Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trysts with MSM - Part 11

MSM stands for Main Stream Media.

Can't help but note these. National Bureau Chief of IBN, Bhupendra Chaube tweets this on Nov. 6th

Air force one has arrived, excitement as if a bridegroom has come for a wedding

Upon multiple people questioning him about this undue hype, he replies saying this:

@KanchanGupta i was being sarcastic, a dig at media's hype

So now, one would expect more sensible tweets to come from him, in the following days. Sample some of them over the course of the next 3 days :

PM obama dinner menu : chingara jammu prawns, fish and green-chilly lamb, kakori kababs, mughlai chicken, gobi, dal dampukht, rice pulao

Highlights of obama's address: several mps including mani shankar,anu tandon,jyoti mirdha left standing as parliaments central hall was full

Highlights of obama's addres:10 trinamool cong mps sat on the same bench,which was actually meant for 5.Space created for mamataa there only (asked him how where each MP sat is a highlight of the address - no answer!)

As obama came in, while rahul was doing namaste to him, obama extended his hand shake,had shared dinner table too with him last night at PMs

Gursharan kaur and sonia gandhi were wearing a similar colour saree, a sort of red colour (most important news, hence the emphasis by me :D)

A raja, sitting just before rahul G, tried his best to catch his eye, rahul didn't look towards him even once,upa still can't sack raja

There are some more like this. Ofcourse, he has also tweeted a couple of times of some substantial issues but these much more important news items outnumbered them. And Bhupendra Chaube was not alone in this. Almost all channels went over the top (even that description doesn't capture the true picture of the depths to which they plunged) during the period of this visit. Believe it or not, no other news was covered for even like 5 minutes !! They dedicated only about a min every now and then, for "other news" in the country. Well, what else would you expect if the National Bureau Chief of a major channel talks about the colour of the sarees of Sonia Gandhi and the PM's wife.

PS: Bhupendra Chaube also had this to say:

Ironical that obama is wooing captains of an india that's shining to shore up his prospects back home, while here in india, rahul Gandhi continues to reach out to an india that's still in darkness. So r we really a country that's shining? Or have we simply closed Our eyes to an india that's also hoping for someone to lift it from its deprivation. What a day to question the idea of india! Good night

I asked him:

@bhupendrachaube why do you always have to bring in that "two Indias" crap? Really, India is so simple that you can just classify in 2 ways?

He says: @ssudhirkumar imp to remind ourselves of challenges bac home too

I ask back - @bhupendrachaube but why do u get reminded of it only when jobs get created? Why not celebrate that fact?

For which he replies - @ssudhirkumar celebrate successes for sure, but don't turn a blind eye to challenges back home, honeywell, GE wooing us is one side of story

Further questions on how he keeps reiterating the same point, and make the tax paying citizenry look like some kind of cheap souls, did not result in any answers. Also, asked him to list out 3 things that changed as a result of Rahul Gandhi "reaching out" to an India that's "still in darkness" - no answer.


prashhanthkpp said...

Sudhirji, Media is dismayed, Parliament is astounded, staggered and dizzied, oh, and for once, disciplined, The Royal Family heartened, PM & Family hugged enough, and the rest of the political / younger generation spectrum thoroughly satisfied. That BHO visit was daylight robbery is besides the point and will remain so for some time to come, even from CPM's point of view.

Let us lay it to rest and for practical purposes begin estimating the cost incurred to play host to this entire conundrum!

Vande Mataram!

kppradeep said...

Sonia - Mania - a colonial hang-over!
Hope you will like this. I liked it very much

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