Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trysts with MSM - Part 2

So after the recent fiasco in which sections of media went gaga over the "non-appearance" of the Chief Minister of Gujarat in front of the SIT on a date imagined by them, we had a main stream media (MSM) journalist Nidhi Razdan come on twitter yesterday and say this.

This whole controversy on the date is a silly deviating ploy. FACT: Mr Modi has been asked to depose. That doesn't change.

I don't understand- how has the media made an "ass' of itself on Modi? Is it not a FACT that hes been summoned by the SIT?

To which I replied:

@NidhiNDTV and he has agreed to depose. that doesn't change too. media's over enthusiasm to arrive at judgement-that doesn't change too!

@NidhiNDTV his letter was not condeming media for giving out a wrong date, but arriving at wrong conclusions based on that date.

@NidhiNDTV and last but not the least,isn't it basic courtesy to clarify that the date was published wrong?

@NidhiNDTV NDTV said summons were issued for him to appear "on March 21". It is there on your website only!

To which she replied:
@ssudhirkumar like I said- on the first day the SIT said 21st. After that they said "the week of the 21st' which we reported all week. so ?

My reply:

@NidhiNDTV yes, and then you said this "Modi likely to skip riot panel hearing" u created an impression that he did NOT appear on the 21

@NidhiNDTV this link on NDTV says "SIT had summoned Modi to remain present before him tomorrow "

@NidhiNDTV the link is updated on March 21st, and says"SIT had summoned Modi to remain present before him tomorrow"

And here comes the prophecy!

@ssudhirkumar can't help it if you are selective in your opinion.

I ask back:

@NidhiNDTV I am giving you factual proof of what is written on your website. You call it selective opinion. On a page that is updated c/f

@NidhiNDTV c/f on the March 21, NDTV says this "SIT had summoned Modi to remain present before him tomorrow" would you want to clarify ?

She says this:

@ssudhirkumar read the WHOLE story- it says 'the week starting 21st"!

I again ask:

@NidhiNDTV isn't it contradictory??? It says he has been asked to appear tomorrow, and then later says he has a week!! u dont owe an expln?

@NidhiNDTV are you denying that the website gives out contradictory information?

And she ends the conversation thus!

@ssudhirkumar don't owe you anything, can't help it if you don't understand english

Look at the website people. Three lines stand out. The first one attributes to the sources that " Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is likely to skip appearance on Sunday "

The 5th line says "SIT had summoned Modi to remain present before him tomorrow "

And the 9th line says this "Modi has a week starting Sunday to appear before the SIT "

But hey, who cares for logic people? All you need to know is English! Speaking of knowing english, read this line again (I stress on the emphasis) "SIT had summoned Modi to remain present before him tomorrow " Thanks to
@ipramodv for pointing this out :D

However, my argument with her was not based on semantics, but with the fact that why is the media not willing to issue a clarification or an apology for goofing up on the date and building pressure as the date neared.
Why is Nidhi escaping these facts and just branding me as "selective in my opinion" and "not knowing english"? Just what is stopping them from saying, "Yes, we got the date wrong,we regret the error and any incoveinience thus caused" ?


Kris said...

Lack of Grace on Nidhi and NDTV's part

Umamaheshwar said...

Fantastic Work!!

Jiggs said...

LOL....Sudhir, right on the button :)

The media is really pissed of with NaMo on 2 counts:

1. The letter which he wrote exposing their tactics. The people have read it and now everybody has seen the media lies, deceit & betrayal.

2. Then NaMo went to the SIT office, which the media had reported that SIT will go to his official residence to conduct the interview, this was a tight slap on the face of the media.

3. SIT is on record saying that at 17:15 on Saturday, they offered NaMo that second part of the interview be conducted on another date.

But NaMo insisted on finishing of the interview on Saturday itself. This was contrary to what Media was saying.

To sum it up, one channel said that " NaMo does know how to convert adversity into opportunity".

What more to say :)

Keep it up bandhu, you are right on the button :)

shaan said...

great dude. keep up the good work.

Ketan said...

Media people are totally pissed that now onwards they cannot spread lies without standing exposed.

Modi could've responded to various false allegations surrounding him in the past, too, but guess, he is the only smart politician to have realized that whatever he would say would be reported only selectively.

But now that the penetration of blogs & twitter have increased sufficiently, Modi himself is using these novel media where distorting is not possible. Gradually, all the lies of media people will stand exposed, and who knows they might even be sued.

Yesterday I witnessed NidhiNDTV misbehave you in real time, and that was most disgusting.

Keep up the good work!

kiran said...

keep ur good work in journalism.

gitesh said...

Love your work...Kudos.

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