Sunday, January 17, 2010

That's all, Your Honour!:Jan10-16

1. For years now, all right thinking citizens have been crying from the rooftop that our sports system is screwed up. And those who led the various sports federations in the country did not belong to that group. Two incidents this weeks further reinforced this strong belief. Hockey players went on a strike with some demands, which Hockey India was not keen to solve. Their demands - give us salary, give us performance bonuses and have a contract system. That's it. Those were the demands. Nothing more, nothing less. And for this, the amazingly managed Hockey India did not have money! It is plain impossible to believe that the governent of India does not have money. On top of this, Hockey India, in all their wisdom asked the players to play for their country and not for money. The levels to which the administrators can stoop, really has no bounds!

While this was happening, India's lone gold medallist at Olympics, Abhinav Bindra was waging a lone battle against the National Rifle Association of India. The reason - he was not chosen for the Commonwealth Games! Abhinav clarified that he did accept to take part in the trials and they were cancelled when he came to take part in them, and he had to go back to Europe to continue his training. Nothing mattered to the NRAI. I mean, the lone gold medallist of the country is treated like this, just imagine the plight of the others. If you are wondering what the government has been doing about this, well our Sports minister is M.S.Gill. Need I say more, your honour?!

2. First he blames global warming, then he blames the states and finally he blames his lack of knowledge in astrology! Sports is not the only field that was screwed up this week. Our dear Agricultural minister, who incidentally is also the President-elect of the International Cricket Council, when questioned about why sugar prices are going up so drastically and when they are expected to come down, in all his wisdom tells us that he is not an astrologer to predict the rise and fall of prices! The next job posting for the Minister of Agriculture will specify this requirement too - Need to be conversant with astrology. Within two days, Pawar announced some half baked measures and said the prices will come down in 8-10 days. If he could really have done this now, why did he not do this last week, your honour?!

3. Remember a Prime Minister called Deve Gowda. There is a slim chance you might. If so, please erase that part also from your memory. Infact, I would request future historians to ignore his year as Prime Minister. Wondering why this request? This week, this fellow called the CM of Karnataka and the Advocate General of Karnataka as "bloody bastards". Yep, you heard it right. The media did not misquote him, he said this to TV media, and hold your breath, agreed on live TV the next day to have used that language and did NOT feel bad about for he had to use such language because he was angry with CM for ignoring the farmers. And just to add salt to injury, he repeated the word again on national TV and appreciated the national media's concern for the language he used. Now, do we really deserve to record his year as Prime Minister of this country, your honour?

4. I wrote a separate blog on this
here, but wanted to mention that here too. Shivraj Patil has been made the governor of Punjab. Shame on the Congress High Command. That's all, your honour!
PS: Speaking of "your honour", the Delhi High Court ruled that the office of Chief Justice of India also comes under the RTI. Landmark judgement indeed.


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