Sunday, January 10, 2010

That's all, Your Honour! :Jan.3-9

1. Just when we thought that the racial slur in Australia is subsiding came the news of three shcoking incidents in Australia. Two deaths, and one severe burning of Indian students. Finally our dear External Affairs minister decided to issue an advisory to the Indian students there. Well, the Asutralian minister refuted them, but we really don't care what the Australians have to say on this. However, Hon. Shri S.M.Krishna then chides the students for going to Australia to take up courses in hair styling and facials. Now, what does the type of courses we chose there have to do with racial attacks on us? At times, I just wonder how such ideas even crop up in the minds of our leaders ...

2. Ever heard of cat fights amongst media organisations. If not, please follow the news channels in AP! In what can easily be termed as one of the worst instances of media rubishness, the farce being played out in AP has begun to become an embarassment to one and all. A Russian tabloid The Exiled, that runs only the web version, published in its American version an article with the following headline on September 3rd "Enemy of Larry Summers ex-boss killed in a plane crash". If you are wondering what the news is about, the guy fantasizes about a conspiracy theory according to which Mukesh Ambani hatched a plot to kill YSR. One look at the website, and it is clear that this guy has a penchant for being ridiculous. But hey, the management of TV5 didnt think so! They had a full three hour talk show on this and other conspiracy theory, even terming their digging up this story by Exiled as "TV5 Exclusive". Congress goons then attacked Reliance outlets in the state, and mayhem ensured! If you thought the tamasha ended here, sorry! Sakshi TV picked up the news and went bonkers (what else would you expect from them? ;-) . NTV followed suit. Government arrests the editors of TV5 and the hypocritical cries of "freedom of press" began. Then Sakshi TV decides to deride TV9 for preaching and not practising. TV9 gets back with vitroilic language.... people, it is still not over..the drama will continue this week too... "picture abhi baaki hai mera dost" !

3. Two militants were intered in Srinagar. They started opening fire and went into a hotel! What ensued was a 22 hour long gun battle between security forces and the 2 militants. Four people were killed apart from the 2 militants. This encounter happened less than a month be the center decided to withdraw troops from Kashmir. Question is are we ready for that yet?

4. Amar Singh decided to quit all posts in the party. He didn't quit the party, but only the posts. And then Sanjay Dutt said, no Amar Singh then no me also! He resigned from party posts too. Next is who? Jayaprada :P ! I am tired of speculations as to where Amar Singh will go now, so will just wait for him to announce, whenever that is!

5. An all party meet was convened by Chidambaram to discuss road map for consultations on Telangana issue. All parties went, the talked, they came back. That's all, your honour!


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