Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thank you, Erich Segal.

Though I am not amongst those "millions" who cried after reading Love Story, I must admit that the first time I read it (and the subsequent 7 times too:) :), it left a very deep impact on my mind. It was the first novel that emotionally touched me (and the only novel to be gifted to me, because I loved it so much!). The others gave a thrill while reading, this one was just different. Believe it or not, I refused to read "Oliver's story", a sequel to this book, because I just could not imagine him marrying someone else. Even after my friend broke the ice by telling me that he actually doesnt marry anyone, I couldn't get to read the book because he still might have flirted with others in the book :)!

However, I did not become a fan of Erich Segal until I read his "Doctors". I first read the book when I was in engineering, and it just opened up my eyes to the world of doctors. Not just that, it created some kind of deep imprint in my mind. I cannot explain what it is, but I simply fell in love with that book. The characters, the emotions in them, the cases they treat, how they treat their own selfs - all of that simply amazed me!

I read "The Class", and "Acts of Faith" too. But I guess these never came close to the class acts of Love Story and Doctors. Just last month, I read "Doctors" again and could still feel the thrill of the book. It is just plain irony that I had to hear about the death of Erich Segal just a couple of weeks after thanking him (yet again!) for those amazing books.

Again, Thank you Erich Segal for those wonderful books, which will adorn my shlef forever. Rest in Peace, Erich.


Sandeep said...

I have never read any of Erich Segal's novels but would try reading Doctors.

On a lighter still haven't unleashed greatness of James Hadley Chase!! :-) Go for it brother!!

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