Sunday, September 26, 2010

That's all, Your honour!: Sept. 19-25

1. The Corruption Wealth Games (more commonly known as Commonwealth Games) are back in the news. This time, not for corruption though. First there was this random shooting at Jama Masjid in the capital. Two terrorists came on a motorbike and started firing at a tourist bus. Though isolated, this issue has cast a huge shadow on the readiness of the police force to counter terror attacks. 2 days later, a foot-over bridge collapsed outside the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (which by the way, is the main stadium for the games). 27 workers were injured, 4 of them seriously. The Union Urban Development Minister called this accident a minor incident. Th Delhi CM reportedly told that this bridge was not built fo the atheletes but for the common man. As we were recovering from their shcoking responses, came the news of a section of false ceiling collapse in the weight lifting stadium fell down. The Delhi CM again enlightened us saying it is only a portion of the ceiling and such minor glitches do come around. Again as we were recovering, came the news of the filthy rooms in the CWG village. And when questioned about this filth, secretary of Organising Committee said that hygiene standards are subjective! First it was the corrpution, then this gross incompetence that put us to shame.

And then suddenly the media went all positive!! Within 24 hours, we were bombarded with news that the Prime Minister
took charge, and has given strict orders etc. Suddenly, within 24hrs, a "tough guy" image of the Prime Minister, started making rounds! It was all forgotten that the PM himself visited the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium to supervise the preparations, about a month ago. Suddenly, all media personnel started questioning the advisories being issued by some countries, and one media personality even asked why only developed countries were cribbing so much and not other countries from like,say Africa! And 2 days after his cribbing, we have the African countries accusing us of discrimination And as this blog is being written, CNN-IBN is flashing a news saying that only 400 flats out 1100 have not been completed in the games village! The facts speaks volumes about the games, there is really no special need for a separate analysis and it doesn't take an Einstien to figure out who is at fault!

2. While violence continued to spread in Kashmir, an All party delegation comprising of 39 politicians
went to Jammu and Kashmir to speak to all sections of people. And the separatist "leaders" who think that they have landed from the moon and deserve special treatment decided not to meet this delegation. The delegation leaders then decided to split up themselves into smaller groups and visit these crooks at their houses. Even while these leaders were travelling up to their houses, the separtist "leaders" were issuing statements decrying the whole effort. Yet, our leaders went and met them. A false sense of achievement was then marketted through sections of compliant media. The delegation also met many other sections of people, had to cancel a visit to two hospitals in view of tense situation and came back with some recommendations. The Union government later came up with a "eight-point" formula to appease these violent leaders. Primary goal was to open up all the schools and colleges. The state government has been asked to ensure that special classes are held to complete the syllabus. So now kids will be further overburdened because certain whims of separatists were not satisfied! Meanwhile, a small statistic - 4000 police personnel have been injured in he 3 months of violence. 4000.

3. September 24th was an eagerly awaited date, for the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court was to pronounce its verdict in the RamJanmaBhoomi-Babri Masjid case. The High court earlier struck down a petition asking for a postponement of the verdict. In anticipation of the verdict, chief ministers and even the Prime Minister issued appeals for people to maintain calm and not resort to violence. The media was also very excited at the possibility of some "breaking news". The hype had begun, and was about to culminate, when a Supreme Court Judge, in all his wisdom
decided to give one more week to see if any settlement can be reached! That's right - a conflict which did not see any settlement for more than 60 years can find a settlement in one week - that too, when the involved parties themselves are awaiting the verdict instead of trying for a settlement ! Sadly,for the media, it has to wait for one more week. On a lighter note, the one good thing that happened because of this verdict and it's subsequent postponement - the ban on bulk SMS and MMS stays till the 29th. What a relief it is, your honour!


Unknown said...

Rather than being so unprepared and getting embarassed before the whole world, I wished India never hosted these games. Such a shame. There are lot of things our government & organizers could learn from China.

CodeNameV said...

It is really interesting to note how Media advocates courts where talks work and talks where courts can work.

The issue with separatists is something which has to be handled by courts. GoI should get those guys, put them up for trail, for causing unrest, so that ppl discuss the issue in their very homes and realize the farce that is kashmiri separatism. In case of RJBM which is basically an issue related to faith and history, courts are not the right places to solve the issue. What is the guarantee that the side which looses doesnt rake up trouble again, even after Court's judgement? Moreover, in our country, if court says otherwise, ppl go for dharnas to cry out against court's judgement. Here talks should be encouraged.

Media always advocates the opposite. Wonder why!

Shiela memsaab kaa jadu chal gaya. Bas ek baar boli "please spread positive news, it is your country!" aur karan johar ke movie climax ki tarah media mein badlaav aa gaya. Aur bhai saab, humara USP kya hai? "Jugaad hai".

Naa mind block ayyindi. Appudu anipinchidi- "evadu matladithe dimma tirigi mind block aipothundo, vaade bhupen gadu!"

Telugu lo "matileni maidanam" ani sambhashanalalo vadataru. endukani ante maidanam lo emuntundi, emi undadu...matti tappa! Bhupen gari statement vinnaka entha baga chepparo ani anukovalsi vachindi!

Sudhir said...

@Teja - Our folks will never learn... they just like to mess up things like this, for they know the punishment for such a crime doesn't exist!

@CodeNameV - that was a superb point on talks versus courts. It beats me as to how the likes of Geelani "sahab" get away with such blatant posturing despite there being a law of the land! Indeed true - separatists have to be dealt with courts and RJBM with talks. But then, how would the media survive :P

prashhanthkpp said...

Sudhirji, yes, that literally sums up an hectic week of happenings that took the interest of an entire Nation! While the Shame of CWG and Tension of RJB prevailed throughout, the sudden dramatic appearance of a made-to-believe-stern PM with a man-of-mission-vision intent, stupefied if not CON, the general public at large. And, as if to ice the messy cake, the great Bhanot's live edict on different standards of hygiene was of sophomoric hilarity. And Kashmir is a satire; written, produced and directed by the Kashmiri Muslims themselves.It is less said the better.

Thanks for the posting anyway. Good summary!

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