Monday, January 25, 2010

Retirement at 60? No way!

Following are some thoughts I penned in 2007, on the eve of our 60th Independence Day. I was not blogging at that time, and circulated this mail amongst friends and colleagues. And on the eve of our 60th Republic Day, these thoughts still hold good. More so, when this blog's favorite anchor Sagarika Ghose feels that the republic is retiring at 60! Pasting my mail, as it is :)


Retirement is something we associate with the 60th year of a person’s life. Generally speaking too, 60thyear symbolically represents that you are in the twilight of your life. However, the 60th year in the journey of independent India is signifying new growth and new opportunities. The rapid growth in the past one decade, of which all of us have proudly been a part of, just about proves what we can achieve in a short time if we have the will to do it. And here’s what we can also try to achieve with that will power – help bridge the divide between the haves and have-nots.

As much as the future looks bright and vibrant for us, it looks equally bleak and uncertain for others. As much as we wish to get technologically stronger, we must also realise that growth sans development is only detrimental to the country. As much as we are proud of our Independence, we should also always remember the sacrifices so many leaders made to make sure we enjoy something they could not – freedom. And on this occasion of the 60th year of our glorious Independence, let’s continue to contribute to the hope and future that is India. Let us celebrate the dream that is India.

After all, like they say it, one billion people cannot be wrong :)

- Sudhir


Anonymous said...

Politicians also should retire at the age of 60. Particularly Corrupted.

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