Thursday, March 11, 2010

The rot in APPSC ..

The following article has been published in the telugu daily Eenadu today. It gives factual proof of an open secret - the rot within the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC). Sunand, a student, got this information through RTI and the statistics are very revealing.

First look at the time table farce of APPSC. Notification was issued in 2003. Written exam conducted in 2006. Maybe the interviews were held in 2007. What kind of a system are these people running? One exam is conducted for 4 years?? UPSC does an All-India exam every year!

Anyways, so the system is like this. Mains exam is for 900 marks, and the interview is for 90 marks. So it is plain common sense which one is more important of the two. But hey, you are in AP - corruption rules the roost here.

According to information obtained, those belonging to a particular caste were favoured over others. These "upper caste" candidates scored much less marks in the mains exams but were given scores like 88/90 in the interview! The candidate who scored 687/900 in the mains gets only 32/90 in the interview. Another guy with 678 in mains gets 28 in interview. Both belong to BC's. The topper in girls, a BC, scores 613 in mains gets...behold...21 in interview. An "upper caste" girl who scored 535 get 88/90 in the interview!

The table in the link provided above gives more details on the split of marks...the left hand side is mains marks, and the right hand side is interview.

It is practically impossible that one will score so low in the interviews after such exemplary performance in the mains exams. They might lose some marks on communication skills but to fail after scoring so high in mains in near impossible. If "upper caste" people could get away with so good marks, what kind of a farce is APPSC running by playing around with the lives of people?

The well deserving students lost out on postings like deputy collector, because the corrupt and shameless babus in APPSC decided to favour "upper caste" candidates with mediocre record. And as always, there is no accountability at all. The babus are free to roam around, still flaunting their ill-gotten wealth. Shame.


Arun said...

I wonder what took the Planning Commission so long to say this:

Scrap YSR's schemes: Plan panel

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