Sunday, January 3, 2010

That's all, Your Honour!:Dec.27-Jan.3

1. We always complained all other sports get step-motherly treatment when compared to cricket. We (read BCCI) prided itself as being the world's richest cricket body. We always assumed that cricket infrastructure is world class in our country. Well, maybe someone wanted to counter these arguments and decided- hey, what better way to do this than to screw up a pitch for an international ODI. Wait a minute, to make it more interesting, let me make that pitch in the capital of the country! In what is a huge and shocking embarassment for all cricket fans in this country, the pitch on Kotla ground in Delhi was not even tested once before allowing an international match! The result - India - SL match had to be abandoned because of bad pitch! Yet, now BCCI is trying for a workaround so that the ground does not lose its matches for the World Cup. Shame. Absolute shame.

2. If you thought the above incident was ridiculous, listen to this. Three terrorists who were in the custody of Delhi police escaped while having lunch in a hotel, after coming back from a eye-check up! Sounds like a movie story right? Unfortunately it happened in real life. These terrorists were arrested in relation to a case to a bomb blast case near Red Fort in 2000, and have completed tm. They were now awaiting deportation, and strangely they decided to escape! Maybe they had fears of an encounter :D !

3. So there was another bandh on telangana this week. Some stray incidents again here and there. Same old statments by stingy political leaders. No one knows who is leading the students in OU - that is a big mysternow. Naxalites have now openly announced support for separate state. Hon. Home Minister has callall party meeting on the5th of January. No one really expects anything to come out of the meeting. The media continues to drive its agenda and the common man continues to suffer.

4. Many of us woke up on the morning ary first to see that Times of India tied up with the Jung newspaper in Pakistan to sta2 diplomacy to restore peace amongst the two countries! A hawkish newspaper suddenly changes its stance and publishes a front page editorial so full of rhetoric that it will put foriegn policy speech writers to shame! Laughable is a small word to describe this latest "initiative" by TOIlet paper :D!

5. Congress party, as is its wont, totally ignored P.V.Narasimha Rao at its 125th anniversary celebrations. Infact Madam has named all Congress PM's except for P.V.Narasimha Rao. She went a step further and said that Rajiv Gandhi was the one who initiated economic reforms. Cool Madam, waiting in anticipation for your next blatant lie to the country. Anyway, no one will question you. Go on.

6. Shibhu Soren becomes the CM of Jharkhand with support from BJP. That's all I have to say.


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