Monday, November 15, 2010

At the Test match...

We get down from the car, and the chat bandar guy asks us if we are returning from the match (perhaps because me and Sandeep were wearing our "famed Madhapur Cricket Club" t-shirts :D ). They then ask us score details; the pani puri guy felt an instantaneous disappointment on hearing that Sehwag missed his century; then another moment of instantaneous happiness on knowing Sachin was at the crease; And then ofcourse he got back to his routine of serving us those pani puris!

That cricket glues various sections of the society is no big secret, but such first hand experiences are always interesting memories. That said - what a weekend it was! We bought season tickets for the 2nd test match between India and Newzealand. The match started on a Friday (and if India were to be batting, we were ready to go that day too!). On Saturday, fully decked up, we reach the stadium and the police guy asks us to throw away our chart-papers! Already the list of things not allowed was long - but chart papers?? Any amount of argument with him didn't work and so before he threw us out, we threw the chart papers :D

India was fielding when we went in. Any player walks towards the boundary, that section of the crowd goes wild. And imagine, if the player happens to be either a Dravid or a Sachin - anyone standing outside will assume a wicket fell :). Dravid was fielding on our side, and this will perhaps be the closest look we will ever catch of this great man. Once New Zealand was all out, we shifted base to the top floor. The view was brilliant, but the Sun was literally breathing down our neck. That so much heat was possible in winter was another new thing that we learnt on that day. After a slow start, Sehwag got back to his original style of batting. Just when we thought, there is some element of boredom, Sehwag hits a four! More than anything, it was the constant cheering from the crowd that was real thrilling. The chanting of names, the shouting of slogans, and the Mexican wave (amazing how even the sound wave is super to hear - on TV we only get to see the wave; here, we get to hear it too!) - all added to our enjoyment. And during those "dull" moments", we could just strech our legs and relaxedly sit, given some empty seats in our area :). Ahh - you have to experience it to understand it :D

When Sachin walked in - You have to hear the roar to believe it ! We tho were in awe of his stance also, leave alone his shots! The greatest disappointment happened early on Day 3 (Day 2 for us) when just moments after we settled down in our seats - Sachin got out. And with VVS Laxman walking in, the roar was back again! Though what followed was "slow play" by Dravid and Laxman - must say it was hugely filling experience to watch them play in their own styles. Also given that we will never get to see them play live again (unless ofcourse, we get a test match before all three of them retire). Later, when Dhoni and Raina completed their formalities of getting out - the crowd was beginning to leave. And then Harbhajan turned the tide.

Unlimited entertainment was what he provided. We have never seen a field in which all 9 players were at the boundary. Nine!! More than that - each time the NZ players came to the boundary to take position, the crowd's roar was too good :) The crowd that left assuming the innings was over, once Laxman got out - must surely be ruing their decision. Amidst all this, Daniel Vettori's captaincy and NZ fielding were very good (of course, until Harbhajan came in :D). That we could get to get watch real quality cricket from so many players is what made this weekend one of the best.

The day ended with a sumptous dinner at a roadside Chinese eatery. The experience still lingers on, though :).


Anonymous said...

India plays 16 tests next year but most of them overseas. So very little chance of a test match again in Hyd. We hope we ll get one in 2012.

Sandeep said...

Awesome experiece and one of a lifetime. Watching the cricketing greats with God Himself walking with his magic willow on the soil of Hyderabad was the most enchanting experience of all.

Long Live Cricket.

Sripad said...

Dude!! your blog sounds more interesting than the cricket match itself. U guys r lucky to see Cricket gaints like Sachin, Dravid, Sehwag, etc. Suku bhai, now u must agree that Sehwag is gr8 player... kya entertainment hai bay!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope by 2012, earth will be as it is :)

Anonymous said...
India plays 16 tests next year but most of them overseas. So very little chance of a test match again in Hyd. We hope we ll get one in 2012.

November 15, 2010 2:13 PM

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