Sunday, January 24, 2010

That's all, your honour!: Jan 17-23

1. This week, 38 junior ministers met the Prime Minister to complain to him that they are not being given any work. So 38 of the 78 ministers dont have any work. Of the remaining 40, there are atleast 15-20 of them who don't work (Eg: Sharad Pawar, Mamta Banerjee, S.M.Krishna, A. Raja, etc). So essentially there are about 20 of them who are running this country. Your money and my money is just being spent for the luxury lives of these wor(th)kless people!

2. The charred body of a student was found on the side of a road near Hyderabad. A suicide note was found near the body which said he was denying because he is not able to bear the anguish of delayed Telangana. The body is charred, but the paper is not burnt! And this death was enough for the violent participants of this telangana "movement". They started creating a hoopla again. First they called for a 48 hour bandh, and then they decided to play some politics with the body. They had to clash with the police because they wanted to take the body in a procession to his home town. Another day of violence ensued, but the good thing was that majority of people really did not care much about the bandh. I mean, aren't we all just tired of this crap?!

3. Finally, a new NSA has been appointed. Shiv Shankar Menon will don the role, taking over from M.K.Narayan. And I am fully tired of reading the deluge of articles trying to decode the term of M.K.Narayan. And there seems to be uniform opinion that his term has been the most lacklustre one so far!

4. The latest comedy show by Pakistan is having everyone in splits! 11 Pak players were up for auctions for IPL-3. None of the owners bid for the players, leaving them high and dry! That's it - all hel broke loose. Players got furious, officials got furious, cries of insult etc rented the air. And then Pakistan parliamentary delegation cancelled it's visit. And then a delegation that was supposed to come here for taking part in the 60 years celebrations of Election Commission cancelled their visit!! If they feel insulted just because some private parties in our country decided to "insult" their players, how much should we be when terrorists trained on their soil acutally kill our citizens? That's all, your honour!


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