth a thought.

Anyhow, well done Sir.

Anonymous said...

I disliked this slimy character since the time he conducted the first ever Sonia Gandhi interview and asked her questions worthy of a play-school aspirant.

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