Sunday, January 17, 2010

Accountability? Haa!

Many people in the media constantly write that Shivraj Patil resigned because of the widespread criticism after 26/11. 26/11 in a way did a good thing and a bad thing. The good was that the intelligence agencies woke up from their slumber. The bad thing it did was to erase all the previous multiple terror attacks in various parts of the country. Suddenly, Shivraj Patil's inefficiency that caused terror attacks in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai (train blasts), Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur - all these were forgotten. 26/11 was just a culmination of these attacks. The lives lost in these cities are no less precious than the ones lost in 26/11. The audacity of 26/11 might have shocked us, but that should not be the reason for us to forget that Shivraj Patil has been at the helm to oversee a systematic decimation of our intelligence apparatus. His clear lack of common sense, utter disregard for work, and extreme dedication to this clothes made him totally unfit for the job everyone considered number 2 in the government.

Yet, the media makes it seem like he resigned just because of 26/11. In my book, he deserves a much more stringent punishment, but atleast the fact that he was not in power bought some solace to me. Yesterday, that solace was shattered too.

Sonia Gandhi decided that since the dust over 26/11 has settled down, it is now ok to gift Shivraj Patil a nice retirement gift. What better than making him a Governor. Shivraj Patil's appointment as governor of Punjab is a clear insult to the memory of the victims of multiple terror attacks in the country. But hey, how does that matter because loyalty to the High Command is what matters.

No one else has been punished for all those terror attacks. None. No officer, no politcian. Hell, for most of those cases, we havent even solved the mystery behind them. No one has been held responsible for the multiple terror attacks.

There were three people who were made to resign their posts after 26/11. Vilas Rao Deshmukh resigned as CM of Maharashtra. He was made the Union Cabinet Minister for Industries in May 2009. R.R.Patil resigned as deputy CM and Home Minister of Maharashtra. Post the 2009 elections November, he regained those two posts. Shivraj Patil resigned as the Home Minister of India, only to be made the Governor of a state 1 1/2 year later.

The three guys who have been made to resign are back in business. Hey, but that's ok because we are being led by a honest and decent PM who in turn is guided by the eternal sacrificer. Accountability? ha! let it go for a toss.

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shveta said...

Arrrghh.. This is so annoying... I mean isn't it become like a common thing to remove people from the post to cool down things and when people feel something is done and relax.. things are back to where they started... are we supposed to keep barking at the government and oppose all our lives?? Who is going to be accountable for this? And honestly, i dont feel like I live in a democratic country anymore.. We have rulers !!!

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