Monday, September 6, 2010

That's all, Your Honour!: Aug 29 - Sep 4

1. On Sunday last week, 5 police men were feared killed in an encounter with Maoists, in Patna, Bihar. Later it turned out that 7 policemen were killed, and 4 were taken hostage. The Maoists put forth some wothless demands, and fixed a deadline till Tuesday, failing which they threatened to kill the policemen. The Bihar government did not budge. Sensing that their threat was not being taken seriously, the Naxals killed a cop and threw his body on a road somewhere. And that's when the government started thinking about dealing with the situation. As always, the Naxals were invited for talks, and if they chose to send in a fellow Naxal to represent them, that person was assured safe passage. Now, why would anyone want to reject such an offer? Curiously, the bloody Naxals it! They were ready to release the hostages (at the time of writing this, the hostages still could not be traced), but did not want to talk to the government! Turns out that the police nabbed two persons associated with the killing, and therefore the Naxals developed cold feet! Hoping that atleast this ghastly crime (by the way, another encounter in Chattisgarh, 5 killed) will awaken the govt. to see strength in changing its soft stance on these murderers.

2. Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) declared that it would conduct Group 1 prelim exam on September 5th. Now, "agitators" from Telangana were dead against this exam being held, without an assurance from the government that 42% of seats would be reserved for Telangana students. They
promised "bloodbath" on this day, if the exam were be held. Yep, you read it right - "bloodbath". Ruling party MP's even said on TV that if a bullet was fired, theirs would be the first chest. Approximately 1.9 lakh students have registered for the exam. 10,000 would be selected from this pool. Now, which competitive exam can assure 42% reservation at this stage?! Nevertheless, leaders from this region have made hate speeches one after the other, but thankfully the govt. did not budge. The exam went on peacefully except for in one centre. However, there is one very important drawback that has been sidelined fist fight - the gross incompetency of APPSC. Why does it take 2 years to conduct a preliminary exam? Speculating the date, coaching institutes milk money from aspirants. Why doesn't APPSC release a schedule? Even today, they are not sure when the mains will be conducted. Speaking of mains and interview, please visit this earlier blog post on how those marks are fudged so as to favour favorites. The rot in APPSC is far too deep to be sidelined by such petty issues.

3. So, 3 Pakistani cricketers have been
caught resorting to match fixing. Well, technically it is called spot-fixing, for the money they took was for bowling specific no-balls. Now, how long do you think Indian media's fetish should last on this issue? About 5 days later, we are still carrying this news and all news related to or stemming from it, as the major news headlines. Indian media was utterly disappointed that this sting operation was carried out by a UK based news channel. Now, they can't claim exclusive rights for the same. So they do the next best thing - pass on their "discussions" and "debates" over the issue as something unique and hard hitting ! While the three players have been banned, the epitome of fixers, Mr. Azharuddin, who is now a honourable MP from Congress, has sermoned us with this gem "Guilty of fixing should be punished" ! That's all, your honour!


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